Ross Abelow’s Philanthropic Campaign to Provide Shelter for Homeless Animals

With dwindling temperature conditions during the 2016 winter season, more stray animals on the street of New York face a great risk of contracting health issues as well as death. This has triggered the need for philanthropists and animal lovers such as Ross Abelow to create a platform for supporting the homeless animals on the streets. Consequently, the competent lawyer based in New York proclaimed the take-off of his GoFundMe Me Campaign on January 13, 2016, to raise a target of $5000 in support of the homeless animals.

The high number of stray animals on the streets of New York has been attributed to the underfunded shelter homes that also lack sufficient accommodation for more animals. Consequently, the campaign also targets to mobilize animal lovers to take part in helping the homeless animals get shelter in a bid to eradicate animal deaths due to the frigid cold.

How the Campaign Money will be Utilized

Money raised from the campaign will be channeled to the numerous animal shelters in New York City. Subsequently, the funds are expected to aid the animal shelter entities feed, buy more blankets, procure vaccines against animal diseases as well as facilitate the provision of medical care. In addition, the extra funds obtained from the GoFundMe campaign will be directed towards eradicating the sufferings faced by the distressed animals.

Information Concerning Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow, a registered member of the bar in New York City, specializes in numerous fields of law, for instance litigation, matrimonial, commercial, family, and entertainment law. His academic proficiency can be traced from NYU where he attained his B.A degree before joining the Brooklyn College of Law. Since then, Abelow has become an expert in his line of work with an outstanding experience in active practice for twenty years. His legal services can be acquired through the Abelow and Cassandro LLP, which is a law firm that he co-founded.

Through his practice and expertise in entertainment law, Abelow has dealt with various key entertainers and performers in the city of New York. Away from legal matters, he is a writer with special interest in legal affairs or the legal work. Consequently, his various articles have been published or printed by Crown Point New York. He also operates and manages his private blog post where he posts articles regarding finance and law. Abelow also maintains a strong presence on the social media platforms such as Mashable and other avenues such as Facebook in a bid to connect and network with people.