The Benefits Of Using Lip Balms

Lip Balm is a smooth, wax-like substance, which when applied brings relief to chapped lips. The purpose is to seal in moisture, which will safeguard them from the extreme elements of the weather, such as dry air, the wind, and cold temperatures. The skin on the lips is very thin so, finding a great one may take some work. Remember, not all lip balms are manufactured the same and because they are expensive, doesn’t mean it works.
For instance, Beesential Lemon Lavender, Lip Balm with natural vitamin E, cost only $2.99 on Ulta. It helps keep lips soft all day. Some individuals are also using it to keep cuticles soft. Others love the essence of lavender which is added for fragrance. Many others love the way it holds up to the winter.

Then, we have the every reliable Blistex. For just $2.49, this product brings almost instant relief. When applied most people don’t feel it on their lips, it’s so light and not sticky. The glossy finish does wonders for the lips. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick cost $9 on LuckyVitamin, which maybe a little price for some but, it heals chapped lips and retain moisture. Many wearers like the idea that it block out the sun’s rays and has no fragrance.

A smoother, softer lips, is the science behind Evolution of Smooth(EOS) products. They are designed with only natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter, which seems to be a dominant staple also, Vitamins E, and C, Avacado and, Jojoba Oil. The products are dermatologist tested and is found to have fewer allergic reactions than most other lip balms. See,

Paraben which is used to preserve most cosmetics will never find it’s way in EOS products. Some of the flavors are coconut and vanilla mint, blackberry nectar,passion fruit, strawberry, pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean and, this is just to name a few. They are not manufactured only to keep your lips soft but also, keep them smooths, nourished, silky and is priced right. Learn more about EOS, visit their Linked In page.

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