Paul Mampilly on the future of bitcoin and other cryptos

2017 was marked by a huge increase in the number of people who were investing in the cryptocurrencies. Already, there are a number of coins which are at the heart of the recent trend. There is Bitcoin, Ethereum among others which are performing very well. Bitcoin is already priced at around $15000 currently. This increase has caused a lot of excitement in the financial industry as investors make millions overnight. People who invested in Bitcoin a year ago were buying it at about $1000. This shows a huge increase since then. The appetite for making millions overnight has attracted newbies in the industry who do not understand anything about them. People are just buying them just because they have heard that they are generating huge returns.

Many investors are looking for price dips and then buying further hoping that the market will keep going up. However, this is not the first time such a thing is happening. Investors who have been in the industry for a long time know that this phenomenon has happened before. One investment Guru Paul Mampilly understand the first such phenomenal. It happened in 1999. When the prices of technology stocks were going up insanely. There was an increase of even 2000% in some stocks. Many people made huge profits from the stocks and were very happy. They thought the stocks would continue moving higher. Unfortunately, what they did not realize is that the stocks were just a bubble that would soon burst and leave most of them in deep problems.

Paul Mampilly is one of the people who took note of the unrealistic nature of the stocks and sold his shares before the bubble burst. Many investors held on. However, when the stock started falling many people were trapped by the market. They kept buying hoping it would go higher and higher. This did not happen. The markets went lower and lower until many investors were left with zero balance. They failed to read the signs of time and realize that the market was no longer worth the investment.

Paul Mampilly predicts the same case for cryptos. Investors will continue buying but the stocks will get to a point where they will not go higher. They will come down while investors will still be buying more hoping the price would later shoot.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a renowned investor in the stock markets. He has been trading in the financial sector for a long time. He has worked with big financial institutions and even has been a hedge fund manager.

He is the author of the newsletter known as the “Profits unlimited.”

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James Dondero’s Inspirational Life Continues

Highland Capital Management is an investment services company founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993. James is still the President of the organization that caters to a range of investors and provides generous charitable donations consistently. James Dondero received his education from the University of Virginia and has over three decades of experience in the financial services and equity market industry. He has worked for several small and large corporations including JP Morgan, American Express and Protective Life. This exposure to different walks of life made James into a philanthropist and more caring individual. This is where he learned the importance of giving back and donating to various charitable causes. James’s strives to support his local Dallas community with various donations, growing local businesses and helping to create more jobs in the Dallas-Fort worth area. Highland Capital currently manages over $16 billion in assets and is one of the largest credit managers in the world. Follow James on Linkedin.

One such cause is The Family Place, which is the largest charitable organization that supports those affected by domestic violence in Texas. The Family Place was founded in 1978 and has since helped more than 200,000 individuals suffering from family violence. In 2016, The Family Place started a campaign called the Legacy Campaign to raise $16.5 million to grow and support its efforts. James Dondero and Highland Capital Management immediately stepped in to help its local charity.

Highland Capital Management’s continuous philanthropic actions led to the formation of Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. an entire division of Highland Capital dedicated to charitable causes. Through this philanthropic division it began the $1 million challenge grant. The grant states that Highland Dallas Foundation will match 50% of donations given to The Family Place up to $1 million for example, if someone donates $100,000, Highland will donate an additional $50,000 towards to campaign. This will ensure The Family Place achieves its goal and continues its important duties to the community.



The $1 million challenge grant will help The Family Place construct a new building that will shelter victims of domestic violence. James Dondero’s touching words at The Family Place’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards inspired many to donate to the Legacy Campaign that went from conception to reality in under a year. Read this article at

The Professional Life of Greg Secker

Greg secker was born on February 18th 1975 in Norfolk, England. He studied Agriculture and Food Science at the University of Nottingham. He is a philanthropist and successful entrepreneur. He founded various companies under Knowledge of Action Group in the year 2003 which include; Learn to Trade, SmartChart Software, Capital Index and FX Capital.

Greg also founded The Greg Secker Foundation in 2011, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people around the world to improve their lives positively through education, life strategies and leadership.

