Kim Dao Attends the Pikachu Festival

Kim Dao shows us a fun filled day of shopping and attending the Pikachu Festival in Japan here. Kim Dao shows us her outfit of the day, which is perfectly fitting for the Pikachu Festival. Her Pikachu t-shirt is accented with an adorable pink pleated skirt. Kim Dao is then off on her way to Yokohama. The Pikachu Festival looks so fun. Kim Dao shares sights of the people all around wearing themed hats and outfits as well as all of the entertainment and excitement. Kim Dao and her friend are in the midst of all of the fun, wearing adorable Pikachu hats as well. For lunch Kim Dao enjoys a sandwich with pickles on the side. There is Pokémon merchandise all around that Kim Dao and many other fans are looking through. Colorful backpacks, key chains, stuffed animals, and fans are highlighted in this enormous store filled with Pokémon goodies. Kim Dao and her friend then go outside to get ready for the Pikachu parade to begin. The parade begins with parade leaders sporting Pikachu t-shirts leading the way. Pikachu balloons, mascots, dancers, and cheerleaders fill up the parade line up. The Pikachu Festival is truly an exciting event for everyone. follow her on social media accounts