NewsWatch TV Review Gets Big Results for Ergonomic Workstation Company

When Contour Design wanted a campaign to increase market awareness of their ergonomic workstation products they enlisted the help of NewsWatch TV to produce and air a top quality video. As always, NewsWatch TV delivered with an outstanding video production that Contour Design says pumped up sales significantly. Ergonomic products are all the rage, with billions of people using computers every day and unfortunately experiencing an increase in conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis and other hand and back stresses that one can get from typing at a computer for extended periods of time. The standard set up of a keyboard and mouse is given a novel twist with Contour Design’s “Ultimate Workstation.” The attractive and clever design is comprised of their RollerMouse Red and Balance keyboard and eliminates excessive movement and strain on the fingers, hands and body. The “Ultimate Workstation Free 3” advances the line and is a completely wireless arrangement with the RollerMouse Red replaced by the RollerMouse Free3. Adjustable and intuitive, the Ultimate Workstation line is brilliantly engineered to keep office employees and everyone who regularly uses a computer comfortable and pain-free.

NewsWatch TV is an informative half hour weekly program that is viewed in over 200 markets in the United States. The topics that are covered vary greatly and include reviews on environmental issues, business, politics, entertainment, medicine and technology. Many famous faces have also appeared on the show.

NewsWatch TV prides itself on providing insightful coverage for a number of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to small independent businesses. Their excellent production values and talented video crew make them a top of the line choice. Many businesses seeking to introduce or increase interest in their brand and products and hoping to improve sales have seen remarkable results when they have appeared on NewsWatch.

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