Jon Urbana’s Top Interest Will Surprise You

We’ve all known people like Jon Urbana that seem to have it all. They are great athletes, businesspeople, and all around great guys. Certainly, Urbana’s days on the lacrosse field taught him great discipline along with athletic skill. Running a successful business taught Jon Urbana great marketing and management skills.

Urbana is a people person, as evidenced by his Facebook friend list, and started a lacrosse camp to share his knowledge with a new group of young athletes growing up. However, this very remarkable man has a number of other interests that just might surprise you. His top interest includes making videos, flying, charity work, and spending time on Tumblr.

Video Extraordinaire
Jon Urbana likes to share his amazing videos with his followers. The videos give a brief glimpse at Jon Urbana and some of his best moments behind the video camera or in front of the video camera. Check out his latest video here.

Award-Winning Pilot
Jon Urbana is a Denve-rbased pilot and he is considered a perfect example of a pilot that has passed the high standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration. Urbana said on Product Hunt that he is one pilot that has met and exceeded the standards that are set by the FAA. Find out more on this site.

Charity Man
Jon Urbana is a very busy man. However, the busy former athlete and entrepreneur makes special time to participate with local charities. Currently, he is running a charity drive on crowdrise for the Animal Rescue and Adoption Society. This is a great cause that is very close to Jon Urbana. The society does not believe in terminating the animals. Find out more here.

Social Media Guru
A typical day for Urbana ends with him visiting his favorite social blogging sites like WordPress. Urbana admits that it took him some time to learn the ropes. However, today he is a real expert at using Twitter to keep his friends and family up to date on things happening in his life.