EOS Lip Balm the Shape of a New Generation

EOS Lip Balm, named for its creator, Evolution of Smooth, appeared everywhere seven years ago. They are easy to spot, with their unique orb design, in the hands of famous customers from Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus. The immediate infiltration of the world of pop culture caused instant brand recognition upon the most coveted audience the millennials. Not just a viral sensation this was a well-planned marketing technique that has made EOS a major player in the lip balm industry.

The reason behind the lasting power of the EOS lip balm is the forward-thinking strategy behind the company. In an interview by Fast Company, two of the company’s founders, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller are behind this fusion of brand marketing and start-up ideals. Mehra had worked for big brands before and knew the importance of not just having a good gimmick but a lasting quality product that builds brand loyalty. Teller had come from the start-up industry and knew the how vital constant innovation is to attracting customers.

By first studying the market they wanted to innovate they found that women represented the largest group of consumers. This directly influenced how EOS was designed. The finished product provides a multi-sensory experience from how it feels in the hand, appealing colors, new scents, pleasant taste, and even a pleasing click when you close the orb. Once the product was done they had their first big break when Walgreens decided to stock it on its shelves. Soon EOS was being stocked everywhere, including ULTA. The ability to keep up with the demand for their product was due to the fact they build their own manufacturing facility instead of relying on others to produce their products. Continuing to sell over 1 million EOS orbs (https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres.html) each week, shows how this approach has shaped the next generation of lip balm consumers.


The Future of the Fusion of Technology and Fashion According To Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch recently shared his view on the future of the symbiotic relationship between fashion and technology. He began by noting that both the fashion and technology industry have evolved and grown together to integrate even more with years. Burch continued explaining that the most notable trend of fashion and technology fusion was the 70s boom box. The device, which featured two cassette decks for recording and playing music, gained more fame with its addition to movies in the 80s.In the 90s, the Walkman replaced the boom box due to its smaller size, hence allowing the user to have a more personal experience with the music. With the recent rapid growth of technology, the musical device has evolved to a much smaller and complex one, such as the iPod.

Technology provides fashion enthusiasts with both the functionality and the desired appeal of an apparel. Anouk Wipprecht, the designer of the drink-making-dress, known as the DareDroid and the self-painting dress called the Pseudomorphs, commented on the marriage of the two industries. She cited that technology is an endless portal of exploration with consistently rewarding possibilities. Other designers, such as Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin, have contributed to the fashionable-technology-wears by creating the Airbag that protects cyclists against head-on accidents. The Airbag attracts fashion enthusiasts due to its variation from the traditional helmet that hinders the surrounding view.

Ashwan Rajan and Kevin Cannon provide firefighters with an easier signaling methodology with the creation of the Frontline Gloves. The gloves allow the firefighters to signal information such as when to exit a burning building. Another designer, SegraSegra, uses technology to recycle old bicycle tubes into jackets and t-shirts, as is Emma Whiteside, who designed a gown from radiated copper.
Soledad Martin enhances the experience of fashionable technology wear by creating a shoe prototype that can charge a small phone while in motion.

Chris concluded the article by stating the technology is also enhanced by fashion as is seen with the Google glass. He commented that the two industries would reap more in future by learning from one another, to create a more creative and functional society. Christopher Burch is an investor in various industries such as technology, fashion and real estate, with more than 40 years in his career. He began his first business, Eagle Eye Apparel as a graduate student, and grew to 165 million in net worth before selling it. His local and global real estate investments include his luxury home in Florida, Pal Beach among others. Chris graduated from the Ithaca College and is the current CEO of Burch Creative (http://creativeburch.com/about-chris-burch/).

EOS Lip Balm Increases Sales

Several years ago, buying lip balm meant that consumers had to scan the aisles of many drug stores and supermarkets looking for the small cylindrical tube containing Chapstick. This type of lip balm felt clinical, and it contained an active ingredient list in its packaging. Individuals who wanted something wild could skip the original tasteless flavor and get the spring cherry or mint.

