The Secrets Of Making Money On Upwork, The Freelancers Most Trusted Platform

Upwork, one of the freelancers’ most trusted marketplace, has been around for some years now. It is a platform where independent professionals collaborate remotely, and deliver gigs. The company is based in Mountain View California. Upwork is the largest online marketplace with Over 3 million jobs posted annually, over 5 million registered clients, and over 12 million freelancers working on the platform. Businesses use the platform to get the skills they need, with Freelancers earning over $1 billion annually. Some of the freelancing jobs include graphic design, virtual assistance, web and mobile development, customer service, sales, and marketing, as well as accounting and consulting. Upwork was formed in 2015, after the merger of Elance and Odesk, companies that were freelance marketplaces formed a few years earlier. Here are the secrets of making Money on Upwork.

Setting authentic profile

First, freelancers need to establish a profile that is authentic, and genuine. An honest profile will earn you good ratings and better chances of landing jobs. There is the need to verify personal details and education credentials. A description of the background of the freelancer, and portfolio of samples, of previous works done, will attract prospective clients, and boost chances of getting work.

Review clients reputation

Legitimate employers have a positive reputation, which may be understood by doing pure research online on Google search. Upwork’s verification process helps you decide on whether to submit proposals for the job offered or not. Besides, ensure that you negotiate with the customer, to get value for the work done.

Setting the price

One are freelancers make a mistake is, setting the right price for their services. It is essential to understand the fees charged by Upwork, to make the correct pricing for your gigs. You should negotiate with the clients, so as not to compromise the quality of the piece of work. The payment cycle for Upwork takes a week. Once you set the right prices, you should ensure that the payment system is configured properly, whether PayPal or bank transfer.

Upwork is a trusted and reliable marketplace where freelancers can make money by handling gigs. However, you should stick to the basic tips on how to succeed at Upwork. It is critical to have an understanding of how the work diary works for hourly jobs. You may also use a desktop app to keep track of your work in progress.

Whitney Wolfe Changes the Dating World for Women with Bumble

The dating world changed forever after Whitney Wolfe and a group of close friends created the Bumble dating app. Until the creation of Bumble, men generally had most of the power in online dating. They were the ones that were most easily able to initiate contact with potential partners.

Whitney Wolfe not only wanted to create a way for women to date online, she wanted to create a company that was mainly run by women for women. Female empowerment was the ultimate goal of the company that is not worth at least $1 billion. This year, an offer of $450 million was offered by rival dating site, Match. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile at

Before founding Bumble, Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder as their VP of marketing. She made the decision to leave the company after alleging sexual harassment from her boss and ex-boyfriend. While she tried to keep the events private, she found herself in the middle of a media storm. People who had never met her or even heard her name before the incident suddenly had a lot to say about her. While she did have a considerable amount of supporters, they were mainly drowned out by the mass of people online calling her a host of different derogatory names.

Instead of giving up, Whitney Wolfe pursued a career outside of Tinder. She and her friends began their company in the office of one of their parents’ home. Though they hoped that their app would be successful, none of them ever expected it to be the hit that it became.

Not only can Bumble help women find their next romantic relationship, it can now help them with connections outside of the dating world. With features that can help users find friendships and even business connections, Bumble has helped their users in many aspects of their lives. As a feminist company, they continue to improve the lives of women all around the world including within their own company. Things are different now for women, they no longer are in the housewife era of their mothers. They pursue careers and are encouraged to be ambitious in their endeavors.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Bumble Gives Women The First Move

Bumble has been making waves since its release in 2014. The innovation of Whitney Wolfe Herd allows women the first move in instigating online relationships. In a current society where feminism is on the rise, such an app supplies the independence many women crave. Bumble was successful the minute it launched, and in its four-year existence has increased usership by 70% per year. It has revolutionized the swiper dater, and established Herd as a force to be reckoned with, all because women can swipe first. Read this article at Business Journal.

Swiper daters are online apps for social and romantic connections. A swiper allows users to choose such connections with a simple action. Swiping right means yes, and swiping left means no. Today’s millennial population is all about quick and simple, and swiper aps have that in spades. Placing the control on the female side of the swipe sweetens the pot, and that is what has set Bumble apart. Herd’s personal story, and what she has done with Bumble’s success puts it on a pedestal.

