Bury Bad Articles And The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Companies and individuals spend years building their brand. They pay close attention to what anyone associated with their company does and try their best to provide only the best products and services to their customers. But the rise of the internet and the proliferation of social media websites have now made it more challenging to monitor and maintain the online reputation of a brand. Almost overnight anyone with access to social media can make a negative comment, besmirch your brand and do serious damage to the brand reputation you have worked so diligently to craft and maintain. The need to control the image of brands on the internet has led to the establishment of the online reputation management industry.


Companies managing a brand’s online reputation scour the internet constantly to monitor what’s being said about the companies for which they work. Should they find anything negative, they counteract it with an abundance of positive information. This helps drive the negative statement from the top of search engine results pages. Companies good at the management of online reputations are also proactive. They continually post positive stories about the companies that hire them. This helps ensure the company maintains a positive online reputation.


Should three negative articles turn up on the search query of potential customers, a company stands to lose almost 60% of its potential customers. Should four or more unflattering articles about a company or brand appear near the top of Google or any other search engine results page and it could cost a brand 70% of its potential customers. Most companies cannot survive that type of online onslaught of damaging negative news.


One effective solution many companies use to counteract negative articles is to hire Bury Bad Articles to manage their online reputation. The company knows exactly what to do to bury negative press, negative reviews and any other type of damaging information about your company that appears on the internet. It is essential to bury bad search results immediately otherwise it can cause a lasting negative impact the sales of your company‚Äôs products or services. If your brand has taken a hit on the internet, don’t wait. Call them today.