The Steps Venezuela is Taking to Conserve Energy

In an attempt to save the nation’s energy levels, the Venezuelan government announced plans to ensure this. These drastic measures taken by the government come after the government had recently announced another measure that was meant to offer the working sector a three day weekend. These current measures by the Venezuelan government can be accessed through
The recent announcement by Nicolas Maduro who is Venezuela president is to the effect that the government will only be functioning on Monday and Tuesdays. Despite these measures being enacted in good faith, Norka Luque thinks that they have been protest all over the country with people insisting that the time off is not of any help. This is due to the fact that workers just remain at home watching TV all day or take the Friday offs to queue at groceries stores.

The referendum will be a step towards ousting Nicolas Maduro from office and bring to an end his presidential term before it lapses according to Corporation Wiki. The opposition is favored by the fact that it controls the majority of parfliament. They also maintain that it will not be easy ousting Nicolas Maduro from power but they are determined to collect the four million signatures in order to successfully have a referendum.