Sameer Jejurikar – surgeon with a vision

Plastic surgery is one of the most sought-after types of surgeries in the recent past and there has been a steep increase in the number of people opting for it. Many people have the misconception that plastic surgeries are only restricted to face which is just not true. If you live in the Dallas area and are considering to at least have an initial consultation with a practitioner, one name that shall certainly cross your mind is Dr. Sameer Jejurikar or Dr. J as he is commonly called. He brings incredible experience in almost all forms of plastic surgeries and a board-certified surgeon.

Dr. J is also a member of the renowned Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Whether it is face, nose, breast or eyes, Dr. J has you covered on all of those. You could also request a registration code to access the TouchMD portal that is exclusive to all his patients which would give you access to many videos and educational resources to help you get started. He also received an astronomical amount of training in the plastic surgery space and has operated on many patients with a huge success rate.

One of the things Dr. J is well known for is his transparency with all of his new and existing patients. He personally evaluates all of your cases and devises a surgery procedure totally specific to your needs. He is very patient and listens to all of his patients’ concerns and understand their overall expectation from the surgery. While he is very polite and professional, he also believes in setting proper expectations with all of his patients as to what could be achieved using the surgery. He also encourages that all his patients come prepared with their medical history reports for him to understand the situation better.

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