However, things changed significantly when pastel colored known as EOS lip balm started popping up everywhere. This unique lip balm took over the shelves space at some of the prominent stores in the world such as Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Beauty. Consumers couldn’t get enough of the lip balm, with flavors such as grapefruit, honeydew, and many others. Some of the respected female celebrities in the world such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus, and Christina Aguilera were seen whipping the balls of the lipstick out of all their makeup bags

Evolution of Smooth, popularly known as EOS is an institution that has won the hearts of many in the last seven years. The products from the company are all over fashion and beauty magazines in the globe. However, the founders of the successful institution have been quite about their business strategies until recently. The founders recently told Fast Company in an interview how they had created a two hundred and fifty million dollar company. In a short duration, the company has grown to become the country’s’ second best-selling lip palm firm. Burt Bees currently hold the first position. Although Blistex and Chapstick have been in the market for a long time, they are not making huge sells like EOS.

Today, the company sells more than one million units in a week, and the prospects it has are promising. The company is planning to expand its products in the international market in the recent future.

Product links:

  1. http://www.ulta.com/brand/eos
  2. http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245


Steve Murray Passes on

Stephen Murray is one of the founding partners of CCMP Capital. He is a very popular individual in the United States of America, and he was born in the country in the year 1962. He passed away in March, in the year 2015, at the age of fifty-two years. Stephen was a respected private equity investor in the country, and he was also respected for his philanthropic actions.

Before passing away last year, Stephen, Popularly known as Steve by his colleges and friends was the president of the private equity company. He complained of some health problems and asked to leave the company for some time. He, however, did not manage to come back because he passed away unexpectedly after the short illness.

Steve managed to acquire the top position in CCMP Capital due to several qualities he had proven to possess. He was one of the founding partners of the company, and since he worked there for many years, he had managed to learn everything about it from the top to the bottom. For any company to do well in the competitive world, the top management must be knowledgeable in all matters concerning the institution, and this is probably the reason the management chose the most experienced person in matters concerning the company.

Read more: 5 Questions with Stephen Murray, CEO of CCMP Capital

CCMP Capital was started many years ago. It had different names at the start, but it eventually become a partnership known as JP Morgan Chase. However, the partnership did not last, and when it broke down, CCMP Capital was started on ccmpcapital.com. CCMP Capital has a lot of money in its operations, and it has successfully managed to open several offices in the world. Its main headquarters are found in the New York City.

The company did very well under the leadership of Steve Murray, and even after passing on, his contributions in the institution is still appreciated. His loss was a great blow to the company, and his absence will mean a lot of losses for the international private held company.

He is well educated too. He went to the Boston College where he attained his first degree in the year 1984. After completing the first degree, he went to Columbia Business School, and this is where he got his master’s degree. He has supported several organizations in the country with his money, including his former school, the Boston College. His qualifications made him get the position of CEO in CCMP Capital.

Dick DeVos and His Wife Betsy Make a Positive Impact on Their Community

Recently, Betsy DeVos has talked about her philanthropic contributions for causes pertaining to education. In recent years, Betsy has looked to reform the educational system. Part of this reform has entailed providing students with vouchers to finance their education. With these vouchers, students will get public funding for the private education that they seek. This has enabled a number of students to get the knowledge and training necessary to reach their career goals. It will also allow them to be better informed and enlightened individuals as well. Therefore, Betsy DeVos has used her influence to help make young people and students better prepared to reach high levels of achievement in their future.


Betsy DeVos along with her husband Dick have made significant contributions during their lifetime. Dick has been among the most generous people in the United States with his philanthropic activities. Over the years, Dick has made significant contributions to help improve his community and other communities throughout the United States. He has provided funding for things such as performing arts, education and also business. With these contributions, Dick DeVos has established himself as one of the influential individuals in the United States.


