Conversion Rate Optimization from Sentient AI Makes Business Better

There are several important factors to running a successful eCommerce site. Whether a business wants to run a site that is used for connecting clients to their brick and mortar business or they want to use an eCommerce only site, they can benefit from the offerings that software companies like Sentient AI has. Sentient AI has come up with a conversion rate optimization tool that businesses can use when they want to make all the right choices for their customers. The tool allows them the chance to try different things like converting their sales into something that can actually help their business.

Without conversion rate optimization, visitors may simply come to the site to look around. There will be very few chances they will make a purchase or will come into the business to make a purchase. Sentient AI wants to make sure businesses have what they need with the conversion rate optimization software so they don’t have to worry about the issues that would come from having low conversion rates. If they are able to take advantage of the conversion rate optimization software, businesses will have a chance to experience more than what most other people are doing on their own.

Since Sentient AI is an artificial intelligence company, the software is able to pick up on the cues that come from the businesses. It can learn what the company is doing and can even learn the patterns from the customers in the past. If a business chooses to use the Sentient AI conversion rate optimization software, it will have a chance to experience more from the options available. It will also make things easier for people who are in those situations. There are many businesses that help their clients simply because they have software to change the sales around.

Out of everything Sentient AI has done in the past, they have always been working to help their clients. They want to be sure the websites their clients have are actually working for them instead of just being a basic part of the business. A website that doesn’t work for a business is simply a waste of money. There’s no point in continuing a website if it isn’t working for the business and bringing in money. Sentient AI knows people will be more receptive to a site that helps them navigate all the things they need while they are browsing. Read more at Wikipedia about Sentient.

Thor Halvorssen Fights for the Truth

Thor Halvorssen is, by many lights, crazy. He might be the kind of crazy the world needs. In a world where the bonds that tie nations together are torn by plebiscites, and a Trump candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, a man willing to stand tall against tyrants and dictators, who brings the light of journalism and public opinion on the affairs of dictators just might be the example the world needs.

Halvorssen comes by his advocacy of human rights honestly, with a grandfather who punched Nazis, and a father who, as Venezuela’s drug czar, was tortured for trying to root out corruption, and whose mother was shot in the streets of Caracas, protesting the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez. He has relatives in three prisons for acts of conscience, and yet Halvorssen is, if anything, more emphatic than world-weary.

Halvorssen’s organization, the Human Rights Foundation, doesn’t pull their punches. Rather, their members absorb them when confronted by the police, whether in Bogata or Moscow. It’s an equal opportunity organization; the leadership – whether Garry Kasparov or Thor Halvorssen himself, stand for rendition and bruises on their own merits. His ecumenical belief in the universality of taking a beating is met by his utter pragmatism in choosing allies – called a leftist by some, and a right winger by others, Halvorssen, and the HRF, will take assistance and resources from anyone who offers, and he brooks no favorites among those he opposes: He’ll face down against dictators of any creed. The HRF does limit its scope to actual dictatorships, and thus doesn’t push too hard on the United States. Yet.

When he’s not organizing protests, Halvorssen is organizing events. His Oslo Freedom Forum is a platform where dissidents who’ve escaped truncheons and prison cells

Halvorssen, who’s a dual citizen of Norway and Venezuela, is 39, and a solidly built man. His dual citizenship offers him legal advantages and some havens, though his life’s work, the HRF, is based out of New York. He’s taken a lifelong interest in cinema and stage productions and turned them into the skills he needs to direct attention at causes that would otherwise fester in the dark.

The truth can set people free, and shatter governments, and Thor Halvorssen is willing to get beaten up to share it.