Greg career path began at Thomas Cook Financial Services as a trading technologist where he used to develop trading systems. He later moved Virtual Trading Desk, a foreign exchange business which was an on line real-time foreign exchange trading business. Virtual Trading Desk was a brand new business and the first of its kind at the time. The company allowed its customers to get projections for great foreign exchange real time transactions. His career was growing very fast where at his mid 20s he went on to become the Vice president of Mellon Financial Corporation, one the biggest investment banks in the world. Here he got the opportunity to work with some of the proclaimed traders in the world. From the knowledge and expertise that Greg acquired from doing business around the world and with great people he decide that it was time that he retire from Mellon and start trading business of his own.

In 2003, Greg set up a foreign exchange trading floor at his apartment and it is where he founded Knowledge to Action Group and mentored people on trading methods and strategies using the Learn to Trade.

Over the past years the company has grown tremendously to setting up offices in various places in the world including; London, Australia, Johannesburg and Manila. In addition to its growth geographically, Knowledge to Action Group has won prizes on being one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

In recent years Greg has accomplished the launch of SmartCharts which deals on showcasing the latest trading technologies like simplifying the processes involved in trading, Capital Index which is a brokerage company giving customers foreign exchange charting and FX Capital gives clients with global foreign exchange markets professional management accounts services.

From the content above, I think Greg Secker is a passionate and committed businessman who takes interest in improving himself and the life the others.


SahmAdrangi, Activist And Founder Of Kerrisdale Capital

SahmAdrangi Founded the Kerrisdale Capital Management in 2009. He is also the Chief Investment Officer and is practically involved in all the aspects of the firms’ development over the years. He started the company with a capital of 1 million dollars, to date; the company manages over 150 million dollars. MrSahmAdrangi is also known for his shorting and exposing fake and fraudulent Chinese organisations such as the China-Biotics, China Marine Food and Lihua International in 2010 and 2011. Some of the target companies such as ChinaCast Education Corp and China Education Alliance became subject to investigation action from the Securities Exchange Commission. These activist activities helped MrAdrangi create a reputation for himself.
Kerrisdale is a corporation best known for short selling and sharing research on stock markets. MrAdrangi believes in sharing the views on the stock market exchange such as overhyped shorts and under-followed longs, concepts that are considerably misunderstood by the general public. In the past few years, SahmAdrangi has concentrated the company’s efforts on some particular sectors of expertise. These include the biotechnology field where Kerrisdale has published numerous research on development stage companies such as Sage Therapeutics, Bavarian Nordic, and Zafgen among others. Another area of interest is the mining sector where the firm has focused on the market estimation as well as the marketing predictions of the Northern Dynasty Minerals and the first Majestic Silver.

Kerrisdale has also shifted attention to the telecommunication sector and has been publishing many reports on this area, sharing cynical views on Dish Network, Globalstar, Viasat Inc. and Straight Path Communications. In 2014, SahmAdrangi uncovered the weaknesses of the Proposed Terrestrial Low Power Service (TLPS) by Globalstar. He did this in a live demonstration, and webcast, followed by a series of publications, ex parte letters filled with the FCC and a meeting with FCC.

Apart from Publishing research, MrAdrangi is also an activist who led a delegation contest to substitute the Directors of Morgans Hotel Group in 2014. In the previous year, he had engaged Lindsy Corporation Management to optimise the company’s cash deployment and capital allocation policies. He has also given speeches in numerous conferences including the Activist Investor Conference.

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Conversion Rate Optimization from Sentient AI Makes Business Better

There are several important factors to running a successful eCommerce site. Whether a business wants to run a site that is used for connecting clients to their brick and mortar business or they want to use an eCommerce only site, they can benefit from the offerings that software companies like Sentient AI has. Sentient AI has come up with a conversion rate optimization tool that businesses can use when they want to make all the right choices for their customers. The tool allows them the chance to try different things like converting their sales into something that can actually help their business.

Without conversion rate optimization, visitors may simply come to the site to look around. There will be very few chances they will make a purchase or will come into the business to make a purchase. Sentient AI wants to make sure businesses have what they need with the conversion rate optimization software so they don’t have to worry about the issues that would come from having low conversion rates. If they are able to take advantage of the conversion rate optimization software, businesses will have a chance to experience more than what most other people are doing on their own.

Since Sentient AI is an artificial intelligence company, the software is able to pick up on the cues that come from the businesses. It can learn what the company is doing and can even learn the patterns from the customers in the past. If a business chooses to use the Sentient AI conversion rate optimization software, it will have a chance to experience more from the options available. It will also make things easier for people who are in those situations. There are many businesses that help their clients simply because they have software to change the sales around.

