All Flights to Venezuela Suspended by Lufthansa

As if Venezuela has not already hit rock bottom, now a new announcement reports that all flights to the nation from Lufthansa will be suspended.
As the economy deteriorates further says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, the number of flights out of Lufthansa to Venezuela has dropped significantly since last year. The BBC also states that the suspension of flights to Venezuela are also a negative result of an inability for the country to enable control over certain currencies.

This comes as Venezuela’s economic crisis grows devastatingly worse with each passing day. From food shortages to political conflict added Velasquez Figueroa, Venezuela is in deep trouble with no light in sight. Venezuela is so desperate for cash and to help their dying economy that last week they sold 1.7 billion dollars of their gold reserves.

The suspensions of flights between Frankfurt and Caracus out of Lufthansa will begin on June 18th. Hopefully, the suspension will only be temporary as the Venezuelan government finds solutions to their economic peril.