InnovaCare’s Provision of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are medical policies provided by private insurance companies. The advantage plans were introduced to substitute original Medicare program that was offered by the Federal Government.

The original Medicare coverage policy;
• Provided both outpatient and inpatient coverage services
• Clients had to pay a deductible when receiving healthcare services
• Clients had to pay a monthly premium to cater for their outpatient health coverage.
• Clients could get services in any hospital that was accredited by Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans were introduced to enhance the services and reduce the cost of healthcare services. However, all advantage plans had to cover for all services that were provided in the original Medicare using different rules.

Medicare Advantage plans differ from the original Medicare plan by;
• Plans are provided by various private insurance companies
• Caters for all benefits in the original Medicare
• Some programs may provide more benefits such as eye care that were not provided by the original Medicare
• The different schemes offered by Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred provider organization and private fee for service plans.
• Healthcare services are only provided by approved facilities.
• All schemes have limits on out of pocket spending.

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by different private insurance companies on For this reason, it is vital that a client chooses a reliable provider of quality services.

Innovacare Health is amongst the leading Medicare Advantage plans providers offering services in North America, Puerto Rico. Their service is defined by customer centered services utilizing affordable plans that use the latest technologies.

InnovaCare works with two medical Subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare to provide standard medical care, robust client- provider relationships aimed at providing innovative medical practices.

InnovaCare Health brags of an experienced pool of experts led by leading physicians. Dr. Richard Shinto, InnovaCare’s Chief Executive Officer, has close to 20 years’ experience working in health care facilities. With this extensive experience in the health industry, he has developed a broad scope towards health care and has even published several journals in clinical medicine.

Rick Shinto cooperates closely with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. Ms. Kokkinides also has an extensive knowledge in different issues that concern the healthcare industry. Besides her extensive experience, Penelope Kokkinides also holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. She previously served the organization as its Chief Operating Officer. She is known for her prowess in designing government health care programs and in the management of health care organizations.

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