Tiffany Muller Seeks To Take Dark Money Out Of Politics

Potential voters who have been tuning into politics for the past two years know one thing more than anything else: the times are changing. Politicians are seeking to secure their grips on their post by clutching to dark money and corporate donations in order to outspend their opponents.

The rise of Donald Trump on the backs of this dark money, fueled in large part by the 2010 Supreme Court decision surrounding Citizens United, is emblematic of a larger problem in the United States government. Fortunately, groups like End Citizens United and their president, Tiffany Muller, have been dedicating themselves to bringing about real change. Muller and her team at End Citizens United are focused on showing the world the dangers of dark money and the power that grassroots voting campaigns can bring.

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The 2018 Midterm Elections are going to fundamentally shift both the perception of the United States and the way the country is regarded by the rest of the world. Both Republicans and Democrats understand that the 2018 elections are vitally important to the future of the nation, for very different reasons. Sitting in the middle, End Citizens United has decided to endorse candidates who are willing to fight to take that dark money out of the political world. End Citizens United has compiled a list, called the Big Money 20, which showcases the worst offenders in politics in regards to taking corporate money in order to appease lobbyists. Candidates in those political districts are being endorsed by End Citizens United in order to make a difference and make a change to ‘politics as usual’.

In order to see how impactful End Citizens United has been so far, we need only look to the work that Conor Lamb did in Pennsylvania in his run against Republican Rick Saccone. Lamb refused corporate PAC contributions and he rode momentum on an anti-special interest message straight into his seat. Lamb managed to cut through what Muller describes as ‘voter skepticism’ in order to become the first anti-corporate lobbyists’ candidate to secure a win in 2018. Now, there are over 80 other politicians who have bought into the message that Lamb and End Citizens United are sending and these politicians are surging as a result. With the success that Lamb had we wouldn’t be surprised to see more and more politicians move away from embracing dark money in order to fight for a difference in politics.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

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