Skout On the Power of Laughter

There have been plenty of studies that have shown that laughter has power over the health of the individual. Another thing that is helpful is being able to laugh with friends. Also, laughter is revealed to be helpful with making friends. Skout is one of the entities that are celebrating National Humor Month. The amount of impact that laughter was shown to have is actually astounding. The team working for the company has looked at the profile photos of the users in order to examine the kind of impact that the photos have on the hits that they get on the site. The photos on the site that are laughing make tons more connections and gets tons more favorites and connections.

It is a common saying that laughter is the best medicine. Now, people realize that it can help one make more connections in social media. There were other forms of research done on Skout. The company has surveyed more than 3,000 users in the U.S. The survey topic was on humor and friendship. There were plenty of findings from the survey. Among the findings was that a majority of people think they are funny, especially the people with wit.

The people that are most likely to make friends are practical jokers and bathroom style of comedy are very likely to have more than 5 close friends. People with self-deprecating or sarcastic humor are the least likely to have more than 5 close friends. Clowns are not funny to everyone. There are people who are afraid of clowns. The sarcastic people are among the most likely to be scared of clowns. Every Houston resident surveyed has said that they enjoy bringing laughter into other people’s lives.

The survey itself has been conducted by Skout between March 11 and March 17 of this year. The app could be downloaded on iOS Android and Windows for mobile devices. Skout is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

The original article was released on PR Newswire.

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