Capital Groups Partnership with S.A.M.

Capital Group and Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management announced a strategic partnership that would include retail investors in Korea. With a 1.4 trillion dollars in assets, Capital group will work together with Samsung Asset Management to develop retirement solutions. The goal is to work together to provide information in regards of business management and client management.


A spokesperson for S.A.M. stated that this would be a new cornerstone for the firm and would help them to become one of the top three homegrown asset management organizations in Asia. The spokesperson assume that this will be in effect by 2020.


The new updated information also stated that Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group, would be able to assist Korean investors by fulfilling a retirement, savings, an insurance plan that would be a better solution for them. Mr. Joyce, an individual that is part of


S.A.M , stated that he was very interested in the way Capitals system is setup and how they invest and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour stated in a different interview that he understands how investing can be a complicated subject that only a slim number of people will truly understand. However, if an individual was interested in being successful as an investor they would need to work with someone that can get them into the next level of their life. A lot of people speak highly about what Tim Armour is doing with Capital Group and agrees that he is adding value by offering an investment plan that makes sense. Over the course of years, Tim Armour has worked with a lot of individuals to help them grow their business and offered them a financial planning solution that works for variety of different reasons. He believes that is important to look for clients in a variety of different areas and grow as a business that does not take advantage of their customers. A large amount of financial planning companies have been reported as having a bad reputation and only care about the commission that they will make off of their clients. However to get around this it is important to make sure that the financial planner you are working with truly has your best interest at heart. By selecting the right hedge fund manager or financial planner an individual will be able to have success and more information click here.


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