One of the most significant contributions that Dick DeVos has made during his life has been in the performing arts. Each year, Dick provides funds to many arts organizations to help with professional development. He gives these organizations funding to help train managers and administrators. Dick has also provided funds to help the arts organizations expand and introduce more programs and events. As a result, DeVos has helped a number of these organizations stay in operation and provide quality entertainment to the general population.


Another one of DeVos’ main philanthropic activities has been towards business development. He has often provided funds to aspiring entrepreneurs to help make their dreams a reality. Over the years, DeVos has given these people money to finance their start ups as well as their expansion. He has given entrepreneurs funds for new facilities, inventory and equipment. The contributions made by Dick have also given business owners training to help make them more successful.


During his lifetime, Dick DeVos has made a number of contributions towards education. Since he has been a very successful businessperson himself, he has always looked to help others succeed as well. As a result, he has provided funds to help finance business education. Dick offers a number of scholarships to students who are looking to attend and complete business school. With his contributions, Dick has helped a number of people get the credentials they need to reach their career potential.



A New Boost For The U.S. Money Reserve

What The United States Money ReserveHas Been Up To

This year in 2016, we’ve seen a lot of additions to businesses and how they operate. One of those premier names, which have made a huge adjustment this year, is the U.S. Money Reserve. Yet gold has its chemical makeup no matter what year or century we find ourselves in. Hence, it’s the U.S. Reserve’s new and interactive website we call attention to.

The improved site repositions this popular distributor of precious metals and in a positive way. The platform is upgraded with better photography, interactive media and displays of valuable information.

But look isn’t all the public gets with this overhaul.

The site’s new structure enhances the education people have on the role that precious metals play in protecting wealth. According to this distributor, the public at large should understand the benefits of government-issued bullion.

The site informs visitors of all they need regarding precious metals and how much value is retained or lost in ownership. Among other information portals like links, guests visiting the site can purchase bullion bars and gold coins.

The Track Record Of The U.S. Mint

This agency is currently the planet’s most profound government-issued bullion distributor. There is none that compares. The types of bullion that the U.S. Mint sells include platinum, silver and gold respectively. Government-backed issuers like the U.S. Money Reserve boast of their brand and with a specific country mark.

For all U.S. backed bullion, there’s a stamp of approval to ensure investors of the purity in their purchases. Gold often comes with a .9999 percent proof mark and as a standard in the bullion trade. Government-issued bullion, like that sold by the U.S. Money Reserve, is guaranteed by the government it’s issued by.

This lets investors sell their gold or silver at the market price and in all cases.

Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/u-s-money-reserve#/entity

How EOS Outsold Chapstick When All Other Competitors Failed

Chapstick has been such a popular lip balm for so many years that many people began referring to any lip balm as Chapstick, whether it was produced by the brand or not. After being on the market for over 100 years, no other brand of lip balm managed to become anywhere near as popular as Chapstick … until EOS lip balm hit the market less than a decade ago. How did EOS manage to compete with a brand that was so popular it became a household name and even outsell the Chapstick brand many years? Read on to find out how they did it and why EOS succeeded when all other Chapstick rivals failed.

Breaking Free of the Standard Lip Balm Tube

One of the co-founders of Evolution of Smooth, the full company name that is more commonly known by its acronym EOS, is Sanjiv Mehra. While his name may not sound familiar, you are likely very familiar with the big name brands he has worked with, including Unilever and Pepsi.

When discussing product ideas with EOS partners Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky, they came to a unilateral agreement that lip balm was in desperate need of a makeover. Before they created EOS lip balm, virtually every other lip balm on the market came in the same tube as Chapstick and even had very similar label designs.

After doing market research, they also discovered that lip balm was much more popular among females, and despite this important fact, most lip balm makers on the market made products that were not tailored to either gender.

Further research also revealed that while there were a few lip balms that came in small pots targeted to female consumers, most women disliked having to use a finger to apply them, since it required hand-washing before application.