The idea for Bumble came to Whitney Wolfe Herd during her sabbatical from Tinder, which she co-founded with ex-boyfriend Justin Mateen. Tinder was one of the first dating swipers. Citing sexual harassment, Whitney Wolfe Herd left Tinder in 2014. Although the experience was damaging, Herd made a quick comeback and founded Bumble the same year. Since then she has enjoyed wide success and acclaim. Bumble is now valued at $1 billion dollars, she is a respected self-made woman, and the success has allowed her to reach further with her influence.

Drawing strength from her negative experiences she has lunched two new apps for the betterment of women. The first is called Bumble BFF, a female social app for finding friendships. The second is called Bizz, a business networking site for women. Bizz allows women to network with companies, perfect their resumes, and further their careers. Both Bizz and Bumble BFF strengthen the cause of women. Whitney Wolfe Herd has Bumble to thank for her success, but her own passion and perseverance to thank for the mark she will leave behind. Read more:


GreenSky Credit Shoots Up the Rankings to Unicorn Status

Established in 2006, GreenSky Credit is an Atlanta-based financial technology firm. The privately-owned company offers technology services for banks and merchants to provide loans for consumers. Through the company’s credit program, financing is federally-insured. The company has since aided in $10 billion plus in loans for home improvement through a network of 16,000 contractors.

David Zalik is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GreenSky Credit. Serving as CEO since its establishment, he has founded three other companies and been awarded for entrepreneurship. He had founded his first company, Microtech Information Systems, at age 14 while attending college at Auburn University.

David Zalik has recently been featured in Forbes and Bloomberg. Bloomberg highlighted Green CreditSky’s business model of connecting merchants and consumers at the point of sale. GreenSky signs up merchants who sell big valued items such as home improvement and furniture. Consumers average a 760 FICO score and are taking out loans out of convenience instead of necessity. Forbes expanded on GreenSky Credit’s success by elaborating on how the company profits on both ends of the deal with contractors and bank partners.

GreenSky Credit had been ranked 3rd in value at $3.6 billion while remaining privately-owned and backed by venture capitalists. Zalik had moved from Israel to Alabama at four years old, where he skipped high school to attend Auburn University when he had scored exceptionally high on standardized tests, having taken the SATs at age 13 as cited by Forbes. He ultimately dropped out of college to pursue Microtech Information Systems full time.

Zalik shared that after selling Microtech for a few million dollars, he had relocated to Atlanta and started invested in real-estate. He then pursued more challenging consulting projects, which is where Green Sky had developed. The company took a huge risk and years before gaining stability and ultimately gaining unicorn status.

To learn more about GreenSky Credit and CEO David Zalik, please visit their company website and David Zalik’s LinkedIn.

Skout On the Power of Laughter

There have been plenty of studies that have shown that laughter has power over the health of the individual. Another thing that is helpful is being able to laugh with friends. Also, laughter is revealed to be helpful with making friends. Skout is one of the entities that are celebrating National Humor Month. The amount of impact that laughter was shown to have is actually astounding. The team working for the company has looked at the profile photos of the users in order to examine the kind of impact that the photos have on the hits that they get on the site. The photos on the site that are laughing make tons more connections and gets tons more favorites and connections.

It is a common saying that laughter is the best medicine. Now, people realize that it can help one make more connections in social media. There were other forms of research done on Skout. The company has surveyed more than 3,000 users in the U.S. The survey topic was on humor and friendship. There were plenty of findings from the survey. Among the findings was that a majority of people think they are funny, especially the people with wit.

The people that are most likely to make friends are practical jokers and bathroom style of comedy are very likely to have more than 5 close friends. People with self-deprecating or sarcastic humor are the least likely to have more than 5 close friends. Clowns are not funny to everyone. There are people who are afraid of clowns. The sarcastic people are among the most likely to be scared of clowns. Every Houston resident surveyed has said that they enjoy bringing laughter into other people’s lives.

The survey itself has been conducted by Skout between March 11 and March 17 of this year. The app could be downloaded on iOS Android and Windows for mobile devices. Skout is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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