Evolution Of Smooth Announces More Flavors

The Evolution Of Success

Founded in 2007, Evolution of Smooth is one of the most popular lip balm brands today. The lip balm market isn’t exactly known for fostering the growth of new brands, but that only makes the success of Evolution of Smooth even more amazing. With young women as their target, the company has created one of the popular brands not only within the lip balm market, but of any brand in any industry. Indeed, a recent Facebook survey that also appeared on Teen Vogue revealed that Millennial women consider Evolution of Smooth one of their 50 favorite brands.

Sweet Mint Is A Hit

The best part of EOS lip balm is the many flavors their lip balm comes in. Basically, their lip balms are as varied as the flavors of ice cream you might find at Baskin Robbins. For instance, take the Amazon best selling flavor Sweet Mint. This lip balm doesn’t just save you from chapped lips. There is an actual taste you remember after you apply it. In fact, the Sweet Mint scent gives you fresh breath after you put it on. Better yet, the ingredients used are completely natural. There are no artificial or synthetic chemicals to worry about. Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/ for more information.