Thor Halvorssen Fights for the Truth

Thor Halvorssen is, by many lights, crazy. He might be the kind of crazy the world needs. In a world where the bonds that tie nations together are torn by plebiscites, and a Trump candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, a man willing to stand tall against tyrants and dictators, who brings the light of journalism and public opinion on the affairs of dictators just might be the example the world needs.

Halvorssen comes by his advocacy of human rights honestly, with a grandfather who punched Nazis, and a father who, as Venezuela’s drug czar, was tortured for trying to root out corruption, and whose mother was shot in the streets of Caracas, protesting the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez. He has relatives in three prisons for acts of conscience, and yet Halvorssen is, if anything, more emphatic than world-weary.

Halvorssen’s organization, the Human Rights Foundation, doesn’t pull their punches. Rather, their members absorb them when confronted by the police, whether in Bogata or Moscow. It’s an equal opportunity organization; the leadership – whether Garry Kasparov or Thor Halvorssen himself, stand for rendition and bruises on their own merits. His ecumenical belief in the universality of taking a beating is met by his utter pragmatism in choosing allies – called a leftist by some, and a right winger by others, Halvorssen, and the HRF, will take assistance and resources from anyone who offers, and he brooks no favorites among those he opposes: He’ll face down against dictators of any creed. The HRF does limit its scope to actual dictatorships, and thus doesn’t push too hard on the United States. Yet.

When he’s not organizing protests, Halvorssen is organizing events. His Oslo Freedom Forum is a platform where dissidents who’ve escaped truncheons and prison cells

Halvorssen, who’s a dual citizen of Norway and Venezuela, is 39, and a solidly built man. His dual citizenship offers him legal advantages and some havens, though his life’s work, the HRF, is based out of New York. He’s taken a lifelong interest in cinema and stage productions and turned them into the skills he needs to direct attention at causes that would otherwise fester in the dark.

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How Adam Goldenberg Did It

At first glance, you may not recognize why JustFab and their CEO Adam Goldenberg have become an unparalleled champion in the e-commerce fashion industry, but look a little closer and it’s apparent why they lead.

For one, online e-commerce businesses can adapt quickly, which translates into a customer-centric operation. Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab team reviews and crunches numbers daily, sometimes hourly, and this allows for quick adjustments, thus leading to performance improvements. Second, Adam Goldenberg figured out early on what the online fashion industry was missing: online consultants for each and every JustFab customer. Imagine receiving celebrity tips on creating the perfect look. JustFab created story boards that are personalized according to individual taste. Whereas every ecommerce store today simply offers you the platform to pick and choose, then make a purchase, JustFab takes that experience further by helping customers pair outfits with shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Lastly, minus a crystal ball, Adam Goldenberg has assembled a rock star team that propelled the brand’s identity into the global stratosphere. Along with Goldenberg, and business partner and co-founder Don Ressler, Kimora Lee Simmons helped to celebritize the JustFab brand. Today, its a star-studded affair that includes ShoeDazzle Kardashians and Fabletics Kate Hudson.

The most challenging part of shopping is pairing what to wear with what never to wear, but according to JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg, that obstacle can be eliminated. JustFab created something unique that simplifies shopping. The story boards help make shopping effortless and tailor a look that is coordinated. Bottom line, scanning the masses takes time. Many people hate the tasks of shopping because of the time it takes to pull together a stylish look that appeals to you and every one looking at you, yet JustFab has removed that agony.

Who Is Adam Goldenberg?

From early on, Adam Goldenberg was an innovative entrepreneur. At just 15, he started Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming network. He developed it, sold it to Intermix Media, became their COO, co-founded Intelligent Beauty, then went on to co-found JustFab. Just six years later, JustFab boasts over 35 million global customers, and members to the JustFab fashion subscription service. See:

Obviously, JustFab is fully committed to the customer.