How Marc Beer Weaved His Business Flair by Raising a Whopping $42.3 Million at the Series B Financing

Marc Beer recently grabbed the headlines after his company, Renovia Inc., participated in a highly acclaimed and anticipated venture capital funding round worth a whopping $42.3 million. Committed to developing groundbreaking diagnostic and therapeutic treatment to patients ailing from pelvic disorders, the company has undoubtedly broken new grounds in securing such a unique form of financing. Accordingly, the capital is expected to empower the company’s clinical trials while also expediting product development for future commercial growth.


Powered by the Perceptive Advisors and Ascension Ventures in conjunction with the Longwood Fund, the Series B Financing brings on board a plethora of influential investors such as Western Technology Investment and Inova Strategic Investment with an eye to redefining pelvic disorder therapy in the U.S and beyond.


Marc Beer Renovia, the company’s CEO and Chairman, recently hailed the immense support generated by this elite group of revolutionaries striving to identify, treat and improve the general health of millions of pelvic disorder patients worldwide. According to him, this remarkable partnership paints a stark picture of the synergetic efforts tailored at integrating healthcare networks and realigning them with the company’s sole vision.


As the CEO, Marc Beer Renovia reiterated the need for harnessing proprietary technologies to optimize digital healthcare provision that will inform patients on new and affordable treatment options tailored at treating pelvic floor disorders. The newly completed funding round speaks volumes about the substantial value generated through innovative diagnostic treatment with a keen emphasis on urinary incontinence.


According to verified reports, urinary incontinence is widely considered to be an adverse medical condition plaguing over 250 million patients worldwide. Renovia Inc has consistently harnessed efforts and pulled all the stops to develop reliable therapy models aimed at improving the lives of affected patients. Since its inception in 2016, the company has made significant strides to create an FDA-approved device that identifies and channels swift movement through the levator plate.


By developing the device, all modern patient-based applications have been enhanced to provide seamless and affordable therapy for debilitated pelvic floor muscles while obtaining crucial data on the patient’s health.


Marc Beer Renovia’s Profile


Marc Beer currently serves as the CEO, Chairman, and Co-Founder at Renovia Inc. With over two decades’ worth of experience, the innovative CEO brings on boards unrivaled expertise in the development and commercialization of diagnostic, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Through his leadership, the company has broken down a multitude of barriers to become a leading healthcare company in the U.S. Marc Beer is an alumnus of Miami University with a Bachelor of Science degree. Learn more:

Graeme Holm Revolutionizes the Loan System

Graeme Holm is a business man whose life was changed after a certain event. He spent his early years in the banking environment, but came to realize just how unfair business practices were to families. This lead to him founding Infinity Group Australia in 2013. His passion for finance and desire for families to get the best loans possible is the drive behind this business initiative. In a recent article on the website Blogwebpedia, Graeme Holm discusses his business approach how the company has evolved.


During the development period, Graeme Holm researched why families were being unable to pay off loans in a timely manner. He discovered an ongoing lack of support, advice, guidance, and services for families. Thus, Infinity Group Australia choose to flip the system by providing clients with personal bankers. The clients would receive periodic reports on loan information. The plans have achieved great results, and even won the company awards. Graeme Holm’s belief of helping families has accumulated in a strong image as a reputable company. They have received countless rave reviews and client referrals.


Infinity Group Australia started from the ground up. Graeme Holm began the business with just a small office space. It has since expanded to influence the entire loan market. Graeme Holm’s daily routine begins with reading and exercise . This puts him the correct frame of mind to handle the daily workload. He divides tasks up by transactional and transformational, depending on relevance to the business. Then a typical day concludes with a reflection of what was accomplished, and will need to be done the next day. The top advice he recommends is to begin the day with the hardest tasks, and that way everything will be easier after that.


When it comes to changing the established system, the industry needs a man like Graeme Holm. His passion for seeing families treated with respect with loan plans, has resulted in a reputation like no other. Infinity Group Australia has no doubt achieved the goals it set out to do, and continues to help new clients every day. The secret to success is finding individuals who share the same passion. Graeme Holm suggests to always keep moving forward, and don’t be afraid of anything. Learn more: