US Money Reserve President Has Been Named to Prestigious Trade Counsel

In a move that came as no surprise to those watching the industry, US Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl was picked to be the chairman of the highly prestigious trade board known as ICTA or the Industry Council For Tangible Asset. His election to this prestigious board took place at a recent board meeting, allowing him to quickly assume leadership of this important group. Those at the board are confident that he can bring a great deal of insight to the organization as members here look to the future of the industry they help regulate and supervise.
A Watchdog Organization

The industry counsel acts as a supervisory board for the entire industry. They operate in all fifty states, carefully making sure that all materials such as paper money, rare coins and precious metals are carefully regulated.

The organization allows all those connected with this industry to have a specific regulatory forum where they can work closely with all necessary state agencies to investigate and solve any particular problems that may arise here from time to time.

The Right Man For The Job

As reported in PR Newswire, Diehl is someone with an extensive background in the field. He is the current president of a highly respected company, US Money Reserve that helps provide their customers with important insights into the world of many varied gold, silver and other kind of precious metal products.

In this capacity, he has spent many years helping consumers learn how they can use the items his company offers in order to increase their wealth and build a solid financial future. He knows that such wise investments can be made with the help of the experts at his company.

Solid Achievements

Diehl is highly respected by his peers for his ability to help move the industry in new directions. His efforts over the years have helped provide buyers and sellers in the industry with the ability to connect more easily in an environment that is free from regulations that have been shown to stifle such encounters.

As the head of one of the nation’s leading dealers in precious metals and coins, he knows the importance of putting the needs of customers first at all times. He hopes to continue doing so at his new position.

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