Leading The Fight Against Cancer: Dr. Clay Siegall

Cancer has affected us all in some form or fashion. This affect can be either directly or indirectly. This disease has taken the lives of millions and without the advancements of today’s medical scene, that number probably would be doubled. Dr. Clay Siegall has played a major role in saving lives, and he has used his very own weapon of choice to do so. This weapon of choice is known as Seattle Genetics, and it is currently rewriting the books on proper cancer care. By having the ability to develop and to commercialize its own medications, Seattle Genetics has gained a full-step ahead of the competition.

The Bothell, Washington-based company has become a staple in cancer research. It is the organization of all cancer-related organizations. President and CEO Clay Siegall has used his knowledge, his intelligence and has experience to provide immediate results. These results have come in the form of lowering the mortality rate. The company has produced many unique cancer-fighting drugs, and it has always seem to have an abundance of new drugs in its pipeline of success. On the other hand, Seattle Genetics has its flagship drug ADCETRIS. This powerful antibody-drug conjugate works wonders by attacking cancer cells in the human body. One of its best features is that it won’t cause any sickening side effects. In most cases, the side effects can make the patient feel about as worse as the sickness itself. “Systemic chemotherapies are headed for the dust bin,” said Siegall. Today is a new day and targeted-cancer therapies are a top choice.

“Being you own boss is preferable,” said Siegall. By owning many of the company’s patents, any earned revenue can now stay within the confides of the company itself. Dr. Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is giving cancer the ultimate one-two punch, and that punch speaks volumes.