Sheldon Lavin, a Successful Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist

As the chief executive officer (CEO) of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin heads a company that is a leading provider of food-processing and meat-packing services. He has exceptional managerial and leadership abilities and has earned numerous awards for business performance. He serves as a role model for up-and-coming entrepreneurs who appreciate his insights as one of the most successful CEOs with major knowledge and talent and a willingness to share his secrets that lead to success in building and leading empires in business.

Sheldon Lavin’s specialty is in financial consulting services regarding large-scale operations that allow companies to maintain their food supply chains. He tracks a wide range of factors including technological changes, consumer preferences, and advises clients of resource shortages so that the clients can deal with the problems that shortages could cause. To reach as many clients as possible, OSI Group uses all the most recent technologies including social media advertising and internet marketing.

Sheldon Lavin has also been recognized for philanthropic efforts. He believes in investing company funds into sustainability and environmental practices. Among the company’s many accolades were the following:

* Four OSI subsidiaries were featured in 2012 by McDonald’s in its Best of Sustainable Supply report, which recognizes innovative efforts by companies to improve food sources, communities, the environment, and employee wellness across the world.

* OSI Riverside, a salsa and vegetable production facility, in 2016 was awarded the California Green Business award, which recognizes efforts by plant management to implement more efficient operations and to conserve resources.

* OSI Food Solutions UK, a processor of beef and pork for restaurants, received the British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award in 2013, 2015, and 2016 by an independent panel that finds that excellent environmental management schemes are being carried out throughout organizations.

Sheldon Lavin is personally passionate about helping families throughout the globe. For example, he regularly donates large amounts of money to the Ronald McDonald House Foundation that provides amenities and housing accommodations to families that are coping with a member’s serious illnesses. He also serves as General Trustee of the Rush University Medical Center.

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Deirdre Baggot’s Contributions to Healthcare Reforms Particularly in Bundled Payments

Deirdre Baggot, Ph.D., MBA is a business strategist based in Colorado working in the healthcare industry. The strategist is highly involved in payment reforms in the healthcare sector, precisely bundled payments. Deirdre has provided consultancy services for a large number of hospitals attempting to transition to bundled payments. Compared to traditional payment methods, bundled payments offer a wide range of advantages to both healthcare providers as well as the patients.

The bundled payment expert has authored more than 20 research papers that touch on healthcare reforms and integration of bundled payments in healthcare provision. She features on various talk shows as the healthcare expert on reforms, including the Morning Edition, Planet Money, and All Things Considered. Her expert services have been sought by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services from the second to the fourth stages of reviewing their bundled payments. Find out more about Deirdre at

Deirdre Baggot has contributed to the debate of bundled payments in multiple medical forums around the United States, of note being the Pay-for-Performance Conference, the bundled Payment Conference, Healthcare Financial Management Association, as well as the American College of Healthcare Executives. Deirdre Baggot’s roles in the healthcare industry in the past two decades have contributed to her having a unique skill set.

In recent times, the nation’s healthcare system is going through changes, and it takes experienced industry leaders like Deirdre to plot the path of healthcare in the future. The bundled payment strategist plays an influential role, not only as an institutional resource but also as an advocate for improved patient management. The former hospital executive and clinician can provide business strategies that help health institutions lower their costs, while at the same time improving on customer experiences.

The importance of Payment structures within the healthcare providers cannot be overstated, with it playing a vital role in the organizational functions. Regardless of the size of the healthcare provider, bundled payments systems present challenges in their implementation, in consideration of particular factors influencing their application.



Sunday Riley, Makeup as an Art

While the cosmetic line by Sunday Riley is indeed worthy of endless praise, not much are aware of its history, or the background of its creator. Sunday Riley is Texan-born, and her name was chosen by her father who thought it would be suitable if she ever went into business. She is a cosmetic chemist who develops new products through the process of trial-and-error. However, she does not consider it as a form of science, but rather, an amazing form of art. She takes into account several different factors, including the texture and scent of her products. Her launch of the cosmetic line, Sunday Riley was due to not enough green technology being used in products being sold at the time. Green technology is a better option than chemicals because they are all natural, leaving fewer side effects. It keeps the skin looking fresh, and decreases signs of ages.