Out of everything Sentient AI has done in the past, they have always been working to help their clients. They want to be sure the websites their clients have are actually working for them instead of just being a basic part of the business. A website that doesn’t work for a business is simply a waste of money. There’s no point in continuing a website if it isn’t working for the business and bringing in money. Sentient AI knows people will be more receptive to a site that helps them navigate all the things they need while they are browsing. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

NeuroCore: Med-Free Treatment for Depression

Depression is on the rise in America. Anxiety, teen violence, prescription of anti-depressant pills, and sadly suicide are all because of depression. Depression is a very dangerous emotion, and it has affected many people lives.

There are many kinds of treatments out there that can help to battle against depression. But if you are someone who does not like prescription drugs to deal with your emotional state then you are in luck.

Here at Neurocore, we offer you treatment that is med-free and very effective at the same time. Despite depression being a chemical imbalance you don’t need to take pills to deal with depression. What you need is a shift in thinking, and that is what we offer here. Read more at about Neurocore.

Shift your thinking

A majority of those who are depressed are depressed for one reason, and that is because of the negative thoughts that they play over and over again in their mind.

This repetition of negative thought is what keeps people trapped in that negative mind frame. Here at Neurocore we have used this knowledge and directed it in a way that is geared to helping people live more productive and happier lives.

The test that we have created for our clients are specially designed to help them focus their negative thoughts in a positive direction. The test rewards those who can control the way that they think.

Those who can thin negatively are rewarded and this constant rewarding for thinking negative changes the mind. Because of the mind, the brain is plastic; it can undergo something called neuroplasticity. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Neuroplasticity is an event that the brain does to adapt.

If you keep rewarding the brain for having positive thoughts and keep repeating this action – then what was once negative thoughts now change to positive thoughts, and this becomes the norm.

Learn more about us today

Learn more today and what we provide to help overcome your depression. Depression can be beaten, and it can be overcome without the use of medical prescription drugs.

Learn how to control your thoughts and live a much happier and productive life.


Todd Lubar: A Successful Real Estate Entrepreneur

Todd Lubar has achieved his dreams of becoming a homeowner and helping others do the same through investment in real estate. He has worked hard to establish his business and acquire extensive wealth. Speaking to Ideasmench, Todd outlines his passion and his driving force to becoming an accomplished entrepreneur.

Todd Lubar is currently the president of TDL Global Ventures that he founded. He explains to Ideasmench that the idea to start the company stemmed from his passion to help others in the community grow and own property. He finds happiness in helping others achieve their dreams with the greatest ease. Todd has been involved in community projects and delights in making a difference in the lives of others. The company would enable individuals reach their aspirations of owning homes without financial burdens associated with loans.

Todd also points out that the importance of surrounding oneself with people who have a positive influence. Todd Lubar is keen to note that the people around him are those that contribute to growth and enable him achieve his vision and challenge him to become a better person in his personal and business life. He encourages the art of hard work in order to grow a successful business. Todd describes housing and any other entrepreneurial ventures as undertakings that require commitment and resilience in order to reap fruits. For more details visit Inspirery to see more.

Todd graduated at Syracuse University with a bachelor of arts in speech communication. He started his career at Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995 where he worked until 1999. He was ambitious and wanted to grow his career to a higher level, which led him to join Legacy Financial group. He worked there until 2005 and was responsible for growing the company’s revenue by a great margin. Check out to see more.

Todd left Legacy to join the Charter Funding as a senior vice president that was a great step in his career growth. Todd worked there until 2007 when he started his own ventures in mortgage and real estate industry. He has been influential in other industries such as recycling and demolition. He believes his achievements are an opportunity to serve others. Visit Ideamensch to see more.

Entertainment and Sports Industry-Desiree Perez

The international music industry is big, and in 2016 the music sector recorded a profit of about $17.2 billion. The women have not been very recognized in the sector but they have been doing well lately with most of being on the top of music management. Desiree Perez is among the few women in the industry who have shown positive impact on their leadership as well as management skills. Ms. Perez has been among the most successful individuals in the industry and she has been doing well managing them and their music companies. Some of these people include; Jay-Z a famous R&B and rapper artist and the owner of Tidal a music organization. For more than 22 years Des has been managing Jay-Z and has taken his group to a whole new level.