Another key fact they learned during market research that affected the final EOS lip balm design was that women disliked small lip balms that could easily get buried in their purses.

After considering what the market research revealed, the founders quickly got to work developing a product design they thought women would love, and according to how well EOS has performed in sales, they were right.

Embracing the Organic Market

When EOS lip balm was in development stages, the public was showing an increasing interest in organic products, including organic beauty products.

Due to the expected growth of the demand for even more organic products and the higher price-point they can be sold at compared to non-organic ones, it made the decision to choose an organic lip balm formula easy for the founders.

Getting EOS on Store Shelves

Once the partners had developed a great product, their next challenge to tackle was getting into stores. They found that male store buyers typically just didn’t “get” the product and whether the design that was so different than other lip balms on store shelves would help or hinder its sales.

However, when they met a female buyer for Walgreen’s, she embraced the product and truly understood how it would appeal to women, especially millennials. Soon after, Walmart and Target also agreed to carry EOS lip balm in their stores.

After getting into several stores, the founders then made the decision to begin producing the product themselves in their very own production facility.

Amping Up Their Marketing Efforts

After EOS lip balm was on store shelves, the founders then focused their efforts on marketing to their target buyers, who were women from ages 25-35.

While they did invest in traditional television commercials and magazine advertisements, they also embraced the then-new world of social media marketing. EOS had beauty bloggers discussing the product on YouTube, Linked In, Facebook, Pibterest (https://www.pinterest.com/explore/eos-lip-balm/) and their blogs.

Additional marketing investments in product placement and celebrity endorsements led to EOS being the most highly marketed lip balm in history. Thankfully, those investments paid off and EOS now sells over 1 million lip balms each week. Visit the evolutionofsmooth website for more details.


Geoffrey Cone Helps Expats Find What Works for Them

When expats are looking for a place to go, there are many things that they must take into consideration. Where they are going will depend on the lifestyle that they are looking for, the environment they want to live in and the way that they want to be able to live. Different countries will require them to do different things and will have different tax outlooks for all of the people who live there in a different place. This is something that is a major difference for people who want to live in different countries.

Geoffrey Cone works to help these people who are moving to different countries. As a global attorney, he works to make things easier for people who live in different countries and who want to move to somewhere else. His sole responsibility is to make people aware of what it is like. He will help weigh the pros and the cons of living in a different country and he can give a firsthand account of what it is like to move somewhere other than the place that he was born or was raised from the beginning of his life. He moved from New Zealand to Uruguay to get the tax breaks.

One thing that he wants people to recognize is that New Zealand does not have the taxes like they have heard of. He wants them to know that the country is not tax-free and that they will still have to pay some taxes. It is a country that has taxes and somewhere that people must still pay for their property, the things that they buy and their income. This is how the country runs and how it will, presumably, always run in the future according to the government that New Zealand currently has.

When it comes to tax-free countries, Cone knows a thing or two. He has helped to compile a list that has only low tax and no tax countries on it. This list has all of the countries that people can become citizens of and people can live without paying taxes. He wants everyone to have a chance to see the countries that these are a part of and to see how it can be to live without taxes. There are many countries like this and many ways in which people can make money without having to pay taxes on it.

Geoffrey Cone always makes sure that people know what they are getting into with tax-free zones. These countries often have diminished economic systems and they are not intended for people who want to pull money out of the country. They are only for people who want to make money without being taxed. The people who will have the best chance in these countries are those who make a lot of money, often over $100,000 per year, and people who work for themselves. This is the easiest way for them to make money without losing out to high tax brackets and percentages.

Learn more:


The Genius of Doe Deere

Doe Deere has become a big name in the cosmetics industry. This rising entrepreneur has created the incredible cosmetics company, Lime Crime. Her bright, beautiful, and innovative makeup line has become quite a sensation. The following discusses exactly who Doe Deere is and why she is currently one of the hottest names in the cosmetics industry.

