Trying Too Hard On Whitney Wolfe’s Bumble App

One of the issues that could occur in dating is when people try too hard to get a date. This often results in people either filling out their account with false information or trying to exaggerate for stylist their worth or act in ways that they think is going to impress their date. One thing that both men and women need to understand before moving forward with an account on the Bumble app created by Whitney Wolfe is that people are not looking to be impressed when they are looking for a date. They want someone who is willing to date them, not someone who is trying to advertise to them.

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Even Whitney Wolfe’s app, someone who uses this method of getting a date is either going to find himself facing a lot of disappointment from being alone, or he is going to find himself with another advertiser. The better approach online dating and Whitney Wolfe’s dating app is to be honest about everything. Among the most important things to be honest about are values, beliefs and preferences. This is what will help people find the right match and form deep connections. When people try to be who they are not, they set themselves up for a lot of disappointment for themselves and the ones they are success dating app.

A better approach for dating would be for people to allow who they are to shine. Their natural personalities are going to bring them the matches that are best for them. At the same time, it does not hurt for people to look their best when they take a picture. After all, the first thing a user is going to see online is a picture. If she is interested, then she is going to click on the profile to see if there is anything more to learn. Whitney Wolfe’s app is only going to work well for those that are honest.

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Capital Groups Partnership with S.A.M.

Capital Group and Seoul-based Samsung Asset Management announced a strategic partnership that would include retail investors in Korea. With a 1.4 trillion dollars in assets, Capital group will work together with Samsung Asset Management to develop retirement solutions. The goal is to work together to provide information in regards of business management and client management.


A spokesperson for S.A.M. stated that this would be a new cornerstone for the firm and would help them to become one of the top three homegrown asset management organizations in Asia. The spokesperson assume that this will be in effect by 2020.


The new updated information also stated that Tim Armour, chairman of Capital Group, would be able to assist Korean investors by fulfilling a retirement, savings, an insurance plan that would be a better solution for them. Mr. Joyce, an individual that is part of


S.A.M , stated that he was very interested in the way Capitals system is setup and how they invest and learn more about Tim.


Tim Armour stated in a different interview that he understands how investing can be a complicated subject that only a slim number of people will truly understand. However, if an individual was interested in being successful as an investor they would need to work with someone that can get them into the next level of their life. A lot of people speak highly about what Tim Armour is doing with Capital Group and agrees that he is adding value by offering an investment plan that makes sense. Over the course of years, Tim Armour has worked with a lot of individuals to help them grow their business and offered them a financial planning solution that works for variety of different reasons. He believes that is important to look for clients in a variety of different areas and grow as a business that does not take advantage of their customers. A large amount of financial planning companies have been reported as having a bad reputation and only care about the commission that they will make off of their clients. However to get around this it is important to make sure that the financial planner you are working with truly has your best interest at heart. By selecting the right hedge fund manager or financial planner an individual will be able to have success and more information click here.


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Potential Investors Finding Easy and Affordable Stock Loans at Equities First

A majority of investors currently find stock-based loans to be the best options when it comes to traditional loans. With the fall of world economy following the crisis, some analysts described the operation of the shadow banking system to be the reason for triggering the events. Some termed it as “malign neglect” and claimed that regulation could have been imposed on the entire banking activities.

Before the fall, the securitization markets that depended on the shadow banking system began terminating their operations in the spring of 2007, and in 2008, they almost shut down. Over a third of the independent credit markets that were once sources of funds became unavailable. The traditional banking system did not have the capital to close the gap as that could take many strong profits’ years to produce adequate resources that could support the extra lending volume. Also, some kinds of securitization were more likely to disappear forever, having been the objects of extra loose credit conditions. For serious borrowers, stock loans are quickly becoming better alternatives of traditional lending as investors can acquire emergency and adequate working capital. Equities First has, of late, been registering a great traction of borrowers as confirmed by Al Christy- the founder and CEO of the company.

After the beginning of the crisis, there was a boom of commodities’ prices before the housing bubble collapse. The oil price almost tripled from $50 to $147 from 2007 to 2008 respectively before dropping as the crisis started to take shape in 2008. Financial experts debate the factors with many attributing it to tentative flowing of cash from housing among other investments. Some huge amounts of cash were also directed to monetary policies, tackling scarcity of raw materials, among others. SMEs find it easy to rely on alternative lending, and at Equities First, many investors have reaped the benefits of stock loans.

Jim Tananbaum: Healthcare Venture Capitalist

Jim Tananbaum is the chief executive and founder of Foresite Capital. Mr. Tananbaum founded Foresite Capital as a private equity firm that focusses solely in the healthcare industry. The firm identifies upcoming healthcare leaders and then provides them with capital, information and networks. Most companies who have received assistance from Foresite have achieved profitability.

Before founding Foresite Capital, Jim cofounded two healthcare investment firms and two prominent pharmaceutical companies. His first firm, GelTex, brought two drugs to the medical market at a cost of less than $80 million. The company was acquired in 1998 for $1.6 billion. At the time of the acquisition its leading drug Renagel was bringing in revenue in excess of $200 million. As of 2017 Renagel produces $1 billion in annual revenue. Mr. Jim Tananbaum was also a founder and CEO of Theravance, Inc. The company has respiratory franchise with GSK through the joint venture Innoviva. Innoviva has a market capitalization of $3.2 billion.

Early in his investment career Jim was a partner at Sierra Ventures where he assisted them in establishing their healthcare investment department. He was also a founder at Prospect Venture Partners 2 and 3. During his investment career Jim led numerous investments such as Amira Pharmaceuticals, which was acquired by Amerigroup, Jazz Pharmaceuticals and Healtheon. Jim used the wealth of knowledge and experience from his previous ventures to make a unique venture capital firm.

Jim Tananbaum attended college at Yale where he double majored in electrical engineering and computer science. He then obtained his MBA and MD from Harvard. He got his MS from MIT. Since a young age Jim has always been passionate about the marriage of computer science, mathematics and healthcare. During his studies he established productive and deep relationships with many leading academicians. He was also credits the following individuals for mentoring him Rick Levin (Yale), Valegos Roy (Merck and Theravence) and Whitesides George (Harvard). Jims experience has led him to believe that the world is about to enter a golden age where change and growth is driven by insights form data and deep learning. He envisions a future whereby blood and tissue from individuals is sequenced to prevent diseases before they even occur. You can visit his page to know more about Jim.

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Eric Lefkofsky’s Fight Against Cancer

It’s no secret that cancer research has been aggressively increasing in scope over the last century. With new cancer treatment techniques being tested every year. As the treatment of cancer becomes, in some cases, more complex, Eric Lefkofsky has a strong belief that it’s time we started looking at more data. In a recent article by Fortune Magazine, Eric goes on to explain that by connecting the dots in clinical data between patients, we can create more effective treatments.

Eric is paving the way for connecting this clinical data through his company Tempus. Tempus aims to make data easier and more accessible to oncologists. Everything gets taken into account when it comes to Tempus’s data collection. They use DNA and RNA, like more traditional systems by also realize the data in what other medicines that the patient might be using or even preexisting conditions. All of this data compiled can give an oncologist the unprecedented ability to create more effective solutions.

Eric Lefkofsky isn’t new to technology. In 2008 Eric Lefkofsky co-founded deal marketplace company Groupon. It wasn’t until Eric’s wife got breast cancer that he decided to build a company around helping oncologists. Eric claimed that he realized during this time that many truck drivers had access to more data than oncologists. He decided to make that change through Tempus and read full article.

Eric graduated from the University of Michigan with a law degree in 1993. He immediately decided to pressure the life of an entrepreneur. The first company he founded was a clothing company called Brandon Apparel but has since founded over 5 other businesses. Between the apparel industry to data sourcing, Eric’s philosophy has been in supporting children, science, and education. He founded the Lefkofsky Foundation to accomplish this goal, with the foundation going on to supporting over 50 organizations since their inception.

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