Brown Modeling Agency: Leading By Example

The United States is home to many modeling agencies. Los Angeles, New York City and Miami are three of the hottest scenes on the market today. What if I told you that Central Texas was a hotspot for modeling talent? Central Texas just so happens to be home to one of the industry’s most up-and-coming model agencies, and it’s known as Brown Modeling Agency. If you’re looking for talent that is packaged in a diverse appearance, this agency has it all. On top of that, Brown Modeling Agency has over 400 talented individuals under its huge umbrella. Lets get a closer look at to why this agency is leading by example.


First of all, Brown Modeling Agency is located in Austin, Texas, but it has other locations in the city of Dallas. These satellite offices are strategically located to help the agency become more efficient. Justin Brown, CEO and founder, has been doing a wonderful job with the agency in terms of growth. This former-model was making around $100 per day, and he actually paid his way through college from his earnings. Having good savvy-sense in business comes in handy as it has to propel the company into the spotlight. Justin majored in business management, and when he returned to the industry, it was for different reasons. At this time, he would work behind the camera instead of posing in front of the camera. Development and placement was his operating grounds, and he did an amazing job of grooming the talent. All of this experience has carried over into Brown Modeling Agency.


Thanks to its large model and talented staff, the agency provides work for many different sectors of business. This includes promotional, industrial video, film, television, print, runway, fashion, catalogue, voiceover and conventions. Forward-thinking is the key to success and this agency demonstrates it on all levels of play. Unlike other modeling agencies, some of the most talented, respectful and professional individuals can be found here. Brown Modeling Agency is setting a new tone, and it’s setting new standards. The future of modeling is looking brighter and Brown Modeling Agency is personifying this notion to the fullest. You can visit their Instagram page.