Breaking All Fashion Rules

Rules are meant to be broken, every innovator knows that! Most of us remain completely unsure of who exactly makes up rules on fashion and beauty, but Doe Deere of Lime Crime believes that these seemingly arbitrarily rules are simply a guideline, and one should express themselves outside of these confines, at will. Her makeup line, marketed as “makeup for unicorns,” is a very colorful line of cruelty-free cosmetics that dares to take chances and fully encourages self-expression.

Some of the rules that Doe Deere feels should be ignored begin with what is classically considered a fashion faux-pas: wearing a bold lip with a bold eye color. She feels you should take chances, match a colorful, bright, bold palette to your mood and desire, and just go with it.

It seems since the dawn of time there has been a lot of consensus, amongst just about everyone, about not wearing too many colors at once, be the source of said color clothing or make-up. She feels that if one likes wearing many colors, they can do so by effectively striking a balance through the use of an introduction of hair colors.

Lime Crime’s CEO feels that mixing patterns is yet another rule that should be broken whenever the mood strikes! Some people can easily mix a whole bunch of patterns, and do it very well, but for others, this can prove challenging. She does, however, state that when mixing patterns, try to stay within the same color family, and try to use patterns that have some synergistic qualities.

Another rule that Doe Deere feels needs to be broken, whenever you feel like it, is wearing socks with open-toed shoes! Ms. Deere believes that socks are one accessory, that although we have a lot of fun with, we hide them behind our shoes! She fully encourages exciting socks paired with open-toed shoes for fashion fun!

The rule about wearing black or neutrals if you have unnaturally colored hair she cannot fully-embrace. Her love of color is what precipitates her interest in coloring her hair with nearly every color of the rainbow. Wearing colorful clothing with your bold hair is a form of self-expression to be fully embraced.

Finally, take your cocktail dress out of the closet, out of the plastic, and wear it to the grocery store! Occasion-specific dressing is a model that is no longer working; why leave a great dress in the closet, just waiting for an event that warrants wearing it? Wear your ball gowns to the mall, and make this cosmetic queen proud!

Slyce one of the Leading Visual Search Platforms

Slyce the leader in visual search technology recently released their annual report for the results of 2015 as well as an in depth look at some of the results that have been achieved. The full article regarding their report can be found on Yahoo Finance.

The quarter ended on the 31st of October for the Slyce Corporation and showed a promising future ahead for them. The analysis along with the financial statements as well as the management discussion can be found at

The business highlights section of the report provided the public with in depth insight in to the ongoing business relationships that were established as well as the companies that are trying the new and improved visual search platform. In the month of August the Slyce Corporation announced a partnership with SHOES.COM which has been one of the fastest expanding online footwear retailer globally. They also own the retailing group which includes and which are considered the leaders in the shoe retailing industry in North America. The Slyce platform will offer with the ability to have their customers take pictures of any women’s footwear be it from magazines or in real life and the search platform will provide them with the closest matching product from the SHOES.COM product line. This then gives the customer to easily find the product without extensive typing of brands and models of shoes. The platform provides the results and within a few clicks gives the customer the opportunity to purchase the shoes that they would like.

Searching for products has never been this simple. Just by taking a picture or using an image from an online search it is possible to match what is in the picture with an actual physical, purchasable item. The Slyce platform will revolutionize the way we the consumer search and purchase products in the future.

Ross Abelow’s Philanthropic Campaign to Provide Shelter for Homeless Animals

With dwindling temperature conditions during the 2016 winter season, more stray animals on the street of New York face a great risk of contracting health issues as well as death. This has triggered the need for philanthropists and animal lovers such as Ross Abelow to create a platform for supporting the homeless animals on the streets. Consequently, the competent lawyer based in New York proclaimed the take-off of his GoFundMe Me Campaign on January 13, 2016, to raise a target of $5000 in support of the homeless animals.