Desiree Perez is a prominent business person in the United States and she has been in the executive management team of Tidal for many years managing the team. Ms. Perez is known to her friends as Des grew up in New York. Desiree has been in the music and the entertainment industry for long and has also been an active member of ROC for an extended period. Currently, the manager who has bitten all odds to be among the top women in management is the Executive officer at ROC Nation. Roc has been responsible for managing artists and other music companies.

Ms. Perez is married to Juan Perez who is the Director of Roc Nation Sports Agency. Ms. Desiree is competent and has vast experience in managerial and other areas including finance, and negotiation skills. Apart from the entertainment industry, Perez also acts as a negotiator of the baseball players at Roc Nation Sports Agency. She was at the forefront of assisting Jay-Z in the launching of Sports-bar and lounge in New York in 2003. Desiree Perez continues to shine in both the entertainment and the sports industry.

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Fabletics: Modern Marketing

It goes without saying that the internet leveled the playing field in many industries. Historically, only powerhouses dominated the economy. Those with enough money to advertise the most usually got all the customers. As the internet grew in popularity, smaller companies began reaching customers thousands of miles away.

Even more, customers found they had more power to determine high-quality products or services. Recently, every market began implementing review-centric marketing strategies. What’s been happening is customers review products and post their opinions online. Now, 84 percent of consumers use these online reviews as an important component in their decision-making process.

This means that power now belongs to the crowd. Those smart enough and savvy enough to capitalize on this trend are experiencing tremendous success. Fabletics, an activewear brand founded in 2013, grew into a $250 million company thanks to its embrace of customer reviews. It wasn’t exactly clear whether Fabletics would find success.

At the time, activewear wasn’t as popular and that particular market was already dominated by brands like Lululemon and Under Armour. Despite the huge disadvantages, Fabletics attracted over one million monthly members in its first three years. They’ve also opened 18 retail stores in major cities across the country.

Fabletic’s retail stores are doing better than most e-commerce companies’. Jumping from online stores to physical stores isn’t easy, but with the right strategies, it’s possible. The most important strategy these days is making the customer feel special. Fabletics does that in its stores and online.

Co-founder Kate Hudson takes great pride in the brand’s efforts to make all women feel and look their best. For her, it’s more than just on-trend fashion; it’s inspiration fitness wear. Her mission’s always been to inspire women to take their first step toward more active, healthier lives.

Inspiration plays a huge role in Hudson’s daily contributions at Fabletics. She learned from her mother, famed icon Goldie Hawn, that inspiration is the most important part of an idea. With inspiration, anyone can achieve any goal they set their mind to; and without, even the smartest people can fail. She watched her mother achieve the impossible and start a foundation that teaches mindfulness to children.

Along with inspiration comes taking risks. Opening any kind of business requires that at least one person be willing to take a risk.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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Tony Petrello-Giving back to the community

Tony Petrello is the CEO of a company known as Nabors Industries. This is a company that have been in the business of drilling oil and natural gas. Nabors Industries is one of the largest companies in the world. This is a company that produces the best drilling rigs in the industry. It is also a service provider for drilling operations all over the world. It has operations on almost every continent. Anthony Petrello factor has been great for the drilling firm giant. Anthony Petrello has worked closely with the management of the firm for a long time. He started off as the COO of the company before being promoted to the position of CEO in 2011. In the last two decades, he has been working for the firm. He is part of the management team that has pushed the company to such great heights of achievements.

Anthony Petrello is not only a business executive, he is also a philanthropist who has shown generosity to initiatives that aimed at giving back to the community. Anthony Petrello has been giving from the heart. He does not give just because he is wealthy and has nowhere to take the excess money. Philanthropy is a passion that he has. Together with his wife, Cynthia, they have contributed more than $5 million towards a research center in Texas. This is a research center that has been set up to come up ways of treating neurological diseases.

Neurological diseases for children for a long time have never been researched on. This has resulted in an inability to cure these diseases. This research is personal to Anthony Petrello and his family since his daughter Carena is one of the children who suffer neurological disorder.

He decided that the best way to approach the treatment of his daughter is by supporting research in field of medicine. Antony Petrello hopes that one day, his daughter will have a chance to live just like any other child. As a business executive, he had big hopes and dreams for his daughter, but this has never been the case. Throughout her life, she has been from one hospital to another instead of from one prestigious university to another. This challenge has motivated Anthony Petrello to focus more on helping others. He has found himself in a hapless position where not even the wealth he possesses can guarantee his daughter good health.

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