Sunday Riley is genuine in her desire for giving the ladies of today natural, effective makeup. In some cases, when more work can be done to improve one of her products, she removes it from her makeup line and works on improving it. No matter how much attempts it takes, she is always up for the challenge. One of the most successful products in the line is a foundation that comes in twenty various shades named Good Genes. This foundation is especially popular because it was effective, yet very simple. Simplicity is often a trait looked for in a beauty product because it decreases chances of harmful results.

While using beauty products can be an easy way of making your skin look great, there are also daily steps to be taken that can provide this same effect as well. Washing your face daily exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, removing any dead cells, and allowing the growth of new ones. Without washing your face, using these products would not have much of an effect because they would be a layer on top of another with dead skin cells. Riley washes her face twice daily, and then uses her products, which is recommended.

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Paul Mampilly Makes Career Change

An entrepreneur and businessman, Paul Mampilly has been an influential person in the world of finance. For years Paul Mampilly has worked in the world of Wall Street. Now he is transitioning into a second career. Mampilly is building a publishing career that is bringing top level advice to the main stream. Paul Mampilly spent years getting an education to prepare him for the finance world. Paul attended Montclair State University where he earned a degree in business administration. Years later he earned a masters degree from the Fordham Gabelli School of Business.

Soon after graduation began his work in the world of wall street. His first job was working as an assistant por tfolio manager for Bankers Trust. It would not take him long before he was a full portfolio manager. During his time on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly spent time working with ING as a senior research analyst. Years later Mampilly worked with Kinetics Asset Management to manage one of their hedge funds. He also has spent time managing work for the Royal Bank of Scotland, Sears, and other investors. Paul interested in and believe in a number of companies that were not well-known at that time.

These companies include Facebook, Netflix and Whole Foods He gained valuable experience that has allowed his career to move to the next level. After years of success Paul Mampilly decided to leave Wall Street and began working in publishing. He became a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is now focused on sharing his financial knowledge with others. He has help create Banyan Hill which teaches others self-reliance and autonomy. As of today Banyan Hill has over 400,000 daily readers. Mampilly believes his business role is to help “Main Street Americans” build up their portfolios. He specializes in many areas including growth investing, tech opportunities, and small-cap stocks.


How InnovaCare Health Can Change the Industry

InnovaCare Health is a thriving company in the healthcare industry. The company provides value-based care to customers at a reduced cost. The company has done an excellent job expanding in recent years.

The leadership team is one of the biggest reasons for the company’s success. All of the executive leaders are passionate about improving the company.

Current Industry Problems

Multiple issues are facing the healthcare industry. The most significant problem is the cost of healthcare. Each year, thousands of people die because they cannot afford a healthcare procedure.

InnovaCare Health works with clients to reduce the cost of care. The company focuses on preventative care. This style of medical care requires some engagement from clients. Customers must be willing to make lifestyle changes to improve their health. Once these lifestyle changes are made, it is much less expensive to insure customers. The company works with dozens of other businesses to reduce healthcare costs.


Rick Shinto

Rick is one of the most creative business leaders in the medical industry. He spent more than two decades as a medical doctor. He decided to change his career path to become a business executive. He went back to college and earned an MBA.

When he took over InnovaCare Health, Rick made drastic changes to the company. He used his experience as a medical doctor to improve the company’s performance. He also made things easier for customers.

Rick has won numerous awards throughout his career. His most recent award was a minority leadership award from the local community. Rick donates a lot of time and money to charitable causes in his community.

Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope Kokkinides has decades of experience working at healthcare companies. Throughout her career, Penelope has made a positive difference at the companies she worked at. When she took over the human resources department at InnovaCare Health, the employee turnover rate was one of the highest in the industry. Penelope proposed numerous changes to improve how the organization operated. These changes included higher wages and better benefits.

Within months of these changes, the turnover rate at InnovaCare Health dropped sharply. These results improved the company’s performance and reduced various costs.

