Vincent Parascandola’s Career; a Real Definition of Success

Professionals often say that a successful career is a step by step journey that has both the sweet and the bitter side of the story. Sometime back, someone said that if you go looking for the term success in the dictionary, you are likely to see the name Vincent Parascandola in between the explanation. Although it was just a joke, it is somehow right judging from Vincent’s successful career. Vincent’s career in the industry speaks loud on his behalf.

Vincent boasts of being in the business industry for more than 25years hence well-positioned to hold the key to survival during ups and downs. The New York-based entrepreneur has earned a credible reputation for leading businesses to a profitable world. Vincent’s career journey dates back in 1990 when he was tapped-in by MONY Life Insurance. During his tenure, MONY Life experienced much growth. His solo contributions would never go unnoticed, and this saw him promoted to different top management positions before leaving the firm in 2004.

Surprisingly, Vincent often called Vinny was immediately recruited AXA Advisors, LLC. a company that he serves as the senior executive vice president. AXA Advisors is a leader in the insurance industry. The company has a reputation of leading in the provision of both insurance and investment services. Today, AXA is operation on every Continent. AXA Advisors boasts of remaining the leader in the past 200 years. Therefore, having Vincent Parascandola is an acknowledgement for his top-notch capabilities.

For Vinny, working in such a big company that shares a similar dream with him of assisting the community has been a task that he enjoys doing. When asked about his tricks to achievements, Vinny boldly admits that were it not for his hard work, focus and disciple nature, he would still be struggling to achieve.

Vincent Parascandola schooled at the Pace University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree. Today, the successful entrepreneur appears as an alumnus in the business school’s website. Over his career, Vinny has dedicated himself to out bringing the best version of himself, and this has seen him received numerous accolades. Apart from being crowned the National Rookie of the Year title, Vinny has also been rewarded the GAMA as well as the LAMP Awards. Besides, Vinny is often invited to different companies’ conference to speak on a topic that he enjoys handling.