Duda Melzer- The Diligent CEO and President of the Greatly Esteemed Multi-Media Organization: Grupo RBS

Eduardo SIrotsky Melzer, well known by his nickname Duda Melzer, is a highly skilled and fascinating business person in Brazil. He is an educated and experienced and this has enabled him to be relevant for management positions in top level business organizations like Grupo RBS. He studied at Harvard Business School, where he was awarded a Bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration. With reference to his career success, Duda Melzer has been assigned leadership or executive roles in big companies. He has been granted numerous awards, together with acquiring top-level education.

Duda Melzer is currently the president and CEO of Grupo RBS agency. This is a media organization in Brazil. The agency was founded in 1957 by Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho. It is among Brazil’s biggest media groups and it is associated with Acaert and Rede Globo.

Grupo RBS consists of TV and Radio stations, online news platforms, and newspapers. The above mentioned forms of media presents Brazil’s listening and watching audiences with entertainment subjects and journalistic reports, reveals ClicRBS Brazil.

Part of Melzer’s career advancement is as a result of his ancestral background. However, the most part of Eduardo SIrotsky Melzer’s career advancements have to do with his fascinating talent; together with his legitimate spirit as a purposeful leader.

Before starting his business career in Brazil, Melzer had worked with several agencies in the United States where he was assigned varied responsibilities. Duda Melzer is also an ambitious person and a crowd pleasing leader in the media industry and also in the country’s market. Leaders like Duda Melzer are the ones who render challenge and motivation within the business sectors they handle.

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What Bruce Levenson is Doing After the Sale of Atlanta Hawks

After eleven years of co-partnership of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson decided to make a strategic business decision to sell the franchise and rights to Billionaire Anthony Ressler. He received an estimated $850 million for the buyout sale, which according to ESPN, includes the basketball team and operations of Phillips Arena. What he is doing since departing from a team that made it to the finals seven consecutive years, is conducting business as usual.

Levenson and interested parties of the former Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment Group filed a lawsuit against an insurance company. According to Atlanta Journal Constitution, the suit alleges AIG breached a contract to settle claims by Danny Ferry, prior general manager of the Hawks team. Under the insurance policy, the limited liability company claims they were covered for workplace torts and wrongful termination.

While Bruce Levenson is awaiting the court case, he continues to serve on the Board and as an Advisor at United Communications Group Holding Limited Partners. He co-founded the international company in 1977 and advises the executives and management teams. As a businessman and entrepreneur, his expertise encompasses merger & acquisition, planning, regulatory compliance, and business development.

Bruce Levenson and his partners are seeking a non-disclosed settlement amount in the class action lawsuit. Documents were filed in Fulton County’s Superior Court on September 13th stating the insurance company was given notice the beginning of April 2015. It noted that claims were declared by Danny Ferry believed to be covered in the policy. See, brucelevenson.com.

The lawsuit has nothing to do with the present ownership of the Atlanta Hawks team. It involves a breach of contract to cover losses of a wrongful termination when Levenson was co-partner of the NBA franchise. The actual court date hasn’t been released nor scheduled by the Superior Court in Fulton County.


Kate Hudson Stays Focused as Fabletics Grows

The Fabletics brands is going strong, and people are getting impressed with the progress that Kate Hudson has made in bringing forth a strong platform. Athleisure has never looked so good. This is the comfortable clothing that has made people take a lot of interest in the design of Fabletics.


Kate has her own picks. She has her own active wear line for Fabletics. There is a certain level of creativity that has allowed this brand to be a successful company for many women that have become tired of the same old dull workout clothes. The industry is filled with a lot of brands that are similar, but Fabletics has managed to become the brand that people respect because it is different. When people go to the website they can see the new arrivals from the main page right away. This type of strategy may be the thing that makes Fabletics a better website over others that Kate Hudson is competing with.


A customer that is looking for athletic clothing with Amazon, for example, will not see gym clothes for women on the front page. They can search for these types of clothes, but it is a time consuming thing. People have to search through the abundant amount of things that are out there. They have to become accustomed to seeing books and all types of other things on the Amazon website. It can be a distraction. People will find themselves wasting more time on a site like this because they are overloaded with too much information. There are too many products to sort through. That is what makes Fabletics ideal. There are not a bountiful number of other products that are distracting. All people are looking at is clothes they check out this Fabletics website. That is the thing that makes this brand so successful with women.


