Paul Mampilly Makes Career Change

An entrepreneur and businessman, Paul Mampilly has been an influential person in the world of finance. For years Paul Mampilly has worked in the world of Wall Street. Now he is transitioning into a second career. Mampilly is building a publishing career that is bringing top level advice to the main stream. Paul Mampilly spent years getting an education to prepare him for the finance world. Paul attended Montclair State University where he earned a degree in business administration. Years later he earned a masters degree from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Soon after graduation began his work in the world of wall street. His first job was working as an assistant por tfolio manager for Bankers Trust. It would not take him long before he was a full portfolio manager. During his time on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly spent time working with ING as a senior research analyst. Years later Mampilly worked with Kinetics Asset Management to manage one of their hedge funds. He also has spent time managing work for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, and other investors. Paul interested in and believe in a number of companies that were not well-known at that time.

These companies include Facebook, Netflix and Whole Foods He gained valuable experience that has allowed his career to move to the next level. After years of success Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street and began working in publishing. He became a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is now focused on sharing his financial knowledge with others. He has help create Banyan Hill which teaches others self-reliance and autonomy. As of today Banyan Hill has over 400,000 daily readers. Mampilly believes his business role is to help “Main Street Americans” build up their portfolios. He specializes in many areas including growth investing, tech opportunities, and small-cap stocks.


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