New music for the Chainsmokers

The chainsmokers put out new music, and its really good! Different, but also really really good! Music has a natural way of evolving. Music is one of those strange elements that is immune to complacency. You would think that when a music artist finds a sound or tone that is successful, that they would simply sit in that pocket and collect paychecks till the end of time. However, music has a strange way of constantly evolving!

The new single entitled, Sickboy from EDM chart toppers the Chainsmokers is a clear view of music constantly evolving. Within 10-15 seconds of listening to the track, Chainsmoker fans can immediately notice that the “sound” of this track is different. The first word that comes to mind, DARK! This new track is rough, edgy, and really really DARK! And is it good? Oh ya, its really really good! One would expect nothing else from the Chainsmokers.

From their AMA award for Favorite EDM dance music, to their recent pop success with singer songwriter Halsey, the Chainsmokers are breaking the charts and their new music is proving to do no different. This new sound is a risky move, however, artist Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart explain why its necessary. It’s not just to “be different” or embrace a “new chapter” of music, but rather, to reflect whats happening in the world today.

Pall and Taggart explain that the world they are living in RIGHT NOW, seems dark and edgy. The artists are trying to listen to the world around them and write music to that. The result? A new instillation of music, like Sickboy, the artist say will be really really different and really really dark! From what fans have already heard, Sickboy is truly capturing that dark edgy tone and more great new music from the Chainsmokers is yet to come!