The Secrets Of Making Money On Upwork, The Freelancers Most Trusted Platform

Upwork, one of the freelancers’ most trusted marketplace, has been around for some years now. It is a platform where independent professionals collaborate remotely, and deliver gigs. The company is based in Mountain View California. Upwork is the largest online marketplace with Over 3 million jobs posted annually, over 5 million registered clients, and over 12 million freelancers working on the platform. Businesses use the platform to get the skills they need, with Freelancers earning over $1 billion annually. Some of the freelancing jobs include graphic design, virtual assistance, web and mobile development, customer service, sales, and marketing, as well as accounting and consulting. Upwork was formed in 2015, after the merger of Elance and Odesk, companies that were freelance marketplaces formed a few years earlier. Here are the secrets of making Money on Upwork.

Setting authentic profile

First, freelancers need to establish a profile that is authentic, and genuine. An honest profile will earn you good ratings and better chances of landing jobs. There is the need to verify personal details and education credentials. A description of the background of the freelancer, and portfolio of samples, of previous works done, will attract prospective clients, and boost chances of getting work.

Review clients reputation

Legitimate employers have a positive reputation, which may be understood by doing pure research online on Google search. Upwork’s verification process helps you decide on whether to submit proposals for the job offered or not. Besides, ensure that you negotiate with the customer, to get value for the work done.

Setting the price

One are freelancers make a mistake is, setting the right price for their services. It is essential to understand the fees charged by Upwork, to make the correct pricing for your gigs. You should negotiate with the clients, so as not to compromise the quality of the piece of work. The payment cycle for Upwork takes a week. Once you set the right prices, you should ensure that the payment system is configured properly, whether PayPal or bank transfer.

Upwork is a trusted and reliable marketplace where freelancers can make money by handling gigs. However, you should stick to the basic tips on how to succeed at Upwork. It is critical to have an understanding of how the work diary works for hourly jobs. You may also use a desktop app to keep track of your work in progress.

Freedom Checks- Opportunity or Illusion?

The article poses the questions as to the definition of Freedom Checks and whether or not they are legitimate. The Talk radio commercial aired stating that investors are receiving their share of Freedom Checks from a $34.6 billion dollar investment pool, portraying this as a government originated program where the person stakes their claims by certain deadlines to position themselves for receiving this return. Although anyone googling the term “freedom checks” will find many claims as to the legitimacy and value of these, these biased statements are made by individuals who earn a fee for successfully soliciting subscribers to sign up. Visit the website to learn more.

Actually being a clever marketing tactic to convince people of the profitability of this opportunity, these technically legal commercials tend to be misleading about the profitability of simply signing up for the program. Generating returns either monthly or quarterly, Freedom Checks is the terminology used to refer to the genuine investment Master Limited Partnership strategy,

Actually being an investment in a company’s units, this strategy generates its return based generally on the performance of energy and gas companies. Being publicly traded limited partnerships, these strategies have the ability to combine the benefits of a public company and partnership, while simultaneously avoiding corporate taxes. Learn more about Freedom Checks at

Although these same actions generate returns on investments in the stock market, the difference with these is that the companies are required to generate revenue primarily from US natural resources, so that the profits are returned to the investors rather than to the government in taxes.

The consultant interviewed only recommended five out of 568 companies that either control or own over a billion dollars’ worth of raw materials such as precious and core metals, timber, gas, mineral, and oils. The expected return on MLP investments is typically 5-9 percent, and a membership in the newsletter for Real Wealth Strategist explains the few recommended MLPs which are the most profitable. In conclusion, the technically legal Freedom Checks presentation is a deceptive marketing trick to persuade the individual to subscribe to the service. Profitable MLP investments are actually more complex than these commercials represent them to be.


Whitney Wolfe Changes the Dating World for Women with Bumble

The dating world changed forever after Whitney Wolfe and a group of close friends created the Bumble dating app. Until the creation of Bumble, men generally had most of the power in online dating. They were the ones that were most easily able to initiate contact with potential partners.

Whitney Wolfe not only wanted to create a way for women to date online, she wanted to create a company that was mainly run by women for women. Female empowerment was the ultimate goal of the company that is not worth at least $1 billion. This year, an offer of $450 million was offered by rival dating site, Match. View Whitney Wolfe’s profile at

Before founding Bumble, Whitney Wolfe worked for Tinder as their VP of marketing. She made the decision to leave the company after alleging sexual harassment from her boss and ex-boyfriend. While she tried to keep the events private, she found herself in the middle of a media storm. People who had never met her or even heard her name before the incident suddenly had a lot to say about her. While she did have a considerable amount of supporters, they were mainly drowned out by the mass of people online calling her a host of different derogatory names.

Instead of giving up, Whitney Wolfe pursued a career outside of Tinder. She and her friends began their company in the office of one of their parents’ home. Though they hoped that their app would be successful, none of them ever expected it to be the hit that it became.

Not only can Bumble help women find their next romantic relationship, it can now help them with connections outside of the dating world. With features that can help users find friendships and even business connections, Bumble has helped their users in many aspects of their lives. As a feminist company, they continue to improve the lives of women all around the world including within their own company. Things are different now for women, they no longer are in the housewife era of their mothers. They pursue careers and are encouraged to be ambitious in their endeavors.

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The OSI Group/ Turi Merger

OSI Industries is one of the most reputable food manufacturers in the world. OSI has kept up with the pace of the fast and dynamic food industry for years and has thus remained a force to reckon with. Their success can be attributed to resilience and business acumen by the guys at the top of the helm of the company’s leadership.

The industry tried their hand in the meat market early in 1900 in Chicago by starting a brainchild company from scratch. Today, OSI Company prides itself on having risen to be the established giant it is in the present day. It boasts about 20,000 workers in 17 American states and also a very clean corporate image.

Just recently, OSI Industries took a very monumental step by merging with the renowned Australian food operator -Turi foods and rebranded to Turosi Pty Limited. The merger was aimed at trying to build a stronger hand in the food industry that could include more food products to their large customer base.

These two food producers are based on the belief that the merger will boost their standing as the two entities will share expertise, facilities, experience and skills, and thereby enabling them to continue building a stronger and bigger brand.

The two companies believe that by merging, they will be able to continue dominating the food market in the two states.

Turi and OSI Industries have for a long time been known for being their reliability. They thus have been able to maintain a very solid relationship with almost all their partners and customers. They are optimistic that the merger will likely have their customers trust them more.

A merger to the new face of OSI translates to stronger market potential and ability to serve their clients better. This merger is a blessing to OSI Industries since they are already existing brands in most states and farms like Colonial Farm, La lonica, and the Golden farms.

On the other hand, Turi has established food production facilities in many places in Australia like Thomas and Victoria making the merger idea more beneficial. Turi boasts the largest poultry processing firm in Australia and has countless customers coming to buy their products every single day.

The primary goal of the merger is to bring forth more creativity, energy, and pool more funds to a transformative agenda towards being world leaders in the food industry.

Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides help lead InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health provides medical care to various patient populations, including those on Medicare and Medicaid. With locations in the US and Puerto Rico, it was officially formed in 2012, by founder Daniel Straus, after its predecessor, NAMM (North American Medical Management), sold off some of its properties.


Initially practicing in California as an internist and pulmonologist, Dr. Shinto saw a need for doctor-healthcare payor assistance in the early 1990s. In response to this need, he created NAMM which ultimately became InnovaCare Health. The companies main goals are to make healthcare run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Shinto is currently CEO. Many other individuals with strong healthcare management backgrounds are on its executive team. Penelope Kokkinides is the Cheif Administrative Officer. Joining the company in 2015, Kokkinides, has extensive experience in healthcare management and expertise in the managed healthcare industry and government programs.


Both Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokinides are very accomplished. Rick Shinto has been recognized by Modern Health with the Top 25 Minority Executives in Healthcare Award. Modern Healthcare has also named him one of the Top 50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders. Additionally, Penelope Kokkinides has an extensive healthcare management career, having served as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and Cheif Operating Officer at Aveta, another healthcare management company, and InnovaCare Health. Similarly, prior to his current position, Shinto was CEO and President of Aveta, Inc, which was sold in 2012 and is currently part of parent company Collaborative Care Holdings, LLC. For more details visit Crunchbase.


Other fairly recent changes have taken place in the InnovaCare Health leadership. Peter Zafris joined the company in 2018 as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Like Shinto and Kokkinides, he has a strong background in healthcare management with an emphasis on making healthcare more efficient. Frank Izquierdo is another new executive who joined in 2018 as Vice President of Corporate Contracting and Network Development. With extensive experience dealing with government healthcare programs, his prior work includes work at Vista, a Coventry health insurance company based in Florida and being a consultant for Fortune 500 healthcare companies. Check out



Additionally, in 2016, InnovaCare Health joined the LAN, the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network. This organization seeks to move the US toward healthcare payment models based on quality, rather than quantity. Shinto states that by joining this group, InnovaCare Health is committed to moving healthcare forward, supporting alternative payment methods for the industry.



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The Success Of Shiraz Boghani In The Hotel And Hospitality Industry

Shiraz Boghani is a renowned personality in the business circles in United Kingdom. He is also known for his community initiatives which are service oriented. Shiraz is also an entrepreneur and has ventures in the healthcare and hospitality industries. Since 1990, he has managed to establish many branded hotels in London. Through his Splendid Hospitality Group, Shiraz has set over 25 projects in London.

Boghani serves as the chairman of Splendid Hospitality Group and has over the years steered it to achieving tremendous growth and success. The group now owns over 20 hotels with several on the development stage. These include Conrad London St. James, Hilton London Bankside, and Holiday Inn Wembley among others.

Shiraz Boghani is among the founding partners of Sojourn Hotels LLP which is a leading hotel group. Through his expertise and experience in the hospitality field, he has assisted the hotel group to expand its presence across the United Kingdom. Currently, Shiraz also serves at the Sussex Health Care where he is the joint chairman. Sussex Health Care is a support and care home meant for the elderly, mentally and physically challenged. Its main focus is to offer individual cares when it comes to health, attendance and activities. Shiraz Boghani offers his insights and expertise to Sussex Health Care in assisting them to achieve their strategic plans.

Through the outstanding leadership and management of Shiraz Boghani, Sussex Health Care has been able to establish 20 homes in London and Sussex. Plans are also underway to expand to many more homes as well as improving service delivery. Boghani has worked in the hotel and hospitality industry for over 30 years and therefore possesses the right experience and expertise to thrive in the industry. His main aim is to make Sussex Health Care a place to offer comprehensive experience with care, fun, social life, recreational activities, and many others.

Throughout his career, Shiraz Boghani has managed to receive numerous accolades in the hotel industry. In 2016, he was recognized as the Hotelier of the Year during the 2016 edition of the Asian Business Ward. A philanthropist, Boghani has been involved in many philanthropic activities.

End Citizens United Wants To End The Insanity

Imagine getting a knock on the door during an election cycle. You open the door to find a group of local people advocating for environmental protection in your community. You listen to their speech and take a pamphlet before closing the door. Then the door knocks again. It’s another group claiming to be from your community talking about the advantages of fracking.

However, the second group is not from your community. They are paid actors that have been hired by a political action committee. These PAC’s can receive unlimited donations from corporations. So, in an attempt to cut costs, the giant corporation in your area wants to pollute. The corporation figures it can confuse just enough of the electorate to get a certain candidate elected. See more of End Citizens United on Facebook.

Now imagine that the strategy works. The fake grassroots organization confuses enough voters to get an anti-environmentalist elected. The giant corporation in your area begins to pollute and your family gets sick.

This is how politics is legally allowed to work in the United States ever since Citizens United. The Supreme Court decision allows corporations to pump rivers of money into political action committees to help get certain candidates elected. All of this money actually fools some of the voters into voting against their community’s best interests.

It’s scenarios like this that inspired the formation of End Citizens United. The group has formed in the wake of the disaster that is Citizens United. They have a strategy that will end Citizens United forever and it doesn’t involve fooling you.