The success story of Matthew H. Fleeger

Matthew h. Fleeger is currently the CEO, Director and President of Gulf Coast Western. He has an excellent background in marketing, sales, and finance. Fleeger has a numerous wealth of knowledge that he has accumulated over the many years he has served in the oil and gas industry. He is served as the president from 1985 to 1990 at the Gulf Coast Western which is gas and Oil Company owned by a family.

Matt went to Southern Methodist University to earn his undergraduate degree in business. By then his father had started a successful oil Company known as Gulf Coast Western, and it was only natural that Matthew would make an effort to learn all the skills needed by a top business executive. Therefore, Mathew concentrated on marketing and finance when he was taking HIS ba in Business. These are the skills that helped Fleeger during his early career life.

After school, Matt Fleeger used the experience he had gathered to take up a high ranking position as an executive with significant gas and oil companies. The formative years of Matthew Fleeger have served him well making him the successful man he is today who has even founded a company by the name, Med Solutions, Inc.

Med Solution is an extremely diversified Company that offers transport, disposal and even treatment of medical waste that is produced by different health facilities. He has led the decade for more than a decade and has managed to set it apart as regional waste management firm. After growing the company, he negotiated its sale at a hefty price $59 million after he had proven he had what it takes to lead and develop a business.

Matthew Fleeger then went back to the oil and gas industry in the position of president and CEO. His knowledge in the business world made him the perfect candidate for this position. Under his command, the company continues to progress to an even more successful organization.

Wes Edens leads Fortress into a partnership with Richard Branson’s Virgin group

Already entrenched in Wall Street through Softbank’s acquisition, Fortress Investment group through one of its principals Wes Edens now plans on taking over the transport arena after it announced its plans to construct the first private intercity rail service in the US early this year. The investment firm through Brightline launched its first service which runs between Miami and West Palm Beach and has plans to expand the service into Orlando and Tampa.

More developments

To further increase its footprint in this space, Wes Edens who is also a shareholder in Brightline led the company into a strategic partnership with Richard Branson’s Virgin group. Richard Branson’s small stake in rail service will create a win-win situation for both companies, as Branson will for the first time in two decades since he ventured into UK’s rail arena, have an opportunity to be part of the US rail market. For the past one decade, Branson’s Virgin group has been trying to penetrate the US market, and this was the ideal channel to make that happen.

On the other hand, the partnership benefits Fortress and Brightline with growth, as the Virgin group is already a well-established and trusted brand. Having been in service since 1970, and with investments in almost every imaginable realm, the Virgin group was the perfect go-to company for Brightline train. The minority stake by Branson’s group comes with other perks as well, as it allows Brightline trains to rebrand itself to Virgin trains USA.

Fortress Investment group believes that because the two companies share the same vision of redefining public transport and are already big names in the corporate world, the partnership will give them a competitive advantage in this rather public field of business. Learn more at about Wes Edens

More details about the partnership

Even though Branson’s company has a stake in the new Virgin’s train USA, the management of the rail service will be carried out by Fortress group. Additionally, the two companies only announced the partnership but did not disclose the IPO documents.

Who is Wes Edens?

Wes Edens is one of the titans of Fortress Investment group. He has been part of the alternative investment firm since its inception and is one of its principals today. Wes Edens is also a renowned business mogul and is chairman and co-founder of Brightline, hence his involvement with the partnership between the Virgin group and Brightline. Additionally, he is a sports enthusiast, which explains his stake in Aston Villa.



The Remarkable History and Growth of Osi McDonalds

OSI Group McDonalds is a leading international food provider with global brands as allies. This has not always been the nature of the organization. Its origins are of modest beginnings, and OSI Group has grown into a prime corporate enterprise in the business world today.Towards the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, Otto Kolschowsky as an immigrant from Germany lived in Chicago. Merely two years after settling there, Kolschowsky started a miniature meat market to cater to the needs of his business community. In 1928, he relaunched as Otto & Sons. It became a reliable, prosperous local enterprise for many years to follow.

