2016’s Emerging Leaders Award Goes to Anthony Marsala of Madison Street Capital

Anthony Marsala, the current COO of Madison Street Capital, was recently honored as the seventh recipient of the Emerging leaders Award of the M&A Advisor. Marsala was awarded because of his unique accomplishments in the industry. His expertise in the business stood out from amongst other nominees each with an impressive resume.

The judging panel was based of top leaders that are distinguished in their respective business fields. Marsala was happy at the recognition stating that he was thrilled at being recognized for his accomplishments in the extremely competitive financial industry. He also appreciated the fact that everything he has been able to achieve was largely possible because of his team of dedicated professionals. He appreciated the support offered by the team.

David Fergusson, the M&A Advisor’s Co-CEO and President, said that all 2016 award winners from the USA joined an international network of young leaders. This was due to the fact that the Emerging leaders program expanded into the United Kingdom. He further stated that it was the hope of the M&A Advisor that all the award winners will have a huge effect in the industry and will advance it to greater heights.

The annual Emerging Leaders Awards held by M&A Advisor was initially started as the popular 40 under 40 award program back in 2010. Its aim was to celebrate and recognize impressive achievements made by young leaders in financing, M&A and turnaround. The leaders must have reached a certain level of success to be noticed.

Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a known investment banking firm that does its business in the international arena. The privately held firm is currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, and was founded to provide corporate advisory services to businesses that are either publicly held or privately owned. The firm is currently headed by one Charles Botchway. It provides various advisory services but focuses on mergers and acquisitions, business development as well as offering various financial and valuation options. Apart from its North American offices, the firm also runs offices in Africa and Asia.

Madison Street Capital prides itself in partnering with other middle-market firms found in many market niches and verticals aimed at achieving the best outcomes possible from various transactions. The company always analyzes the client’s business before coming up with a suitable action plan that is relevant and applicable to the business. The company can arrange for financing for their clients while creating capitalization structures in a bid to optimize the potential of the client’s business.

Originally posted on the Chicago Tribune: http://www.chicagotribune.com/business/promotions/chi-ugc-article-madison-street-capitals-chief-operating-offi-2016-04-12-story.html

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Love Your Dogs With Help From Beneful

Being a dog owner is a joy. Those who own dogs find that doing so means having a companion on hand that loves their owner and wants to be around them as much as possible. A dog owner wants to make sure that their pet will live as long as possible. The best way to help any dog live longer and do better in life is with the best kind of dog food. Buying dog food from a company such as Beneful lets any owner have the kind of food food for their dog’s needs that is delicious, nutritious and comes in many kinds of flavors that dog owners know that their dogs will adore eating.
So Many Flavors

Beneful executives have done what they can to provide their dog owners with access to all kinds of varied flavors. For example a dog owner who has a dog with a minor weight problem will find it helpful to buy from Wal-Mart Beneful’s Healthy Weight With Real Chicken to help their dog get on track and get back to the right weight while still enjoying great dog foods. Many dog owners also love to feed their dogs wet dog food that contains wonderful ingredients. The chopped blends with carrots, peas and chicken or chopped blends with carrots, peas and beef can be ideal for any active dog. The same is true for chopped blends with turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. Beneful also offers dry dog food: https://www.beneful.com/products/dry-dog-food/

Great Choices

Dog owners can open each bag of dog food and know that they are going to have dog food that their pets will love to eat. This allows the owner of the animal to rest easy at night because they know they have done their best by their dog. Even the pickiest of dogs will find food from Beneful they can happily enjoy eating at meal times.
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Andy Wirth Comes Back Stronger After Cheating Death In Skydiving Accident

Squaw Valley Ski Resort CEO Andy Wirth on crowdrise has been a well known figure in the resort management industry for many years after taking positions with resorts across North America and the Caribbean. Success seemed to be following Andy Wirth until he found his life changed forever by a skydiving accident that threatened his life when his arm was damaged during what should have been a routine skydive; an experienced skydiving veteran Wirth on Facebook was blown off course during a dive that ended with him crashing into a vineyard.

Andy Wirth was born in Germany, but has lived the last few years in California where he has embarked upon a life filled with helping the community he has found himself living within. Wirth has played an active role in the relaunch of the historic Squaw Valley Ski Resort, which was the first to bring European style ski vacations on https://about.me/andywirth to the U.S. Since returning from his skydiving injury Andy Wirth has continued to introduce new developments to the Tahoe area he lives and works within.

Following his injury Andy Wirth on wsj
was forced to take stock of his life at work and in his personal life after the injury forced him to take months away from work to restore his body and mind to full health; over the course of his rehabilitation Andy Wirth was inspired by a chance meeting with a Navy Seal staying at Squaw Valley to undertake a triathlon.

Health Crisis Voted On In Venezuelan Parliament

Venezuela is seeking medicinal aid in the face of a humanitarian crisis. Parliament voted to seek aid as there is a distinct shortage of medications in the country. With all members of the ruling socialist party abstaining, parliament voted to accept medicine as aid from other countries in Latin America as well as European countries.

José Olivares, president of Venezuela’s Commission of Health, pushed the bill through parliament in hopes of helping citizens inflicted with HIV and cancer. A lack of medication in the country dims prognosis for patients living with these kinds of life threatening disease.

Parliament made it clear that the problem is not with the pharmacies, but rather there is a problem with getting medication into the country and into the pharmacies.

This recent health crisis is happening simultaneously with other problems, namely a lack of food for the sick, a shortage of formula for babies and the lack of ability to perform organ transplants because of frequent power outages. All of these confluent events have converged to create a health crisis that is increasing mortality rates inside the country.