Doing What She Loves
Doe grew up fascinated by bright colors, intense creativity, and all things related to makeup. She initially spent time as a musician when first coming to New York from Russia. Doe is truly an ingenious and creative individual. Even though she’s a woman of many talents, makeup has become one of her true passions. She experimented with glittery makeup and rhinestones when creating many of her unique looks. Doe considers herself extremely fortunate to actually enjoy a successful career doing something so much fun as working in cosmetics.

The Beginning of Lime Crime
This amazing brand was launched in 2008. Doe actually came up with Lime Crime in 2004 when she needed a name for her Internet store. She went with this innovative name because it included her favorite color, bright green, and it also sounded great because it rhymed. At the time the company was launched at lot of the cosmetics industry was still into the natural look. There weren’t a lot of makeup lines featuring the type of makeup Doe was interested in. Doe stormed onto the scene with bold, vibrant colors, attracting a large, loyal audience that wanted the same type of look.

Business is Booming
Doe has been on the cover of Self-Made magazine and is one of the top female entrepreneurs in the cosmetics business. She has even been dubbed, “Queen of the Unicorns.” Doe loves her customers and calls them unicorns because it takes someone unique to embrace the vibrant colors and styles that are part of Lime Crime. There have been difficulties along the way, however. Doe talks about how easy it is for the “haters” to write things online that aren’t true and to create scandal. Doe states that she normally ignores the haters but also wants to distinguish between those simply causing trouble and others with legitimate business concerns. She says that a customer who has a real issue will be taken care of through their Customer Care Department.

Looking Toward the Future
Doe’s advice for young women hoping to make their mark in the world is to follow their dreams. She points out that everyone has unique abilities and something special about them that will enable them to succeed. Doe loves having an Internet based business because she gets immediate feedback about her products through social media. She enjoys expressing herself in unique and creative ways and is giving thousands of people who use her makeup an avenue of expression as well. Doe continues to thrive on Instagram and may even open a store in the future.

Learn more about Doe Deere and LimeCrime in the in the news

InnovaCare’s Provision of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are medical policies provided by private insurance companies. The advantage plans were introduced to substitute original Medicare program that was offered by the Federal Government.

The original Medicare coverage policy;

• Provided both outpatient and inpatient coverage services

• Clients had to pay a deductible when receiving healthcare services

• Clients had to pay a monthly premium to cater for their outpatient health coverage. 

• Clients could get services in any hospital that was accredited by Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans were introduced to enhance the services and reduce the cost of healthcare services. However, all advantage plans had to cover for all services that were provided in the original Medicare using different rules.

Medicare Advantage plans differ from the original Medicare plan by;

• Plans are provided by various private insurance companies

• Caters for all benefits in the original Medicare

• Some programs may provide more benefits such as eye care that were not provided by the original Medicare

• The different schemes offered by Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred provider organization and private fee for service plans.

• Healthcare services are only provided by approved facilities.
• All schemes have limits on out of pocket spending.

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by different private insurance companies on bloomberg.com. For this reason, it is vital that a client chooses a reliable provider of quality services.

Innovacare Health is amongst the leading Medicare Advantage plans providers offering services in North America, Puerto Rico. Their service is defined by customer centered services utilizing affordable plans that use the latest technologies.

InnovaCare works with two medical Subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare to provide standard medical care, robust client- provider relationships aimed at providing innovative medical practices.

InnovaCare Health brags of an experienced pool of experts led by leading physicians. Dr. Richard Shinto, InnovaCare’s Chief Executive Officer, has close to 20 years’ experience working in health care facilities. With this extensive experience in the health industry, he has developed a broad scope towards health care and has even published several journals in clinical medicine.

Rick Shinto cooperates closely with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. Ms. Kokkinides also has an extensive knowledge in different issues that concern the healthcare industry. Besides her extensive experience, Penelope Kokkinides also holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. She previously served the organization as its Chief Operating Officer. She is known for her prowess in designing government health care programs and in the management of health care organizations.