Ray Kroc launched the initial McDonald’s eatery in 1955 in Illinois being a franchise frontman for Maurice and Richard McDonald who had started a family eatery years before then. This particular eatery was the initial attempt at multiplying by franchising, a new business idea at the time.Prior to the launch, Kroc had arranged with Otto Kolschowsky’s sons. This arrangement was to make him their first dealer of fresh ground beef. Ray Kroc turned into the chief executive officer of McDonalds by buying it out in a few years. Otto & Sons was added to it.The shift from regional dealer Otto & Sons to international organization OSI Group McDonalds happened throughout the subsequent two decades.

This signified a 75-year evolution from a miniature butcher to a world renowned manufacturer. Kroc’s franchising ideal emphasized supply of a reliable product. In this case, it was inexpensive, consumer-driven hamburgers that could be delivered over long distances to the various McDonald’s restaurants.In 1973, OSI McDonalds constructed its first plant committed solely to the McDonald’s product line. The phases of the enterprise not related to OSI Group McDonalds were incorporated into the Glenmark brand. Thanks to the incorporation, it became a reliable local supplier and a renowned Midwest provider.In the last ten years, OSI Group McDonalds has developed into a trailblazer of value added products. It has also ventured into alternative regions at a remarkable rate.

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The ordinary people benefit from Paul Mampilly newsletters

The education that Paul Mampilly gained he has put it in good use in the finance sector. The masters that he got from Fordham University has been of massive help to Paul Mampilly’s career path. In 1991, he offered his services at Bankers Trust where he was their assistance portfolio manager. Through the company, he gained the needed knowledge and experience until he obtained a prominent position at firms like Deutsche Bank and ING. The billion dollar corporations saw that having Paul on the team would be such an asset, so they hired him. At Kinetics Asset Management he was the one responsible for the hedge funds, and he was the reason why the company assets grew to $25 billion living.

Eventually, Paul Mampilly was getting tired because of how fast Wall Street was growing. The idea of making the rich richer was not what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He missed spending time just at home and have more family time with his children and wife. So he decided that he was going to help the ordinary person make more money. Mampilly tries to teach ordinary people on ways they can use to get most out of their money. The newsletters that he writes all offer advice to people on investments tips that will help them gain more.

In 2016, he joined Banyan Hill Publishing, and since then Mampilly’s newsletter has gotten more people singing in, getting the number to over 90,000 people. Each month the eight pages newsletter will detail out a new investment plan. The investment opportunity will include a model portfolio that Paul Mampilly will be responsible for tracking. The other thing that he does is recommend different stocks that his reader can purchase. The trading services that Paul leads are the True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes. Also, Paul Mampilly writes for Winning Investor Daily a weekly column. The CNBC, Fox Business News and Bloomberg TV frequently feature him. The way that Paul Mampilly answers question has been of help to the public in looking at some of the choices that he makes.

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Jeremy Goldstein Helps Philanthropic Efforts

When Jeremy Goldstein first came up with the idea for his businesses, he knew he had a lot of work to do. As an attorney, he spent time learning about laws, regulations and other things that made it easier for him to help people understand what was going on with the industry standards.

He also felt he had to give back to the communities he helped because he spent so much time providing people with the opportunities they needed to become more successful. It also made sense for him to keep doing things that helped other people. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein:

As a philanthropist, Jeremy Goldstein could do a lot of work that might be helpful for others. He also knew things would continue getting better as long as he made positive choices to help other people. As long as he could do different philanthropic things, Jeremy Goldstein would have a chance to help other people.

Recently, Jeremy Goldstein hosted a wine dinner. He did this to support the Fountain House. Jeremy Goldstein doesn’t just do these things because he wants to look good.

Instead, he focuses on philanthropic efforts so he can help people overcome issues they might have. He makes a conscious effort to provide advice to people while also making an effort to make their lives better.  Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamensch

Jeremy Goldstein always wants to help people and believes his role as an attorney gives him the best chance to do that. No matter what issues people suffer from or how hard they have to work to make sure they can get his help, he believes it’s the best way to provide help to them.

Even when he’s not hosting dinners and helping other people with the issues they might have, Jeremy Goldstein knows he can provide people with a positive experience. It’s his goal of creating new opportunities for everyone that allows him to provide his services to clients in different environments.

Based on the work he does, Jeremy Goldstein knows what he can do to make a difference while also promoting a positive experience for everyone who needs his help through philanthropy and other efforts.