The vote by parliament will force the ruling government of President Nicolas Maduro to comply with the aid according to Diaz Granados, even from the World Health Organization. There is staunch opposition to the bill, however, with a fear that inviting aid into the country seeks to invite foreign intervention with Venezuela’s way of life.



FreedomPop Has The Right Plan For The Future

FreedomPop has been able to make the best kinds of phones and plans for people because they do it cheaper than anyone else on the planet. Mobile World Live wanted to talk to their CEO, and there was a question about how they are going to keep their prices low and keep their customers.

FreedomPop says that they have the most potential because their services cost less than everything else. There are some people who are going to use FreedomPop because they are so much cheaper. This is going to be something that people can use so that they are not going to spend too much, and there are some people that can even do this for free. FreedomPop is going to have so many customers that they can supplement their revenue, and that makes them much more powerful as a company.

They are trying to raise funds, and they want to make sure that they are going to save enough money to make their networks go around the world. This is very simple, and it is something that makes their company easier to work with. People who are going to use their services know that they can save more money, and they also need to make sure that they are going to have some fun with their new networks.

There are some people who are going to change over the FreedomPop, and they are going to save a lot of money because of it. This is a much more basic thing for people to do because it gives them more options, and FreedomPop is going to have more customers. This means that the company is going to have such a big customer base that they will be able to afford a lot of different things that they want to expand to.


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Skout On the Power of Laughter

There have been plenty of studies that have shown that laughter has power over the health of the individual. Another thing that is helpful is being able to laugh with friends. Also, laughter is revealed to be helpful with making friends. Skout is one of the entities that are celebrating National Humor Month. The amount of impact that laughter was shown to have is actually astounding. The team working for the company has looked at the profile photos of the users in order to examine the kind of impact that the photos have on the hits that they get on the site. The photos on the site that are laughing make tons more connections and gets tons more favorites and connections.

It is a common saying that laughter is the best medicine. Now, people realize that it can help one make more connections in social media. There were other forms of research done on Skout. The company has surveyed more than 3,000 users in the U.S. The survey topic was on humor and friendship. There were plenty of findings from the survey. Among the findings was that a majority of people think they are funny, especially the people with wit.

The people that are most likely to make friends are practical jokers and bathroom style of comedy are very likely to have more than 5 close friends. People with self-deprecating or sarcastic humor are the least likely to have more than 5 close friends. Clowns are not funny to everyone. There are people who are afraid of clowns. The sarcastic people are among the most likely to be scared of clowns. Every Houston resident surveyed has said that they enjoy bringing laughter into other people’s lives.

The survey itself has been conducted by Skout between March 11 and March 17 of this year. The app could be downloaded on iOS Android and Windows for mobile devices. Skout is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

The original article was released on PR Newswire.

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U.S. Money Reserve President Thinks It’s Time To Retire The Penny

There has been talk about pulling the plug on penny production for years. Canada decided to stop penny production a few years ago, and New Zealand and Australia have also stopped producing pennies. The penny seems to be more trouble than it’s worth according to the U.S. Mint, but the banks and the several industries like the zinc industry say the penny has to stay.

When the penny was put in production by a private mint in 1787, it was a clone of a British coin by the same name. Over 300 billion pennies have been minted since then. The penny has had 11 different designs and several component changes since it was first introduced. The U.S. Mint produced the first pennies in 1792. Pennies were larger, and they were copper in those days. Today’s penny is a smaller version, and it is mostly made of zinc.

Pennies have been collectors’ items for decades, but the importance of the penny has depreciated over the years. Philip Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, was recently interviewed by CNBC Squawk Box. The U.S. Money Reserve is the largest coin distributor and dealer in the country. Most money transactions are electronic these days, so producing pennies that cost the government more than $100 million a year to produce is a waste of taxpayers’ money.

Pennies don’t circulate like the other coins. People save pennies, or they throw them into fountains or other water features that represent good luck. The penny has always been a symbol of good luck in the United States, and the thought of getting rid of the coin makes some folks mad. Those people have piggy banks, and they would be empty without pennies. But hoarding pennies is one of reasons for its potential demise.

In the CNBC Squawk Box interview, Philip Diehl brought up some valid points about retiring the penny. Only 25 percent of the money transactions are cash transactions today, and the government and the retail industry would be better off without the penny.

DEVCO Real Estate Development and the Heldrich Hotel

The Heldrich Hotel, a formerly old and rundown hotel was developed by DEVCO, New Brunswick Development Corporation, the nonprofit real estate investment cooperation that acted to secure a loan to bankroll the project. The renovations were done by the Middlesex County Improvement Authority which received $20 million dollars from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority. The Improvement Authority was scheduled to start payment on the loan in January but was unable to do so due to the failure of the project to perform at expected standards.

According to an article by the Press of Atlantic City, Christopher Paladino, head of the Improvement Authority states that the Casino Authority will be repaid, but that it is taking longer than expected. One reason for this, a spokeswoman for the Improvement Authority notes, is that the writing of the loan contract states that payments are to be made from available project revenue. Since the hotel has not performed at par, loan repayments have not been issued. She states that they are optimistic that the project will soon produce more, in-line with the current economic upswing. The Atlantic City Development Cooperation, sister-firm to its New Brunswick counterpart, and headed by the same man is still expected to go ahead with $200 million of public and private financing to develop the Gateway project. $19.5 million of this money is expected to come from the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority, who stated that they made the Heldrich loan knowing that they would be some of the last to be paid back.

The company’s purpose then and now was to find and develop areas of the city that would help to improve the overall look, feel, and profitability of the area. Devco has overseen almost $1.6 billion dollars in projects since it was first commissioned in the mid-1970s and strives to capitalize on momentum and always have several projects going at the same time.