The Mighty Fortress Church Offers Respite From the World

Bishop Thomas Williams is pastor of the Mighty Fortress Church located in northern Minneapolis. He is not an entertainer or a magician who puts on a show every Sunday, but rather he brings the word of God. He wants to share the Holy scriptures with all and wants to help the lost flock find their way back to the Savior. He encourages regular church attendance, prayer, and scripture study because he believes that if you are not receptive, then you will not be able to receive the blessings that the lord has to offer. It is his wish that the Mighty Fortress Church is not simply limited to its current location but can expand to reach those who need it all over the world.

Bishop Thomas Williams has been preaching to his ministry for over three decades, and he strongly believes that there is great power and healing in the word of God. He believes that the answers to many of the world’s problems lie in the good Book and that all we need to do is reach out to Him. Bishop Thomas Williams is the founder as well as the president of Mighty Fortress International Ministries and he delivers a message of hope and peace. Visit to know more.

If you have the desire to deepen your relationship with God, then The Mighty Fortress Church is the place to be. It is a friendly and diverse atmosphere that fosters love and growth. They strive to be accepting and open to all who come, and they have a band, choir and worship services that invite God to dwell in the building. The word of God has been shown to be very powerful, and when worshippers are gathered in worship, the Spirit can be felt. The Fortress is a place of love and can be a stronghold through some of life’s most difficult challenges. Everyone is welcomed into the Fortress, and their services offer a respite from the outside world of stress, hurt, and anguish. Their atmosphere is Christ-like and is accepting of all races, nationalities, and cultures. There is only room for love and worship at the Mighty Fortress Church. Watch this video on Youtube.

The Mighty Fortress Church believes that God is the Creator of all things and that he is perfect. It is also believed that God has the ability to heal and that he has the absolute power. The core values that the Fortress church uphold are daily scripture study, grace and truth, being kind and respectful to others, and building up our spirits. Family is important to nurture, and it is Christ-like to be generous. The Mighty Fortress Church is committed to building a legacy for future generations and to exalt the Kingdom of God.


Banco Bradesco Searches For A New CEO After Luiz Carlos Trabuco Rises To The Role Of Chairman

Lazaro de Mello Brandao recently decided to retire from his position as chairman of the board at Banco Bradesco. He had held the position of chairman for over 25 years, and, at 91 when he made the decision to step down, was one of the oldest acting bank chairmen still in service. He had worked his way up over the course of more than 40 years with Bradesco, starting out as a simple clerk, and over the course of his long career, has brought significant success to the company. Brandao had chosen Luiz Carlos Trabuco as the board’s new chairman, which was made effective immediately. Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the current chief executive officer of the company, will be naming his own successor in May 2018, but, until that time, he will hold both positions.

The Time to Appoint a New CEO is Fast Approaching for Banco Bradesco
The bank’s current chief executive officer will be selecting his successor in March. The talent pool for the new CEO is by no means shallow, and there are numerous executives itching for a shot at the prestigious position. The race will likely come down to a number of the company’s highest-ranking executives and board members, with a strong focus on the success of the company and its unique employee culture.

Since Lazaro de Mello Brandao first took on his role as chairman over 25 years ago, he has strived for an employee culture that promotes the selection of executives from within the company rather than from without. Due to this, many of the current executives have had long and storied careers with Banco Bradesco, and have always been encouraged to look toward the success of the company in order to advance. Brandao’s philosophy of internal promotion is poised to continue under Luiz Carlos Trabuco, with the most likely candidates for the position of CEO being current executives.


However, the bank’s newest chief executive officer will not be chosen until this March, and there are several candidates who are extremely likely to take home the position. With their enormous contributions to Bradesco and their years of service under both Luiz Carlos Trabuco and Lazaro de Mello Brandao, there are seven executives with the best chance in the upcoming bid for the position. Those executives are Alexandre da Silva Gluher, Octavio de Lazari, Josué Augusto Pancini, Marcelo de Araujo Noronha, André Rodrigues Cano, Mauricio Machado de Minas, and Domingos Figueiredo Abreu. Although de Minas and Noronha have only been with Banco Bradesco since 2009 and 2003 respectively, far fewer years than any of the other candidates, their contributions to Bradesco have been immense. Overall, we’re excited to see where this race will go, and who will come out on top.

About Luiz Carlos Trabuco
The current chief executive officer of Banco Bradesco is still Luiz Carlos Trabuco. While he was promoted to chairman after Brandao stepped down, he will be maintaining his position of CEO in addition to that until such a time as a successor can be chosen. His career with Bradesco is long and illustrious, and he has brought significant success to the bank. Although, you would never have guessed as much based on his education, having graduated with a degree in Philosophy. Prior to his appointment as CEO of Banco Bradesco, Luiz Carlos Trabuco served as Investor Relations Officer and Executive VP of Bradesco, being appointed as CEO in 2009. In addition, he has served six cumulative years as the chief executive officer of Grupo Bradesco Seguros. His professional life thus far has been almost entirely dedicated to Bradesco and its subsidiaries, and if anyone is fit to carry on Brandao’s legacy, it’s Luiz Carlos Trabuco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned his Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy, Science and Letters from the University of Sao Paulo. Later, he joined the Foundation School of Sociology and Politics to earn his Master’s in Socio-Psychology. He joined Bradesco bank during his college days at the age of eighteen as clerk. He was quickly noticed as an intelligent and brilliant leader and financial wizard. Luiz Carlos Trabuco was a director, and President of Bradesco Seguros, which he personally grew into a multi-billion dollar subsidiary.

