Barbara Stokes Speaks about FEMA

Barbara Stokes and her husband, Scott, are the founders of Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSH), LLC. The company is located in Huntsville, Alabama, and began in 2008. GSH is a construction company that engages in commercial buildings customized to be mobile and modular. They also build residential homes. Barbara Stokes is the CEO of GSH while her husband is the COO. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara is Biomedical Engineering and Physics graduate of Mercer University. Before founding Green Structure Homes Delivered, she had worked with Boeing and Pisces Corporation. While there, she amassed lots of experience and was in charge of government contracts. On this experience, she and her husband built their company, GSH that has been a success.

As CEO of GSH, Barbara Stokes’ primary concern is the humanitarian relief and specializes in Disaster Relief Construction. Her company works closely with Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the private sector as well. The primary goal of their relationship is providing safe, permanent solutions for the housing industry.

Barbara Stokes strongly believes in supporting the local economy. She ensures that GSH locally outsources its materials. Recently, GSH was contacted by FEMA in a $28 million project. That will create jobs for the local people within Alabama and its environs. The project is aimed at building homes for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Read this article at

According to Barbara, she chose medical valuations because it integrates business and technicality. Medical professions demand a wealth of knowledge and comprehension that she has been able to bring into GSH. Her primary goal is to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Despite being an early rise, Barbara finds herself working late into the night. She tries as much as she can to strike a balance between working and social life. She’s active in the community, and that helps her re-energize.

Working with her good and talented team at GSH is her way of implementing ideas. Barbara is excited by the increasing number of women taking up leadership positions in business and STEM-related jobs. As an entrepreneur, spending time with her family and giving back makes her productive. She advises the younger people is that never underestimate yourself. She believes that if you invest time and energy, then definitely there’ll be results.


The Reasons To Consider Hiring And Working With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the most prestigious cosmetic surgeons in the country and is based in Texas. Recently, she was elected to be secretary of American Society of Plastic Surgery, which is a huge title for someone like Dr. Jennifer Walden. This is the reason so many people have chosen Dr. Jennifer Walden and are realizing she is one of the greatest choices for your own personal needs. If you need more information on Dr. Jennifer Walden and what she is able to accomplish for you, it’s time to contact her and see what services she is offering.

Despite being named secretary of the association for plastic surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden still commits to her own personal private practice to those who want to feel and look their best. She is able to transform just about any body and is able to work with people of all types, sizes and ages. This is why a lot of people choose Dr. Jennifer Walden and are realizing that she is the most educated expert for own needs. Now is the right moment for you to utilize the services of this professional and see why she is as popular as she is.

For now, it is important that you consider the reasons and benefits to make use of Dr. Jennifer Walden. This is the reason a lot of people have chosen this and are finding it to be quite helpful. There is a reason so many people trust Dr. Jennifer Walden and are finding her to be a prime example of what a plastic surgeon should be and the type of work that she has done for those who are interested in getting it done for themselves. Make sure that you contact the offices of Dr. Jennifer Walden and see what services fit your goals and help you to get your body to where you want and need it to be in a good way. This is why you need to contemplate hiring Dr. Jennifer Walden and realize why she is one of the better options for you.

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Whitney Wolfe Clarifies What Bumble Is

When people think about Bumble, one thing they say Bumble is is a dating app. However, this is not what Whitney Wolfe wants to describe Bumble as. While it does have options for dating, there are plenty of other activities that people can participate in with the use of the extensions.

However, it is important to get into what Whitney Wolfe has intended when she has founded Bumble. One thing that she has intended was to get involved in a movement. Before starting Bumble, she wanted to avoid calling herself a feminist. However, her recent experiences has influenced her in ways that have gotten her to adopt the label with pride.

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Whitney Wolfe has gone through a lot of the trauma that often occurs with the internet. For instance, she has dealt with attacks from Twitter and other social media platforms. This has turned out to be a very hard time for Whitney. However, she has decided to take this trauma and turn it into something that is greater for her and the people who are on her side. She has shown that she is not one of the people that are going to give in so easily. She is actually going to stand up and fight for her rights to have a business.

When creating Bumble and the extensions, she has thought about all of her experiences in relationships, business and friendships. She has also thought about all of the people that may be in a similar situation as her. The only thing is that while Whitney Wolfe had all of the support she needed, she is aware of women who go through all of this alone. Often times, this can lead to some emotional problems later on which can lead to suicide. One thing Whitney Wolfe has hoped to achieve was bring forth something for women who may not have a lot of friends to use for connection.

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New music for the Chainsmokers

The chainsmokers put out new music, and its really good! Different, but also really really good! Music has a natural way of evolving. Music is one of those strange elements that is immune to complacency. You would think that when a music artist finds a sound or tone that is successful, that they would simply sit in that pocket and collect paychecks till the end of time. However, music has a strange way of constantly evolving!

The new single entitled, Sickboy from EDM chart toppers the Chainsmokers is a clear view of music constantly evolving. Within 10-15 seconds of listening to the track, Chainsmoker fans can immediately notice that the “sound” of this track is different. The first word that comes to mind, DARK! This new track is rough, edgy, and really really DARK! And is it good? Oh ya, its really really good! One would expect nothing else from the Chainsmokers.

From their AMA award for Favorite EDM dance music, to their recent pop success with singer songwriter Halsey, the Chainsmokers are breaking the charts and their new music is proving to do no different. This new sound is a risky move, however, artist Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart explain why its necessary. It’s not just to “be different” or embrace a “new chapter” of music, but rather, to reflect whats happening in the world today.

Pall and Taggart explain that the world they are living in RIGHT NOW, seems dark and edgy. The artists are trying to listen to the world around them and write music to that. The result? A new instillation of music, like Sickboy, the artist say will be really really different and really really dark! From what fans have already heard, Sickboy is truly capturing that dark edgy tone and more great new music from the Chainsmokers is yet to come!

Similarities And Differences Between Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble And Tinder

One thing that people are going to notice when they use Bumble is that there is a huge resemblance to Tinder. The only difference is that men are not able to use Bumble in the way women are. Men are not allowed to reach out to women and initiate. This is up to the women to make the first move on Bumble. However, The Match Group is trying to buy Bumble from Whitney Wolfe. It has gotten to the point where it is trying to sue Whitney Wolfe. However, she is fighting very hard to keep Bumble under her ownership.

Auditioning to be the fourth sister 🙇‍♀️ @haimtheband X @bumble 🙌

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One thing that The Match Group has stated is that Bumble is under a patent violation in that it is merely copying Tinder. The only thing is that this can be a little hard to prove seeing that Whitney Wolfe was one of the owners and developers of Tinder at some point. It could’ve easily been her that has come up with the idea of swiping left or right. Either way, this same setup is being used for Bumble. The only thing is that women are experiencing a lot of advantages with the setup of Bumble compared to the setup of Tinder.

Whitney has also taken this opportunity to encourage women even more with Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. These are apps for women to find friends business opportunities. This is something that Tinder and The Match Group does not offer. This is one of the reasons that she is holding on to her app. She did not create these apps just to make money. She has a cause that she is trying to fight for. Interestingly enough, it is this cause that The Match Group is fighting against. They merely want to buy out her company so that they can stop her from pursuing her goals.

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Dr. Mark Mofid Brings New Innovations To Plastic Surgery After Years Of Research

News that arises out of the plastic surgery community is often enveloped with words of negativity, more commonly outlining the negative impact or ill effects a surgery has had on a person. However, doctors across the world have been working towards researching and developing methods of plastic surgery that put the patient in fewer positions of risk so that they can have the cosmetic makeover that they are looking for.

One of the doctors that are contributing towards this development in the cosmetic surgery industry is Dr. Mark Mofid, who currently stands as an in incredibly well-known name within the field. One of the things that have genuinely distinguished Dr. Mofid for the well-reputed doctor that he is is the educational backing that he has. Dr. Mofid has two degrees in medicine, one being from Harvard, and the other from John Hopkins. In addition to these degrees, Dr. Mofid has learned under some of the best in the business, which is another factor that has contributed to the success that he has been seeing.

