The Importance Of The Annual Meet Up Of Bank Leaders And Other Stakeholders

The Fifth annual Texas Bankers Association conference focusing on strategic opportunities was held on November 7th 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Among the members of the panel was Mr. John Holt, the CEO of NexBank. The topic that was being discussed was reinventing community banking through using innovation to add a competitive advantage. This annual conference is a forum that brings together different bank managers, consultants and advisers. During this meeting they are able to share their different opinions on opportunities leaders need to take advantage of. The different challenges faced in the communities when it comes to banking are also addressed.

The different panelists selected are respected individuals in their particular fields. They are expected to explore different opportunities that can strategically solve the problems being faced. Some of the solutions opted for include organic growth and branching. In certain situations mergers and acquisitions are considered to be a better solution. This where there is a transfer of ownership and a shift in how the institution is run.

NextBank Capital, Inc. is a financial institution that handles three core sectors. That is; commercial banking, mortgage banking as well as institutional services. Customized financial services are also available for different corporations that are in need of such a set up.

Basic Information about NexBank

NexBank SSB was established in 1934 and its original name was Terrell Federal Savings and Loan Association. It is currently the largest bank in Texas. Over the years there have been a couple of changes to its name which have led to its current name NexBank SSB. It has four branches and three of them are located in Dallas, TX while the other one is in Princeton, NJ. The headquarters of the bank are in Dallas. The main aim of the bank is to provide a personal banking relationship to its clients. These include professionals, entrepreneurs and any business leader.