Dr. Sam Jejurikar Dallas

Dr. Sam Jejurikar Is King of The Mountain

According to a treasure trove of reviews from his patients, Dr. Sam Jejurikar is one of the highest-rated plastic surgeons in the entire country. He is the proud recipient of the 2012 Compassionate Doctor Certification, an honor that only a handful of doctors each year receive.

Every single year in this country, approximately 100 million patients across the United States access physician review sites to rate the doctors they have had contact with. Some perform not so well, to put it mildly, while other doctors such as Dr. Sam Jejurikar perform far and above their professional responsibilities and make themselves almost a folk hero amongst those in the medical profession.

The only way to receive this particular honor is to receive online reviews that rate the physician at a nearly perfect score in regard to their overall reputation and their bedside manner. Dr. Sam Jejurikar stated that to receive the award was quite an honor in his eyes and that he is very grateful to his many patients who took the time to rate him in such a high manner.

The group known as Patient’s Choice is the organization responsible for handing out the award every year. They are dedicated to providing an in-depth resource for information applicable to local doctors that patients can use to choose medical professionals in their area. Without such a service, Patient’s Choice states that consumers may be left wondering who is truly up to snuff in the medical community available to them.

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