The Rise of Bob Reina

In the digital age, companies need a comprehensive marketing scheme, However, companies such as Talk Fusion provide their clients with an unforgettable experience. Not only does their streamlined integration perform flawlessly, it also draws substantial traffic to a client’s business. Moreover, the company uses the latest technology available to provide clients with desired results. Furthermore, the company does this through a full-package video marketing and conferencing medium. In addition, Talk Fusion remains committed to providing clients with the tools necessary to foster brand loyalty. Moreover, they help their clients improve relationships with their customers and retain them.


Clients who work with Time Fusion have reported affordable advertising costs and so forth. Due to such high adaptability and virtue, Talk Fusion has helped numerous companies achieve their marketing goals. Although the company remains insanely successful, Bob Reina remains the founder and CEO of the company. In particular, Talk Fusion remains separated from their competitors due to their mass-market efficiency. For over a decade, the company has trumped their competitors by reaching out to a larger demographic than they did.


In addition, the company understands the importance of video integration. In the world of marketing, video remains the most effective marketing tools available. Since the company’s conception, they have attracted numerous big name companies. In fact, companies such as the Norwegian Cruise Line attest to the effectiveness of their offerings. What makes Talk Fusion so unique includes their universal appeal. Regardless of location, their clients possess the ability to market themselves from anywhere. Due to such success, Bob Reina remains a prominent figure.


Moreover, Bob possesses a multitude of skill sets. Before he rose to prominence as CEO, Bob Reina served his community as a police officer. Moreover, Bob has always held himself to a higher standard. Therefore, many entrepreneurs lack the vision that he has. Furthermore, his interpersonal skills have allowed him to seamlessly interact with his employees. Moreover, Bob Reina pioneered the utilization of video email. In addition, he allocates much of his spare time to brainstorming. Due to his hard work, his company remains a leader in digital technology.


The Future of the Fusion of Technology and Fashion According To Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch recently shared his view on the future of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and technology. He began by noting that both the fashion and technology industry have evolved and grown together to integrate even more with years. Burch continued explaining that the most notable trend of fashion and technology fusion was the 70s boom box. The device, which featured two cassette decks for recording and playing music, gained more fame with its addition to movies in the 80s.In the 90s, the Walkman replaced the boom box due to its smaller size, hence allowing the user to have a more personal experience with the music. With the recent rapid growth of technology, the musical device has evolved to a much smaller and complex one, such as the iPod.

Technology provides fashion enthusiasts with both the functionality and the desired appeal of an apparel. Anouk Wipprecht, the designer of the drink-making-dress, known as the DareDroid and the self-painting dress called the Pseudomorphs, commented on the marriage of the two industries. She cited that technology is an endless portal of exploration with consistently rewarding possibilities. Other designers, such as Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, have contributed to the fashionable-technology-wears by creating the Airbag that protects cyclists against head-on accidents. The Airbag attracts fashion enthusiasts due to its variation from the traditional helmet that hinders the surrounding view.

Ashwan Rajan and Kevin Cannon provide firefighters with an easier signaling methodology with the creation of the Frontline Gloves. The gloves allow the firefighters to signal information such as when to exit a burning building. Another designer, SegraSegra, uses technology to recycle old bicycle tubes into jackets and t-shirts, as is Emma Whiteside, who designed a gown from radiated copper.
Soledad Martin enhances the experience of fashionable technology wear by creating a shoe prototype that can charge a small phone while in motion.

Chris concluded the article by stating the technology is also enhanced by fashion as is seen with the Google glass. He commented that the two industries would reap more in future by learning from one another, to create a more creative and functional society. Christopher Burch is an investor in various industries such as technology, fashion and real estate, with more than 40 years in his career. He began his first business, Eagle Eye Apparel as a graduate student, and grew to 165 million in net worth before selling it. His local and global real estate investments include his luxury home in Florida, Pal Beach among others. Chris graduated from the Ithaca College and is the current CEO of Burch Creative (