Rocketship Education Focuses On The Future Of Our Children

To Fill A Need

Rocketship Education owes its existence to Father Mateo Sheedy, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish. It was in 1999 that he created the Juan Diego Scholarship to Santa Clara University. He was shocked to discover that of the hundreds of children in his parish, not a single one met the basic requirements that would allow them to attend classes in their own hometown University.

Father Mateo motivated his community with these concerns and plans were made to remedy the situation by improving the educational options for young people in the Washington Guadalupe area. He didn’t live to see it all happen but once began, the momentum of Rocketship Education kept it moving forward.

Moving Onward

In 2006 Father Mateo’s parishioners contacted John Danner and Preston Smith, two educational entrepreneurs already in the development stages of plans to revamp schools in low-income areas. Danner, a software engineer had an interest in all the ways technology could be used to “personalize” education. Smith, a San Jose middle school principle, was convinced empowering teachers and getting parents more involved with the learning process would guarantee students that would be ready for higher education when the time came.

Learning Isn’t A “Cut and Dried” Process

Classrooms at Rocketship focus on maximizing personalized time for learning. The goal is to reach each student with what they need, when they need it. With the help of tutors and the use of online learning tools this school gives students a chance to succeed at their own pace. Children thrive when they have instructors that truly care whether they do well or not. These teachers care, and the students know it.

Closing The Achievement Gap

Now, all these years later Rocketship Education has proven their methods work by a strong showing of improvement in all academic areas. They believe empowering teachers, engaging parents, and inspiring communities is the key to graduating a child with the skills to get into the college or University of their choice.

Rocketship believes that children are individuals, and that all come with different needs. Unlike most public schools they combine traditional teaching with technology and tutoring so every child receives a “custom made” education.

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