How Doe Deere Turned Her Passion for Color Into a Successful Business

Doe Deere has gained notoriety for her unusual color combinations. She was listed as one of the decade’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine. Her rise to success is captured in an interview posted in Galore online. Along with the conversational text containing highlights from the interview with Ms. Deere, there are full color photos showing her unique fashion style. In the interview Ms. Deere comments on her earliest recollections of working with makeup. As many young teens do, she experimented with her friends using different color combinations. As a young adult, Ms. Deere expanded her creativity to include coloring her hair with vibrant shades of pink, blue and purple.

Letting Passion Lead the Way

Ms. Deere has always had a passion for color. She believes people should have fun creating their makeup and fashion styles. This can be seen in the huge array of color combinations made possible through her line of Lime Crime cosmetics. Her experimentation with makeup created a stir in the online community where she gained tons of followers. She decided to turn her love of creativity into a successful career by creating a line of makeup products that embodied her passion. Since lime was one of her favorite colors she decided to use the name Lime Crime for the line of cosmetics she was about to launch online. The name of her makeup has come to symbolize color revolution within the field of cosmetics.

Ms. Deere contributes the success of her company to the link she continues to maintain with her loyal fans. Ms. Deere believes one of the positive aspects of having an online company is the ability to stay in touch with her fans. One of the more popular applications involves using two lip colors to create one distinctive look. Ms. Deere was quick to implement this into her line of cosmetics by adding new duo shade lip colors to her lipstick line.

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