Todd Lubar: A Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar has achieved his dreams of becoming a homeowner and helping others do the same through investment in real estate. He has worked hard to establish his business and acquire extensive wealth. Speaking to Ideasmench, Todd outlines his passion and his driving force to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur.

Todd Lubar is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures that he founded. He explains to Ideasmench that the idea to start the company stemmed from his passion to help others in the community grow and own property. He finds happiness in helping others achieve their dreams with the greatest ease. Todd has been involved in community projects and delights in making a difference in the lives of others. The company would enable individuals reach their aspirations of owning homes without financial burdens associated with loans.

Todd also points out that the importance of surrounding oneself with people who have a positive influence. Todd Lubar is keen to note that the people around him are those that contribute to growth and enable him achieve his vision and challenge him to become a better person in his personal and business life. He encourages the art of hard work in order to grow a successful business. Todd describes housing and any other entrepreneurial ventures as undertakings that require commitment and resilience in order to reap fruits. For more details visit Inspirery to see more.

Todd graduated at Syracuse University with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. He started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 where he worked until 1999. He was ambitious and wanted to grow his career to a higher level, which led him to join Legacy Financial group. He worked there until 2005 and was responsible for growing the company’s revenue by a great margin. Check out to see more.

Todd left Legacy to join the Charter Funding as a senior vice president that was a great step in his career growth. Todd worked there until 2007 when he started his own ventures in mortgage and real estate industry. He has been influential in other industries such as recycling and demolition. He believes his achievements are an opportunity to serve others. Visit Ideamensch to see more.

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