The Compassionate Contributions Of Eric Lefkofsky In Battling Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky is the intelligent mind behind the renowned cancer centre known as Tempus. He serves as the President and Chairman of the firm. His benefactions to the company have helped them undergo enormous evolutionary developments to the point of adopting a technological operating system for performing cancer therapies. Other companies that he has revolutionalised include Lightbank, Mediaocean, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings and many more.

Most importantly, Eric Lefkofsky is a passionate philanthropist who engages his family in charitable works and giving. He runs the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which he co-founded with his wife. Their primary aim is to ascertain that the local communities around them are supported emotionally, financially and even socially. The charitable organization operates as a private entity.

To add, Eric aides for various organizations where he holds executive positions. These organizations include Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago and many more. Eric Lefkofsky is an alumnus of the Michigan University where he did his Bachelor’s degree in Law. Besides philanthropy and business, he lectures at the University of Chicago. Most of his life he has dedicated to creating awareness about cancer. According to Eric, caring for cancer patients and showing them love is the most important therapy he can ever offer them besides the technicalities of science research and medicine.

At his company, Tempus, his employees are using the big data technology to advance healthcare for cancer patients. Much of it is molecular technology, and these efforts have made him one of the leading pioneers in the fight for cancer. Tempus has its headquarters in Chicago, and so far Eric Lefkofsky has modified the company into a clinical data and molecular library. With all these, he will soon discover advanced cancer treatment for his patients.

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Eric Lefkofsky – Co-Founder Of Tempus. What Is Tempus Up To?

Eric Lefkofsky is a Chicago entrepreneur with incredible influence in the city. Three years ago, he co-founded Tempus Labs, helping to take the company to a top ten health tech startup status. The company is known for its responsibility in various medical services such as those of, but not limited to: tumor sequencing, cell-free DNC liquid biopsy, tumor immune system characterization and more. The Tempus Labs enterprise is a valuable addition to Chicago and a well appreciated business, and has collaborated with many comprehensive cancer centers in the nation.

An honorable mention of the Tempus Labs enterprise was featured on the Eric Topol’s yearly list of recognition. Because Tempus is consistently working at extreme measures of effort towards their goals of medicine improvements, they were able to make headlines throughout the year for their promises of revolutionizing medicine in the future and as a result was honored to be included on the Eric Topol’s list.

Tempus has been recognized in the industry for their innovative gene therapy, gene editing and biotechnology for untreatable diseases. The company’s Voretigene neparvovec-rzyl medicine was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for treating a hereditary vision loss that alter specific genes. Scientists at Stanford University formulated a skin cancer technology of a deep-learning algorithm used to diagnose skin cancer. This algorithm would present results that would sufficiently allow physicians to identify malignant and benign lesions.

Also in the conversation, the diagnosis of atrial fibrillation through the administering of the KardioBand smart phone watch designed by AliveCor that records a heart rate and alerts users in the event that an outlier experience was to happen.

Other technology solutions were also recognized for its innovative approaches as well, such as: pathogen sequencing technology, glucose sensors, blood reading technology, eye disease technology and hematological malignancies treatments.

Who exactly is Eric Lefkofsky? Well beside co-founding Tempus, he is also co-founder of the venture capital firm, “Lightbank, the co-founder of the analytic company, “Uptake Technologies”, co-founder of the advertising solutions company Mediaocean and other companies as well, such as InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics. He is also a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago and The Museum of Science and Industry.

Eric Lefkofsky obtained his Juris Doctor at the University of Michigan Law School. He also holds an adjunct professorship at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

With his wife, the two founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation to advance education, fundamental rights, culture, arts and medicines.

For more information on Eric Lefkofsky, visit Tempus Website. There you re also able to get details on clinical products, molecular testing and information on the others that makes up the leadership team.

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Eric Lefkofsky Introduces Innovative Cancer Treatment

More than 14 million people are battling cancer in the United States today. That number is said to rise to abound 19 million by the year 2024, according to the National Cancer Institute. Great strides have been made in medical and cancer research, but still there was much more to be done. After experiencing the heart breaking breast cancer that his wife was diagnosed with, Eric Lefkofsky wanted to establish a means of bringing cancer diagnosis and treatment into the twenty first century. Eric co-founded Tempus, which is a company that has made many advances and has taken the lead in data of precision medicine that is data enabled. The health care industry was lagging behind in modern technology, and had not developed the use of electronic health records. Doctors were still using hand written notes that were not always easily accessible. He found that data collection and digital technology were not effectively combined. The goal of Tempus was to make a transformation in the way that cancer care was delivered. It developed a platform that analyzed the molecular as well as the clinical data of the cancer patient.

Eric Lefkofsky, a co-founder of Tempus, is also the Chief Executive Officer. He is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. In 2006, he and his family established the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charitable organization who’s mission is to help enhance the quality of human life. He is a graduate of The University of Michigan, and received his Juris Doctorate from The University of Michigan Law School. Eric is also the published author of the book, Accelerated Disruption. With the co founding of the technology company Tempus, the world’s largest library of molecular and clinical data. doctors can now deliver a more personalized treatment and care for their cancer patients. Now patients can benefit from the treatment that has been done for others through a data base of pertinent clinical and molecular information.

Eric Lefkofsky info:

Eric Lefkofsky is Fighting Cancer with Data

As important as cancer treatment is, there are still plenty of issues that impede its progress and prevent medical facilities from being able to help people as efficiently as they otherwise could. Eric Lefkofsky understands this problem, and that’s why he’s gone to great lengths to develop Tempus, a startup that specializes in improving access to medical data.

Through Tempus, research that should otherwise flow freely is able to do exactly that. Whereas data from various research facilities typically kept close to the chest, Tempus helps bring all of it together and make it readily accessible. This not only helps research facilities get more information, but it also helps to ensure that patients are treated appropriately given their specific needs. As Eric Lefkofsky himself puts it, research facilities often struggle to keep track of the specific treatments that each patient is undergoing, in addition to any related to their cancer therapy. If it’s difficult for a researcher to keep track of any extenuating circumstances, then that also hampers any ongoing research in the long run. By eliminating this possibility, Tempus can ensure that facilities get exactly the information they need, whenever they need it.

For his part, Lefkofsky is no stranger to helping people come together for a greater good. After previously founding Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky decided to set up his next venture when his wife developed breast cancer. Realizing that cancer treatment was lagging behind compared to other fields, and that the potential solution was relatively simple, Lefkofsky decided to build a company that could provide alternative access to the data that facilities need on a daily basis.

Now, Lefkofsky has built a technological layer that helps to integrate existing medical and pathology systems into a single cohesive unit. By aggregating all of this data, Lefkofsky hopes to not only help his wife, but cancer patients around the world as well. Of course, the potential for Tempus extends beyond cancer research. Lefkofsky foresees a future where neuroscientists use his system, as well as doctors who are developing personalized vaccines for individual patients. The idea is that this system will only help to improve medical systems around the world and improve their performance for the betterment of everyone. And, as it stands, it appears to be doing exactly that.

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