Kate Hudson has been able to compete very successfully because she created a niche market for her products. She wanted to build a platform where she could connect to women and even market the clothes herself. Hudson is the first person that you see on the website. From there new arrivals and the latest sales are also shown. It is this type of easy access to different garments that helps create better brand loyalty. She has really evolved in the business world, and Fabletics is growing largely because of her evolution as a business woman.


Consumers want a brand that they can trust. That is what Kate Hudson is doing by wearing and promoting the garments from Fabletics herself. She is building a huge trust relationship. This is getting her to a point where she is able to transition from the Internet to the brick and mortar stores. There were already several of the Fabletics stores in existence, but even more are coming into place right now. Kate Hudson in on the verge of starting something new and exciting, and females are embracing the stylish apparel Fabletics has brought to the market.

Life Line Screening Can Help You Avoid Stroke

I am going to lay out for you a few options and you get to tell me which one you would pick. Here is the first option. You continue to age, live your customary lifestyle and then you have a stroke. The road to recovery after a stroke is a long and difficult one. Medical bills pile up as you rehabilitate yourself back to normality.

The other option is that you go in for a routine health screening. Life Line Screening does a noninvasive ultrasound on your carotid artery to see if there is any fatty buildup. A sluggish carotid artery is responsible for high risk of stroke. Fortunately for you, carotid artery disease develops slowly and your routine ultrasound screenings catch the medical malady in its earliest stages.

Life Line Screening then helps you change your lifestyle in order to reduce the fatty plaques in your carotid artery. You get to eat healthier, lose weight and feel great while you reduce your chance for a stroke. The medical professionals at Life Line Screening can also help you stop smoking which is another trigger for strokes.

With the second option, you get to avoid the stroke altogether. You do not have to stay in the hospital, enter rehabilitation or pay expensive medical bills. You simply get guidance on a healthier lifestyle that allows you to avoid this medical calamity.

Life Line Screening offers a variety of preventative screenings that can catch a variety of medical conditions. Preventative healthcare can save you a ton of money while promoting a healthy lifestyle. The medical professionals at Life Line Screening use ultrasound, finger prick blood tests and EKGs to monitor your body for potential medical pitfalls. Everything that they look for grows slowly and may not be felt before it is too late.

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Tammy Mazzocco Achieves Much By Simple Methods

Tammy Mazzocco is a very successful real estate agent in Central Ohio who believes in working your way through challenges. She started her career as a secretary in a Commercial real estate company, and today she sells residential real estate in four counties. Her philosophy revolves around putting the client’s needs first ahead of her needs in a transaction, and it always helps because the client knows.


Tammy has been asked what she would do differently if she had to start over, and she said, “Don’t take yourself so seriously, don’t live your life with the fear of failure, and don’t settle.” People who are fearful of failing are the ones who never get started. Sometimes we do take ourselves a little too seriously, and because of that, we find it difficult to take chances.


Tammy Mazzocco feels that she owes a lot to the associates with whom she has worked as well as a few mentors who meant all the difference in gaining business knowledge and work habits. In the early years, she was a bit on the shy side so she decided to initiate every conversation that she could. She found that that was a great ice-breaker and the conversations went smoothly after that.


Tammy Mazzocco also learned from that experience that prospective home buyers unknowledgeable about real estate and they like it when a realtor takes the lead and tells them what to do. It is as if they feel they are being taken care of and that is a good mood for them to be in when they are buying a house.


Tammy is a straight talker, and she likes to quote Dr. Suess who said, “Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Home buyers like to know what the next step is, and Tammy Mazzocco is happy to tell them when it comes to buying real estate.

Sam Boraie is leading the New Brunswick Revitalization Process

Sam Boraie is a real estate developer and philanthropist based in New Brunswick. He is currently a senior VP at Boraie Development, LLC. Sam also serves on the Board of Trustees for the State Theater of New Jersey and on the advisory board for Elijah’s Promise, a non-profit organization based in New Brunswick.


