Sunday Riley, Makeup as an Art

While the cosmetic line by Sunday Riley is indeed worthy of endless praise, not much are aware of its history, or the background of its creator. Sunday Riley is Texan-born, and her name was chosen by her father who thought it would be suitable if she ever went into business. She is a cosmetic chemist who develops new products through the process of trial-and-error. However, she does not consider it as a form of science, but rather, an amazing form of art. She takes into account several different factors, including the texture and scent of her products. Her launch of the cosmetic line, Sunday Riley was due to not enough green technology being used in products being sold at the time. Green technology is a better option than chemicals because they are all natural, leaving fewer side effects. It keeps the skin looking fresh, and decreases signs of ages.

Sunday Riley is genuine in her desire for giving the ladies of today natural, effective makeup. In some cases, when more work can be done to improve one of her products, she removes it from her makeup line and works on improving it. No matter how much attempts it takes, she is always up for the challenge. One of the most successful products in the line is a foundation that comes in twenty various shades named Good Genes. This foundation is especially popular because it was effective, yet very simple. Simplicity is often a trait looked for in a beauty product because it decreases chances of harmful results.

While using beauty products can be an easy way of making your skin look great, there are also daily steps to be taken that can provide this same effect as well. Washing your face daily exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, removing any dead cells, and allowing the growth of new ones. Without washing your face, using these products would not have much of an effect because they would be a layer on top of another with dead skin cells. Riley washes her face twice daily, and then uses her products, which is recommended.

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