Jason Hope: The Internet Of Things Creates Opportunities For both New And Established Startups

Renowned futurist and entrepreneur, Jason Hope, argues that we are living in the future since The Internet of Things (IOT) is already here with us. Other than using smartphones to access the Internet, devices are currently communicating with consumers, manufacturers, and other connected devices. The IOT is creating new and fantastic opportunities across different sectors such as retail and health care.

According to Hope, a device, which will not be connected to software, electronics, sensors, or other forms of connectivity in the next five years, will be considered obsolete. The mobile payment sector will begin to gain tremendous acceptance. With the presence of Apple and Google in the market, more innovation in the mobile payment industry is expected. Hope is optimistic that more efficient and reliable options will replace cash and physical credit cards as means of making payments.

Hope said the introduction of Apple Watch into the market is an example of how Apple is creating its IoT ecosystem. He added that Apple is planning to connect different sectors such as mobile payment, healthcare, and automobile. Tim Cook was excited when he publicly stated that every major automaker had adopted Apple’s CarPlay. Nearly one decade ago, every automaker approached Apple in an attempt to integrate with them exclusively, but they declined. Apple was eyeing for the bigger picture, and it built one centralized system.

Healthcare shows a lot of promise when it comes to adoption of The Internet of Things. Researchers expect a market worth $117 billion for the IoT in healthcare by 2020. Hope confirms that devices are already available, but it will require some time to connect everything.

About Jason Hope
Jason Hope is a smart investor and talented entrepreneur. Currently living in Scottsdale, Arizona, Mr. Hope’s interests lies in technology and philanthropic initiatives. He has made significant strides in the academic world. For example, his degree in finance comes from the globally acclaimed Arizona State University while his MBA is from ASU’s School of Business. He is an active supporter of research carried out by the SENS Foundation. The organization specializes in enhancing the quality of life through its engagement in anti-aging research.