Medical safety has always been one of the core principles that Dr. Mofid likes to live by. Being cautious about the treatments that one is offering is never a bad thing, and for Dr. Mark Mofid, this additional caution has taken him a long way. One of the examples that Dr. Mark Mofid has given during an interview is concerning gluteal augmentation. He stated that even though patients are sometimes willing to offer and pay more for bigger implants, he always works in conjunction with what is best for them and their overall health. He makes his decisions using his best medical judgment, and not his urge to earn more as most plastic surgeons usually do.

Research has always been an essential part of the work that Dr. Mark Mofid does. One of the most significant developments in research that he has made was concerning implants that were more compatible with the human body, and not like the ones that were being used in the past. Because of the innovations that he has brought along, patients don’t have to worry as much about their cosmetic surgeries going wrong.

GreenSky Credit Shoots Up the Rankings to Unicorn Status

Established in 2006, GreenSky Credit is an Atlanta-based financial technology firm. The privately-owned company offers technology services for banks and merchants to provide loans for consumers. Through the company’s credit program, financing is federally-insured. The company has since aided in $10 billion plus in loans for home improvement through a network of 16,000 contractors.

David Zalik is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of GreenSky Credit. Serving as CEO since its establishment, he has founded three other companies and been awarded for entrepreneurship. He had founded his first company, Microtech Information Systems, at age 14 while attending college at Auburn University.

David Zalik has recently been featured in Forbes and Bloomberg. Bloomberg highlighted Green CreditSky’s business model of connecting merchants and consumers at the point of sale. GreenSky signs up merchants who sell big valued items such as home improvement and furniture. Consumers average a 760 FICO score and are taking out loans out of convenience instead of necessity. Forbes expanded on GreenSky Credit’s success by elaborating on how the company profits on both ends of the deal with contractors and bank partners.

GreenSky Credit had been ranked 3rd in value at $3.6 billion while remaining privately-owned and backed by venture capitalists. Zalik had moved from Israel to Alabama at four years old, where he skipped high school to attend Auburn University when he had scored exceptionally high on standardized tests, having taken the SATs at age 13 as cited by Forbes. He ultimately dropped out of college to pursue Microtech Information Systems full time.

Zalik shared that after selling Microtech for a few million dollars, he had relocated to Atlanta and started invested in real-estate. He then pursued more challenging consulting projects, which is where Green Sky had developed. The company took a huge risk and years before gaining stability and ultimately gaining unicorn status.

To learn more about GreenSky Credit and CEO David Zalik, please visit their company website and David Zalik’s LinkedIn.

Highland Capital Management Believes The New Policies In Argentina Represent Good Investments

Highland Capital Management and James Dondero are focusing on Argentina. Mr. Dondero believes the region shows promise as a potential alpha generator. During the last few decades a lot of Latin America has been subjected to fiscal imprudence, high inflation and unstable currencies. Fiscal reform throughout Brazil has been hindered by continual corruption scandals. Venezuela is facing the challenges of hyperinflation, severe economic malaise and issues in the energy sector. This has caused numerous individuals to leave the country. Economic progress is being shown by some Latam countries and is appealing to the investors. The challenge is in the lack of liquidity in the markets. Learn more about Highland Capital at Crunchbase.

One of the analysts at Highland Capital Management is Mauro Staltari. He believes Argentina is different. The company has numerous teams including offices in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo. Argentina represents the third largest economy in Latin America. The population is well educated and there is a wide variety of natural resources. The economic growth has been slowed by political turmoil. Argentina is starting to emerge from this turmoil and the economic recovery is promising. Read more at


Mauro Staltari refers to Argentina as an island located in Latin America. He believes for the next two or three years there are uncorrelated investment opportunities. He stated the yields and curve will be affected by the increasing interest rates. He cited additional drivers such as energy tariffs normalizing. He feels there is a distinctive difference between Latin America and Argentina.

