End Citizens United Is Continuing To Its Fight And Pulling Zero Punches When It Comes To Politicians Who Are Taking Big Money:

The critial political action committee known as End Citizens United is continuing its fight to purge the American political process for the corruption brought on by big corporate money being injected into the campaigning process. Among the latest news out of the End Citizens United camp is the release of the twenty Congressmen from the Republican Party that the organization will focus on getting voted out during the 2018 election cycle. This twenty big money receiving Republicans has shown that they favor the desires of special interest groups in place of the well being and best interests of the constituents that they are elected to represent. They have demonstrated this be backing legislative matters that primarily benefit the entities that are supplying them with campaign funding. Notable Senators such as Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan are among this list of twenty individuals who have shown that they are more concerned with the wants to their campaign funders than the well being of those who elected them into the office, to begin with. Read more news about the group on USA Today.

The fact is that there has been an overall trend for corporate money to start working its way down into state elections where once it was primarily a trend that was involved in Presidential races. End Citizens United is as passionate about supporting candidates who refuse big money as it is about opposing candidates who are taking it. Candidates like Beto O’Rourke are a shining example of what a candidate can accomplish without taking PAC money at all. It certainly appears that longtime incumbent Ted Cruz, well known for taking big money, is feeling the heat on this particular race with O’Rourke looking to put the longtime Senator in major jeopardy of being ousted. At any rate, End Citizens United plans to continue to fight the good fight in its goal of making the American political process a more honest one.

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End Citizens United Wants To End The Insanity

Imagine getting a knock on the door during an election cycle. You open the door to find a group of local people advocating for environmental protection in your community. You listen to their speech and take a pamphlet before closing the door. Then the door knocks again. It’s another group claiming to be from your community talking about the advantages of fracking.

However, the second group is not from your community. They are paid actors that have been hired by a political action committee. These PAC’s can receive unlimited donations from corporations. So, in an attempt to cut costs, the giant corporation in your area wants to pollute. The corporation figures it can confuse just enough of the electorate to get a certain candidate elected. See more of End Citizens United on Facebook.

Now imagine that the strategy works. The fake grassroots organization confuses enough voters to get an anti-environmentalist elected. The giant corporation in your area begins to pollute and your family gets sick.

This is how politics is legally allowed to work in the United States ever since Citizens United. The Supreme Court decision allows corporations to pump rivers of money into political action committees to help get certain candidates elected. All of this money actually fools some of the voters into voting against their community’s best interests.

It’s scenarios like this that inspired the formation of End Citizens United. The group has formed in the wake of the disaster that is Citizens United. They have a strategy that will end Citizens United forever and it doesn’t involve fooling you.

End Citizens United has developed an extensive grassroots organization capable of raising money very quickly. They take no money from big businesses and only solicit donations from individuals. They use this fundraising ability to help Democratic candidates get elected. These candidates have all promised to end Citizens United when they report to Washington.

Enough victories will help the group end Citizens United. After all, they’ll need plenty of votes to pass a law that completely destroys the Supreme Court decision. And, if all else fails, they may resort to a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.

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End Citizens United And Their Endorsements For The Midterm Elections Of 2018

The End Citizens United have been endorsing several candidates for the 2018 midterm elections in the United State f America. The American political action group is known for its stance n Big Money in politics and its communicating its stance on political candidates, values, and accepting money from corporations.

The political action committee was started up in 2015 s response to the Citizens United which was a decision that the Supreme Court of the United States made in 2010. The PAC seeks to overturn that decision as it poses threats to honesty and transparency in politics and gives a green light to corruption and untraceable money being poured into political campaigns of candidates, which allows a corporation to decide the course of elections instead of the people. Personal agendas are ripe in the United States largely because money and politics have formed a symbiosis in the country.

The End Citizens United is pro-reform and aims to remove dark untraceable money from politics and establish more transparency and honesty in U. S. politics. The committee endorses political candidates that are also proponents of financial reforms. The End Citizens United also supports candidates that have announced that they will no longer be accepting any amount of money from corporations. That directly aligns with the goals and values of the political action group.

For the 2018 midterm election, the End Citizens United is endorsing several political candidates. Beto O’Rourke is one of the only six members of the House that have refused to take any financial contributions from corporations-affiliated PACs.

Randy Bryce is another challenger. In April, Randy Bryce sought to unseat the Speaker of House Paul Ryan. The later recently retired. Randy Bryce is an Army veteran.His campaign is well on its way. He relies mostly on small-dollar donors. They usually donated about $25 each.

Jacky Rosen is striving to selected in the midterm election to join the U. S. Senate. Jacky Rosen was elected as Nevada’s U. S. Representative for the 3rd Congressional District in 2016. Last year, she cosponsored the DISCLOSE Act which sought to increase the transparency in American politics.

Other candidates endorsed by the End Citizens United include Elissa Slotkin, Brendan Kelly, and Andy Kim, among many others. The political action group is gaining speed and is forecasting a successful midterm election later this year. The PAC is determined to remove dark money from politics through pro-reform candidates.

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