Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight Against Cancer

It’s no secret that cancer research has been aggressively increasing in scope over the last century. With new cancer treatment techniques being tested every year. As the treatment of cancer becomes, in some cases, more complex, Eric Lefkofsky has a strong belief that it’s time we started looking at more data. In a recent article by Fortune Magazine, Eric goes on to explain that by connecting the dots in clinical data between patients, we can create more effective treatments.

Eric is paving the way for connecting this clinical data through his company Tempus. Tempus aims to make data easier and more accessible to oncologists. Everything gets taken into account when it comes to Tempus’s data collection. They use DNA and RNA, like more traditional systems by also realize the data in what other medicines that the patient might be using or even preexisting conditions. All of this data compiled can give an oncologist the unprecedented ability to create more effective solutions.

Eric Lefkofsky isn’t new to technology. In 2008 Eric Lefkofsky co-founded deal marketplace company Groupon. It wasn’t until Eric’s wife got breast cancer that he decided to build a company around helping oncologists. Eric claimed that he realized during this time that many truck drivers had access to more data than oncologists. He decided to make that change through Tempus and read full article.

Eric graduated from the University of Michigan with a law degree in 1993. He immediately decided to pressure the life of an entrepreneur. The first company he founded was a clothing company called Brandon Apparel but has since founded over 5 other businesses. Between the apparel industry to data sourcing, Eric’s philosophy has been in supporting children, science, and education. He founded the Lefkofsky Foundation to accomplish this goal, with the foundation going on to supporting over 50 organizations since their inception.

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