About Boraie Development


Boraie Development is a top real estate development firm founded by Sam’s father, Omar Boraie, and headquartered in New Brunswick. Recently, they completed two projects in the city: a 238-unit high-rise near the Train Station, and a 25-story residential premise along One Spring Street. These projects are in line with the firm’s objective of revitalizing New Brunswick. Consequently, small businesses are being established as well as new residents streaming into the city.


Besides their projects in New Brunswick, the firm had projects in Atlantic City and Newark. They completed The Beach at South Inlet project, with 250 residential units near the Atlantic Ocean. The company also developed Albany St. Plaza in Newark, with office and retail space of 250,000 sq. feet and 20,000 sq. feet respectively.




As a board member at the State Theatre of New Jersey, Sam has been at the forefront in all the organization’s charity drives. The organization donates close to $650,000 to free and subsidized education programs annually, the main beneficiaries being the disadvantaged and special needs groups.


Elijah’s Promise, on the other hand, works towards eradicating hunger and unemployment in New Jersey. As a board member of the organization, Sam plays an integral role in helping them achieve their objectives. Time to time, the organization distributes food and other basics to the needy people in New Jersey.







Kim Dao Attends the Pikachu Festival

Kim Dao shows us a fun filled day of shopping and attending the Pikachu Festival in Japan here. Kim Dao shows us her outfit of the day, which is perfectly fitting for the Pikachu Festival. Her Pikachu t-shirt is accented with an adorable pink pleated skirt. Kim Dao is then off on her way to Yokohama. The Pikachu Festival looks so fun. Kim Dao shares sights of the people all around wearing themed hats and outfits as well as all of the entertainment and excitement. Kim Dao and her friend are in the midst of all of the fun, wearing adorable Pikachu hats as well. For lunch Kim Dao enjoys a sandwich with pickles on the side. There is Pokémon merchandise all around that Kim Dao and many other fans are looking through. Colorful backpacks, key chains, stuffed animals, and fans are highlighted in this enormous store filled with Pokémon goodies. Kim Dao and her friend then go outside to get ready for the Pikachu parade to begin. The parade begins with parade leaders sporting Pikachu t-shirts leading the way. Pikachu balloons, mascots, dancers, and cheerleaders fill up the parade line up. The Pikachu Festival is truly an exciting event for everyone. follow her on social media accounts https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/


Cotemar Scaling the Heights of the Oil and Shipping Industry in Mexico

The CNN affiliate news site, Expansion, featured the silent revolution focusing on the achievement of two private companies that received tenders amid the Mexican government’s oil exploration works that will boost the country’s economy.


The Mexican company, Cotemar, specializes in petroleum, specialized shipping, maritime services, and offshore construction and maintenance. It has managed to maintain over three decades of commitment and a good standing with the government within the oil industry.


Cotemar places a high emphasis on their commitment to employees. Without proper human resource relations, the company would be struggling to stay afloat. The construction services in Cotemar cannot function properly without the oil field crews.


Cotemar has illustrated outstanding results through staff support, providing all the necessary resources and amenities required for their welfare and performance standards while working with the Mexican company. Continuous training is also of utmost importance to the employees who are readily available when under a contract with the company.


Cotemar’s work is a big boost for Mexico’s economy. Although Mexico’s untapped territories may create a buzz for the demand of oil reserves, the joint venture between the two oil giants with the government shouldn’t cause any alarm because similar collective contracts in other countries like the U.S. have previously worked this way numerous times.


Cotemar has more than 30 years of experience offering oil and gas services to Petroleum Mexicanos (Pemex). The company continually evolves to broaden services throughout the oil industry chain value, integrating process equipment and hiring highly skilled workers to deliver high performance set requirements.


The integrated company serves through three strategic areas that incorporate specialized services according to market segments in construction, maintenance, production of specialized vessels, maritime accommodation, support, and catering.


They also provide modern rigs and offshore processing services for their customers such as prefabrication, installation, and operations backed by submersible rigs. Food and lodging service is provided offshore. The services include ready meals, laundry work, and maintenance of common areas such as beds in the cabins.




Cotemar was founded in 1979. They have since grown to one of the best offshore service providers in the oil & gas industry. Cotemar has strengthened its position as a market leader with new fleets of specialized vessels to convey materials and personnel.


