The Secrets Of Making Money On Upwork, The Freelancers Most Trusted Platform

Upwork, one of the freelancers’ most trusted marketplace, has been around for some years now. It is a platform where independent professionals collaborate remotely, and deliver gigs. The company is based in Mountain View California. Upwork is the largest online marketplace with Over 3 million jobs posted annually, over 5 million registered clients, and over 12 million freelancers working on the platform. Businesses use the platform to get the skills they need, with Freelancers earning over $1 billion annually. Some of the freelancing jobs include graphic design, virtual assistance, web and mobile development, customer service, sales, and marketing, as well as accounting and consulting. Upwork was formed in 2015, after the merger of Elance and Odesk, companies that were freelance marketplaces formed a few years earlier. Here are the secrets of making Money on Upwork.

Setting authentic profile

First, freelancers need to establish a profile that is authentic, and genuine. An honest profile will earn you good ratings and better chances of landing jobs. There is the need to verify personal details and education credentials. A description of the background of the freelancer, and portfolio of samples, of previous works done, will attract prospective clients, and boost chances of getting work.

Review clients reputation

Legitimate employers have a positive reputation, which may be understood by doing pure research online on Google search. Upwork’s verification process helps you decide on whether to submit proposals for the job offered or not. Besides, ensure that you negotiate with the customer, to get value for the work done.

Setting the price

One are freelancers make a mistake is, setting the right price for their services. It is essential to understand the fees charged by Upwork, to make the correct pricing for your gigs. You should negotiate with the clients, so as not to compromise the quality of the piece of work. The payment cycle for Upwork takes a week. Once you set the right prices, you should ensure that the payment system is configured properly, whether PayPal or bank transfer.

Upwork is a trusted and reliable marketplace where freelancers can make money by handling gigs. However, you should stick to the basic tips on how to succeed at Upwork. It is critical to have an understanding of how the work diary works for hourly jobs. You may also use a desktop app to keep track of your work in progress.

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