Health Crisis Voted On In Venezuelan Parliament

Venezuela is seeking medicinal aid in the face of a humanitarian crisis. Parliament voted to seek aid as there is a distinct shortage of medications in the country. With all members of the ruling socialist party abstaining, parliament voted to accept medicine as aid from other countries in Latin America as well as European countries.

José Olivares, president of Venezuela’s Commission of Health, pushed the bill through parliament in hopes of helping citizens inflicted with HIV and cancer. A lack of medication in the country dims prognosis for patients living with these kinds of life threatening disease.

Parliament made it clear that the problem is not with the pharmacies, but rather there is a problem with getting medication into the country and into the pharmacies.

This recent health crisis is happening simultaneously with other problems, namely a lack of food for the sick, a shortage of formula for babies and the lack of ability to perform organ transplants because of frequent power outages. All of these confluent events have converged to create a health crisis that is increasing mortality rates inside the country.

The vote by parliament will force the ruling government of President Nicolas Maduro to comply with the aid according to Diaz Granados, even from the World Health Organization. There is staunch opposition to the bill, however, with a fear that inviting aid into the country seeks to invite foreign intervention with Venezuela’s way of life.