In 2012 cotemar began manufacturing two submersible rigs with COSCO. They also added specialized crane and maintenance ships to transport materials. They have since grown to add other semi-submersible rigs to their fleet in 2016, as well as venture into the onshore upstream sector. In the same year, Servicios a la Industria Petrolera de Mexico was awarded the Cuichapa Poniente regional contract in Moloaca, Veracruz, Mexico; by the Comision Nacional de Hidrocarburos.

Todd Lubar – The Mortgage Originator

Todd Lubar is an American entrepreneur that mainly specializes in finance and real estate. He expressed his desire in real estate in 1995 right after his graduation. Lubar was quick to join Crester Mortgage Corporation as a loan inventor in the same year and this is where he got to first interact and develop relationships with insurance agents, Real Estate agents and financial planners.

His time in Crester was however short as he took another leap in his career in 1999 by getting into the Legacy Financial Group. This move allowed him to garner recognition as he used his position to develop Legacy Financial Group and he ended up making an estimated loan amount of 100 million dollars during his time there. This proved to be an invaluable experience which allowed him to broker loans to investors and lend direct as a mortgage bank thereby improving his lending capabilities.

That was however not enough for him and in 2002, he founded Legendary Properties, a residential development company, allowing him to directly impact development. This venture led to rapid growth of the Real Estate industry through purchasing, renovating, selling and profiting in more than 200 transactions. This was a big step in achieving his 7000 plus transactions which he is currently highly credited for. It is also at this time that he is said to have best linked with banks as he was able to acquire $20 million in terms of credit. In the next year, Todd Lubar made undeniable progress which expanded his business as he opened Charter Funding, an affiliate of the First Magnus Financial Corporation which is a top mortgage firm in the United States. By this time, he had been ranked among the top 25 mortgage originators (https://angel.co/todd-lubar ) in the United States.

In 2007, the mortgage industry faced a lot of major changes forcing Todd to be involved in other lines of business which include Automotive Scrap metal recycling and commercial demolition. This expanded his experience in the Real Estate industry at large as it was a platform he used to obtain contracts with well-known reputable general contractors in the country.

According to Spokeo, he by then had acquired 12 years of experience and gained skills in overall risk analysis in different market conditions and almost any loan scenario. Todd Lubar’s experience and natural humanitarian persona made him a great fit as president of TDL Global Ventures. A lot of people in need have been able to feel the effects of his position as he used it to help people in need.

Todd Lubar can currently be found in Bethesda, Maryland. He loves spending time with his 2 daughters who live with him and is a known lover of outdoors and travel. He indeed deserves the respect he has acquired in his lifetime as happens to add value to whatever he comes across.

For more info, visit toddlubar.com.

Jim Hunt Of VTA Publications Not Terribly Concerned About Market Under Trump Presidency

Jim Hunt is always even-keeled whenever it comes to bear or bull markets, even when you have a president in Donald Trump that’s been characterized as unpredictable. It’s true that the US stock market and other international markets took some ups and downs upon the election of President Trump, but Jim Hunt doesn’t seem overly concerned. As a man who has been investing for a long time and has studied the history of the stock market on vtapublications.co.uk, he’s seen changes like this happen in election years such as 1980 and 2008. While he does say there is a lot of uncertainties in various stocks, he sees a strong future ahead for banking and industrial stocks.

Jim Hunt has made it his mission to help the little guy beat the big investment gurus and banks through independent investing and trading according to prnewswire.com. He gets input from his customers on which investments they would like to know about, and then shows them how to execute them through YouTube video tutorials. These video tutorials show the current trends in the stock market, and Hunt shows when the good times are to buy or sell.

Jim Hunt is also the founder of VTA Publications. This company that publishes resources for independent investors and entrepreneurs about taking charge of finances without going through the banks. Materials that are published in VTA Publications include planning retirement with information taken from the bible, learning how to use stock charts and making trades that aren’t well-known, and even seminars recorded on DVD featuring businessmen from around the world. Jim Hunt also started “Wealth Wave” and “Making Mum a Millionaire” in his YouTube series in conjunction with VTA Publications. “Wealth Wave” is about where you can invest or trade to make a profit when a bear market hits, and “Making Mum a Millionaire” is about how finding the right stocks to buy and making 10 trades could make one a tax-free millionaire.