Freedom Checks- Opportunity or Illusion?

The article poses the questions as to the definition of Freedom Checks and whether or not they are legitimate. The Talk radio commercial aired stating that investors are receiving their share of Freedom Checks from a $34.6 billion dollar investment pool, portraying this as a government originated program where the person stakes their claims by certain deadlines to position themselves for receiving this return. Although anyone googling the term “freedom checks” will find many claims as to the legitimacy and value of these, these biased statements are made by individuals who earn a fee for successfully soliciting subscribers to sign up. Visit the website to learn more.

Actually being a clever marketing tactic to convince people of the profitability of this opportunity, these technically legal commercials tend to be misleading about the profitability of simply signing up for the program. Generating returns either monthly or quarterly, Freedom Checks is the terminology used to refer to the genuine investment Master Limited Partnership strategy,

Actually being an investment in a company’s units, this strategy generates its return based generally on the performance of energy and gas companies. Being publicly traded limited partnerships, these strategies have the ability to combine the benefits of a public company and partnership, while simultaneously avoiding corporate taxes. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Although these same actions generate returns on investments in the stock market, the difference with these is that the companies are required to generate revenue primarily from US natural resources, so that the profits are returned to the investors rather than to the government in taxes.

The consultant interviewed only recommended five out of 568 companies that either control or own over a billion dollars’ worth of raw materials such as precious and core metals, timber, gas, mineral, and oils. The expected return on MLP investments is typically 5-9 percent, and a membership in the newsletter for Real Wealth Strategist explains the few recommended MLPs which are the most profitable. In conclusion, the technically legal Freedom Checks presentation is a deceptive marketing trick to persuade the individual to subscribe to the service. Profitable MLP investments are actually more complex than these commercials represent them to be.