The high number of stray animals on the streets of New York has been attributed to the underfunded shelter homes that also lack sufficient accommodation for more animals. Consequently, the campaign also targets to mobilize animal lovers to take part in helping the homeless animals get shelter in a bid to eradicate animal deaths due to the frigid cold.

How the Campaign Money will be Utilized

Money raised from the campaign will be channeled to the numerous animal shelters in New York City. Subsequently, the funds are expected to aid the animal shelter entities feed, buy more blankets, procure vaccines against animal diseases as well as facilitate the provision of medical care. In addition, the extra funds obtained from the GoFundMe campaign will be directed towards eradicating the sufferings faced by the distressed animals.

Information Concerning Ross Abelow

Ross Abelow, a registered member of the bar in New York City, specializes in numerous fields of law, for instance litigation, matrimonial, commercial, family, and entertainment law. His academic proficiency can be traced from NYU where he attained his B.A degree before joining the Brooklyn College of Law. Since then, Abelow has become an expert in his line of work with an outstanding experience in active practice for twenty years. His legal services can be acquired through the Abelow and Cassandro LLP, which is a law firm that he co-founded.

Through his practice and expertise in entertainment law, Abelow has dealt with various key entertainers and performers in the city of New York. Away from legal matters, he is a writer with special interest in legal affairs or the legal work. Consequently, his various articles have been published or printed by Crown Point New York. He also operates and manages his private blog post where he posts articles regarding finance and law. Abelow also maintains a strong presence on the social media platforms such as Mashable and other avenues such as Facebook in a bid to connect and network with people.

The FreedomPop Freemium Movement

FreedomPop is a cellular service that offers limited buckets of free calling, texting, and data per month. There are value-added services for purchase. While this may sound too good to be true, FreedomPop runs on Sprint’s network in the U.S. and has a funding total of over $190 million.

FreedomPop is making waves in Europe this month as it announces the launch of free MVNO services. Last Spring, the company launched in the United Kingdom and was met with success. With all of the “free” the FreedomPop is offering, it isn’t any wonder that consumers are interested in the service and the perks. The question then becomes: How are they making all this money?

Nicholas Constantinopoulos oversees all of the operations overseas and is incredibly transparent about the “freemium” business that he describes as a way to “bring people on board.” The ability to upgrade, add-on, and customize from the basic service is what they are all about. As Constantinopoulos puts it, “FreedomPop ultimately is a platform to sell digital services.”

There is a 48 percent conversion rate from the free services FreedomPop offers to the value-adding features. This means over half of customers become paying customers in the United States. The numbers are also impressive in Europe with a 40 percent conversion rate.

What are these customers opting for when they pay?  Sim cards are only $10 for purchase online as well as a global hotspot for $50. Now entering a partnership with Axiata, the Malaysian based telecom group, there are plenty of jointly developed options on the horizon for FreedomPop in Europe, Asia, and South America.

How Coriant is leading the Way in Transforming Telecoms

There are various types of internet connection used in homes and offices. Traditionally, dial-up connection was the most widely used. In recent times however, fiber optic connections have emerged. Fiber optic joins users to the internet via light over an optic web. It provides faster network than the previous method. Coriant, a telecommunications company is leading the way in the provision of fast fiber optic connection.Coriant started operations in 2013 as a solutions and services source with the aim of improving internet accessibility. Since its inception, it has managed to roll out transformative products such as cloud connectivity, pluggable optic layer and OTN Switching. These high-end products are improving service delivery and thus improving businesses. It pioneered Optical Transport Network (OTN), through which large volumes of data can be sent.

About CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

The current CEO of Coriant was born in London in 1960. His upbringing was in Iran but later moved to the US to pursue his education. His first posting was at GTE laboratories in 1987 where he was in charge of net routing, administration and control. He rapidly rose through the ranks to due to his diligent work become its Chief Information Officer. He is credited for turning around the firm’s fortunes by delivering new products within time.

After GTE, Kheradpir moved to Verizon Communications where he initially was the president of e-commerce before becoming its Chief Information Officer. He had a huge contribution to the digitization of operations at the company and also the divergence into other markets in the telecoms sector.