The country has been guided by populist Peronist policies since the 1960’s. Subsidies have kept the markets at an artificial low. Mauricio Macri is the current President of Argentina. He has made significant changes due to his leadership of the center right political party. During the last few years the President’s administration has started to reverse the long term populist policies of the country. The new policies are market oriented. This has led to a lot of changes since Mauricio Macri was elected in December of 2015. He has increased the energy tariffs after they were frozen for well over a decade and attempted to stimulate investments by lifting the currency controls.


The legend behind Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall

Roberto Santiago is well known internationally and in his native country Brazil as the one of the most successful businessman. Santiago was brought up in the city of Joao Pessoa. The prominent developer started his entrepreneurial career journey by establishing a cartonage industry while he was still a youth. The cartonage company specialized in designing and also manufacturing of the cardboard and carton. From the cartonage firm, Roberto Santiago ventured into the real estate venture. He acquired land in Joao Pessoa where he established and developed the famous Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto has excellent education attainment. He enrolled in Pio X Marist College and later studied his undergraduate degree in BA at the University Center of Joao Pessoa.

As a developer, Roberto has developed the Manaira mall into the leading business mall in Brazil. Manaira Shopping Centre is ranked the top largest mall in Roberto`s Brazilian state. The construction of the Manaira Mall commenced in 1987, and the whole process took two years to be completed and become opened to the public.

Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall holds dozens of shopping options, world-class restaurants, concert halls, fitness center, large gaming area, colleges, banks, theater, and food courts, among others. Every shopper has all the preferences and tastes catered for at the mall. The mall creates a strong bond with its shoppers and users, which make the residents visit the place on a daily basis.

Various factors make the Manaiira Shopping Mall unique and special. Its strategic location between the two Brazilian beaches gives it the advantage to be visited by a large number of people who enjoy the scenic view of the beaches as they shop or tour the mall. The mall has Domus Hall, which is located on the rooftop and is well fitted with air conditioners, soundproof wall, and a high-tech music system. Domus Hall provides the residents and the foreigners with a place for hosting exhibitions, conferences, fairs, concerts, wedding ceremonies, and parties. The hall can accommodate approximately 10,000 people in one seating.

The entertainment options that are available in the Manaira Mall give the mall another advantage of receiving a dense population. The mall has a movie theater in which the cinemas are fitted with either 3D or 7D technology. Also, the mall has a huge gaming area that can cater for both children and adults. It is fitted with a bowling alley, hundreds of betting machines, and equipped amusement park. To cater for the shoppers’ appetite and budget, the mall`s food court was expanded in the recent past. All type of food choices is served at Capital Steakhouse, Waynes, and Espaco Gourmet restaurants.

Roberto Santiago made sure that through the mall business he satisfy the interest and the needs of the Brazilian residents and those people who shop from his mall. He offered the best place to shop from with a variety of commodities.


Lawrence Bender

Lawrence Bender was born on October 17, 1957 to a Jewish family in the Bronx, New York. His father was a history professor and his mother taught kindergarten, but Lawrence decided to become a civil engineer. He graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in civil engineering. He didn’t know at the time that he would become a movie producer. His work has encompassed everything from award-winning documentaries to drama to action and thriller. Lawrence Bender is a versatile, talented producer, producing Oscar-nominated films 17 times and winning Best Picture three times with Good Will Hunting, Pulp Fiction, and Inglourious Basterds.

He started out as a grip in the 1980’s, working on an anthology series. The first film he produced came out in 1989, but he is most famous for his work on Reservoir Dogs, a Quentin Tarantino film. After Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender produced all of Tarantino’s films.

Lawrence Bender’s 2009 film Inglourious Basterds stars Brad Pitt in a gritty World War II alternate history film. Directed by Quentin Tarantino, this film centers around two groups of people: a group of US soldiers with a plot to kill Hitler and a French Jewish cinema owner with the same goal. For his role in the film, Cristoph Waltz won several awards, including the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Outside of his film career, Lawrence Bender was awarded an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from his alma mater, University of Maine, and is a Wildlife Hero with the National Wildlife Federation. He has dedicated his life to several causes and is socially and politically active for these causes and founded Global Zero, a foundation dedicated to the complete eradication of nuclear weapons worldwide. His work and personal life are an inspiration to millions around the globe.