Life Line Screening Can Help You Avoid Stroke

I am going to lay out for you a few options and you get to tell me which one you would pick. Here is the first option. You continue to age, live your customary lifestyle and then you have a stroke. The road to recovery after a stroke is a long and difficult one. Medical bills pile up as you rehabilitate yourself back to normality.

The other option is that you go in for a routine health screening. Life Line Screening does a noninvasive ultrasound on your carotid artery to see if there is any fatty buildup. A sluggish carotid artery is responsible for high risk of stroke. Fortunately for you, carotid artery disease develops slowly and your routine ultrasound screenings catch the medical malady in its earliest stages.

Life Line Screening then helps you change your lifestyle in order to reduce the fatty plaques in your carotid artery. You get to eat healthier, lose weight and feel great while you reduce your chance for a stroke. The medical professionals at Life Line Screening can also help you stop smoking which is another trigger for strokes.

With the second option, you get to avoid the stroke altogether. You do not have to stay in the hospital, enter rehabilitation or pay expensive medical bills. You simply get guidance on a healthier lifestyle that allows you to avoid this medical calamity.

Life Line Screening offers a variety of preventative screenings that can catch a variety of medical conditions. Preventative healthcare can save you a ton of money while promoting a healthy lifestyle. The medical professionals at Life Line Screening use ultrasound, finger prick blood tests and EKGs to monitor your body for potential medical pitfalls. Everything that they look for grows slowly and may not be felt before it is too late.

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