Before his appointment at Coriant, Kheradpir had a stint at Barclays as its Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail and Business Bank. He later moved to Juniper Networks, where his star continued to shine. Away from his outstanding work, Kheradpir has served in the boards of NIST and YMCA. He is also a member of the Engineering Council at his Alma Mata, Cornell University.

Helane Morrison’s Ethical Integrity In Compliance

Having to handle finance is a tricky business that has made most compliance officers fall traps of money laundry and corruption. It requires a good standstill person to handle money management and legal securities without being suspected of mismanagement and unethical behavior. Helane Morrison has been identified in the list of the chosen few who since her work as a compliance officer with the government has never been suspected of misuse of public funds or any unethical issues. She is famous with how she has handled traders who had a hidden profile in their trading business and connected to corruption and bribery. Helane Morrison has helped the vulnerable, and she has been a follower of financial rules and justice.

Helane Morrison a journalist and a renowned compliance officer have managed to rise to many corporate worlds. Helene was born in Brooklyn, and she studied a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Northwestern University. She also studied law at Berkeley school of law at the University of California. Ms. Morrison then worked with the US Court of Appeal before moving to work with the famous Harry Blackmun in the supreme court of justice, according to her Crunchbase. Morrison the joined private practice to expose those violating security laws which she thought was a protection to the vulnerable groups in the community. She also worked in defense of her private securities.

At her work in the District Commission, Morrison worked in defense of private securities and also in business litigation. She worked to expose corrupt traders and also managed more than 100 workers in the district. Her ability granted her a position at the US securities exchange to protect many compliance officers who have fallen victims of mismanagement of traders money or been tempted to mishandle the finances. Helane managed to defend even the US securities in a case that she won. She in her abilities managed many corporate companies against fraud her work at the US securities exchange lasted for 11 years.

Morrison even made moves that not so many women had tried when she joined as the General Counsel and CCO in the Hall Partners LLC. Her move has been good for her career she has also been trying to promote the representation of women in top corporate platforms which lack proper female representation. Helane has achieved a lot due to her ability to handle cases diligently without being prone to fraud.

Learn more about Helane on her LinkedIn profile:

Michigan Businessman Sails Ahead in Competition

In the last two decades Dick DeVos has revealed two things about himself: he loves to give and he is not afraid to try new things. People that research his life will see just how true this is. He has a resume in business that is just courageous as his donations. He is truly passionate about his giving, and this has made the entire DeVos family one of the most beloved residents in Michigan. 

Dick DeVos has a lot of adventurous things in his life. Dick and his brother has Doug have been seen sailing along with his son Dalton. Many male members of the DeVos family seen to love sailing because this is something that the family has been doing for decades. He recently placed first in a competition in Ft. Lauderdale.

DeVos has also done adventurous things in the business world as well. His father was the founder of Amway, and Dick DeVos would take pride in following his father’s footsteps. He became someone that was interested in business from the very start. He would take over as an adult and become the president of Amway. This would be his first of many leadership roles with the company (See Mlive article for more details about Dick’s career at Amway). He would start his own business later, and he is currently devoting a lot of time to the liquor business. He has already acquired a license and a distillery. His greatest passion, however, may have the foundation that he started with his wife in the midst of all the other business ventures.

The Dick and Besty DeVos Foundation may be his greatest passion. This is where he gets the opportunity to give back. That is something that the whole DeVos family appears to be incredibly passionate about. The family has given more than a billion in charitable donations. This is outstanding, and there are a lot of children that are benefiting from the large amount of generosity that this family has shown. 

Betsy shares her approach for creating more quality educational opportunities for children in Detroit.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dick DeVos cares about the community, and the foundation that he has with his wife is very active in help kids advance in the arts and education. He has seen his own children live a life with great abundance, and his desire is that other children have great opportunities to succeed regardless of their background.

Dick has also been quite generous in the political world. He has given to various candidates and causes and was even alluded to in the series House of Cards. Read his interview with Mlive here: