Wikipedia Needs a Good Kick in The You-Know-What


Most web writers agree; to make a Wikipedia article is a BIG HASSLE. As a matter of fact, most ghost writers, content writers, and even student writers avoid Wikipedia as much as possible. The requirements are just too stringent. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s just grammar that is the problem. You could be an Ace at grammar and still fail at getting your article placed on Wikipedia.
The problem, according to Tech.Mic and Latina Lista has more to do with the citation requirements than the writing rules. Wikipedia prides itself on having external citations from books, magazines and outside resources; it’s not easy to make new Wikipedia page. And while that may be wonderful for scientific or historical articles, it can be a real pain for authors writing about an obscure Jazz player from a certain state.
But there are other issues at hand with Wikipedia, aside from grammar and citation problems. It appears that the company has unwittingly excluded segments of the American population such as Latinos and the less educated. The reasons vary. Certainly, less education and less access to Internet, fewer computer skills have a presence in the prevention of more wikipedians, suggests the magazine Latina Lista. However, writers will usually state that the citation issues are the primary difficulty.
So why are so many business owners attracted to Wikipedia, no matter what the difficulties are? The problem is that business owners are unfamiliar with Wiki platforms and believe that Wikipedia is the only option. Sure, Wikipedia offers benefits such as:
– Credibility
– Branding
– Authority
– Increased visibility
– More Sales
However, there are also other wiki platforms that are just as well known in the digital world. A wiki site like Get Your Wiki can offer the same benefits to make a Wikipedia page without so much fuss. The point to get published on Wikipedia is increased visibility, but you don’t have to spend hours, weeks and even months of dealing with Wikipedia, just to make business Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki doesn’t have all the citation requirements, yet it offers all of the same benefits of Wikipedia.

Why Wikipedia? So in truth, you get just as much benefit when you hire a service to create Wikipedia page without even half the headaches. It’s time to join forces and turn our backs to the sites that require so much and offer so little return.