End Citizens United has developed an extensive grassroots organization capable of raising money very quickly. They take no money from big businesses and only solicit donations from individuals. They use this fundraising ability to help Democratic candidates get elected. These candidates have all promised to end Citizens United when they report to Washington.

Enough victories will help the group end Citizens United. After all, they’ll need plenty of votes to pass a law that completely destroys the Supreme Court decision. And, if all else fails, they may resort to a constitutional amendment to get money out of politics.



Juan OG Perez’s Birthday Bash Tab Breakdown

Rap sensation JAY Z showed Juan OG Perez the time of his life for his fiftieth birthday. Sources are reported that rapper spent about $113,000 to celebrate his business partner and close friend. Juan Perez celebrated with a small group of people special to him. The Roc Nation Sports president racked up a $13k dinner, $9k worth of drinks, plus a $91k tab at the club which gained him national attention. Here is the itemized receipt:

Where Did The Tab Come From?

The $91K tab was earned at the Playroom Nightclub. This visit consisted of 40 champagne bottles. That tab alone is enough to buy yourself an island. Once they completed first set of drinks, the small group got even smaller. Only JAY Z, OG Perez and four additional friends remained in the club for the rest of the night. The reduced crew hung out until the late hours ordering 20 bottles of Ace of Space Gold champagne and 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Rose. A bright server shared the party receipt on the internet, which immediately gave Perez’s birthday party national headlines.

How Did This Happen?

The tab breaks down 40 bottles for $74,000 plus tax of $6,035. There was also a tip listed for $11,100 which made the total rise to a little over $91,000. When the story hit the internet Twitter overflowed with questions about how 6 people split 40 bottles. Social media comments ranged from jokes about conspiracy of the wealthy to confusion. Page Six has since verified that OG Juan Perez and the crew was partying with other club attendees as well, handing out bottles throughout the night. The magic in this situation is seeing Jay make his moves. He spent quite a bit of money throughout the night supporting his own champagne and cognac brands.

Equities First Holdings- French Tribune

When Equities First holdings began its modest start in the financial world in 2002 it always had its customers top priority in mind to make sure that they would always be happy with what Equities First Holdings tries to do for them and that still stands true to this very day and for this reason is why Equities First Holdings still continue to rise as being one of the most well known banking institutions that you can find if you are looking for a loan or any other financial help. Equities First Holdings is the bank that you can turn to if you are looking for loans at a time that is considered to be harder to get loans around the world.

Businessman Dick Devos

Do you know the Devos family? Until very recently, the Devos’ were well known for their business acumen and entrepreneurship. Their family foundation has also donated over $134 million to different charities involved with Grand Rapids, education, healthcare, performing arts, and business development. It’s one of the key reasons that Dick Devos is now headed to Washington along with his wife.


While Devos supported his wife’s campaign for educational reform for many years, he was unable to successfully earn the bid for governor of Michigan in 2006 and completely turned his life towards business. However, now he will be working with former transportation authorities and airline executives through the new Management Advisory Council. The civilian council was created by the FAA to help with new budgets, policies, and regulations. There are also plans for future growth. All of which pertain to Devos’ background, who has been working in advisory role in his own form, The Windquest Group. However, that’s not why he is most qualified to help with an aviation committee.


For one, Devos has always been an avid pilot. He has a license for jets as well as helicopters, and he is the co-founder of the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The academy is one of the only aviation charter schools in the country, and it’s located right on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport.


While the airport used to just be a landing strip back in the early 1900s, the latest airport has just been through a $45 million renovation, which was partially developed by Dick Devos.


Devos has been helping the airport frequently over the past few years. He stepped in to call the CEO of Air Tran Airways and ask to expand the current offerings. Air Tran agreed and opened up new flights to Denver, Vegas, St. Louis, and Orlando. This action alone allowed the airport to completely recoup from earlier losses in the 1990s and turn around. More airlines began to join in and finally, the airport received a bid to renovate and expand entirely. This includes a new business center, food court, and digital technology upgrades.


Devos will now be working with the new council every quarter, advising the FAA on what to do next to help grow the aviation market in America.


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