Dr. Saad-Saad Career and Work in Philanthropy

Currently, Saad-Saad is retired. However, before retirement, he worked as a surgeon and director at K Hovnanian Children Hospital. Additionally, he worked with several other hospitals. He was based mostly in Eatontown, New Jersey. Saad has practiced at Shore University Medical Center and as well as Monmouth Center. He specializes in surgery and has practiced for over 40 years. Saad is of Palestine origin. He schooled in Egypt where he graduated and ranked second in his class. He proceeded for an internship in England after which he moved to the United States. Saad has performed thousands if not hundreds of complex surgeries most of which has been on children.


Saad is also known for his philanthropy. He has participated in eight medical missions to Jerusalem aimed at performing free surgeries to needy children. He is a father of four and has been married for 42 years. In a recent interview, Saad attributed his entry into the medical profession from his desire to work indoors in a controlled environment. While his brothers worked outdoors at degrees above 110 Fahrenheit, he chose the surgery room where the atmosphere is controlled. While in the United States, He met Dr. H Biemann Othersen who would become his mentor. The doctor helped Saad develop his career in orthopedic surgery. Additionally, he taught him the values of being kind, hardworking, and honest. With the lessons, Saad enjoyed the joy that came with treating all the children equally despite their physical abilities, religion, color, or financial status.


In the medical industry, the ability to understand and manipulate genetics in the treatment and prevention of chronic ailments is among the trends and developments that excites Saad. As a result, he is a believer in research as it creates understanding. On the other hand, research helps in nurturing ideas and bringing them out to fruition. Dr. Saad embraces organization as it leads to efficiency. While he is organized, he minimizes the chances of procrastination and can finish the daily assignments. While advising his younger self, he would regularly remind him that all goals are achievable only if he stayed focused and insisted on them.


While preparing for surgery, there were several steps that Saad took to ensure he remained focused before, during, and after surgery. Before surgery, Saad-Saad ensured that he performed a comprehensive review of the patient medical record and confirmed the procedure required. Additionally, he reviewed the steps of the process especially if it was complicated. While performing surgeries, Silence in the operating room was paramount. Music was kept at low volumes as it helped him stay focused. The best $100 he used was to board a flight to Lebanon. At Lebanon, he sat for ECFMG exam that allowed him to train in the USA. Among all literature, he loves books authored by Abraham Lincoln. Learn more: https://about.me/ssaad/getstarted

Chris Steven Villanueva And MB2 Dental

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is a dentist, a profession that has greatly contributed to both his personal development and the realization of his dream. When he graduated from the medical school, Chris was faced with a choice to make: He could either join a mainstream workforce or start his own personal venture. He chose to go his own way. Chris believes in quality medical care for all, and he has sought to do his part in dentistry. To achieve his objective, he had to believe in something. Having worked in an environment run by a non-clinician and gone through an awful experience with it, Chris developed a believe that teamwork by a group of professionals could achieve far more than a single person, so he set out to implement his idea with a focus on collective teamwork in an environment run by clinicians. He wasn’t wrong.

When he founded MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris was already half-way to achieving his major goal. He surrounded himself with the brightest of the minds in dentistry. The idea was to assemble a qualified team of professional dentists and have them work together offering fresh and creative perspectives in solving dental care issues. This strategy is a discontinuity from the traditional techniques that have all but been time-lapsed by technology and general growth of the medical field. Truth be told, this unique approach has helped and changed the lives of numerous dentists and patients at large. It’s for this reason that MB2 Dental continues to thrive and expand its reach across multiple states with numerous stations.

To make the cut more apparent, MB2 Dental prides itself in providing quick solutions to dental problems. The institution is founded on the value of putting the welfare of dental practitioners first, and that has the desired effect of improving focus on the patients’ welfare. Due to this, MB2 Dental has experienced tremendous growth with over 70 affiliates in 6 states and a workforce of 533 professionals. The firm has pledged to further this effective trend to fuel more growth and completely revolutionize the dental care sector. With Chris Steven’s new unique model, dentists can share ideas and grow with each other collectively as opposed to the traditional way of medical practice where one has to brainstorm and handle all outcomes by themselves. Chris Steven has introduced the next move.