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Organo Gold’s Coffee and Teas Provide Many Individuals A Chance To Become Entrepreneurs

Founded in 2008, Organo Gold is an established network marketing company selling its signature coffee and teas, along with other products containing certified organic Ganoderma Lucidum. Ganoderma is a large, anti-oxidant rich mushroom used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote longevity for thousands of years.

Besides their coffee and tea line, Organo Gold sells nutritional shake mixes, an energy drink, Ganoderma Lucidum supplements and even beauty soap containing Ganoderma Lucidum for youthful looking skin. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Bernardo Chua decided to use the network marketing model so distributors could introduce their customers to the benefits of Ganoderma Lucidum. He ensures Organo Gold products are top quality by working closely with organic ganoderma producers. Chua, who is from the Philippines, went back there in 2015 to accept two awards; Best Gourmet Organic Health Coffee and Number 1 Global Network Marketing Company.

Headquartered in British Columbia, Organo Gold operates in more than 50 countries. Hundreds of thousands of independent distributors take advantage of the entrepreneurship

opportunity to sell the company’s products. Organo Gold bases their training programs on the principles of Napolean Hill, who wrote the popular book Think and Grow Rich. There is an OG Academy with additional training materials, resources and product information for new distributors. As a member of the Direct Sellers Association of Canada, Organo Gold was rigorously vetted and found to uphold high ethics in their business practices. Follow Organo Gold on

Golfer Greg Norman and David Chessler launched GN Global Alliance, a distribution network for Organo Gold. Norman is the company’s global brand ambassador.

OG Cares Foundation is Organo Gold’s way of helping children worldwide. Organo Gold’s employees, including the executive team, donate both time and money to help children around the world learn the skills that they need to become successful adults. Examples of the ways that OG Cares helps include a food donation to a mobile kitchen in Nigeria and providing a children’s resource center in India.


David McDonald – From Farm Living to President and COO

If anyone is proof that you can be anything you set your mind out to be, it is David McDonald. He is walking, breathing, and talking proof that hard work and dedication can lead to the achievement of all your goals and beyond. This man put in a lot of hard work and dedication, blood, sweat, and tears over the years, and he has done just that. David McDonald was born in northeast Iowa and raised on a farm. He graduated from the University of Iowa in 1987, receiving the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award, as well as his Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. He started his career with OSI Group almost immediately following his graduation. He is still actively involved with the university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative.

In 2011, he is responsible for a group of students visiting a OSI facility in China, to which one of those students is a now a current employee. He also took on a student intern, which opened the path for additional internship opportunities in the future.With McDonald as President and COO of OSI Group, the company has made several changes for the better. Under his presidency, they have extended to Hungary and Geneva. Additionally, two poultry producing factors opening in China has made OSI group the world’s biggest poultry producing company. Most recently, the company purchased Baho Foods with McDonald’s praise.

After the purchase of Baho Foods, McDonald expressed pride and praised the deal, saying that the investment is a significant one that compliments the company’s existing products and clients.He is quoted by Food Business News as stating, “Adding Baho Food to our OSI Europe business gives OSI a broader presence in Europe. The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.”You cannot think that you will fail to meet your goals and still achieve them. you must believe that you can, be dedicated to doing so, and put in the work it takes. David McDonald is a perfect example of this. He believed he could, stayed dedicated, and worked as hard as he had to and look where he is today.

Brown Modeling Agency: Leading By Example

The United States is home to many modeling agencies. Los Angeles, New York City and Miami are three of the hottest scenes on the market today. What if I told you that Central Texas was a hotspot for modeling talent? Central Texas just so happens to be home to one of the industry’s most up-and-coming model agencies, and it’s known as Brown Modeling Agency. If you’re looking for talent that is packaged in a diverse appearance, this agency has it all. On top of that, Brown Modeling Agency has over 400 talented individuals under its huge umbrella. Lets get a closer look at to why this agency is leading by example.


First of all, Brown Modeling Agency is located in Austin, Texas, but it has other locations in the city of Dallas. These satellite offices are strategically located to help the agency become more efficient. Justin Brown, CEO and founder, has been doing a wonderful job with the agency in terms of growth. This former-model was making around $100 per day, and he actually paid his way through college from his earnings. Having good savvy-sense in business comes in handy as it has to propel the company into the spotlight. Justin majored in business management, and when he returned to the industry, it was for different reasons. At this time, he would work behind the camera instead of posing in front of the camera. Development and placement was his operating grounds, and he did an amazing job of grooming the talent. All of this experience has carried over into Brown Modeling Agency.


Thanks to its large model and talented staff, the agency provides work for many different sectors of business. This includes promotional, industrial video, film, television, print, runway, fashion, catalogue, voiceover and conventions. Forward-thinking is the key to success and this agency demonstrates it on all levels of play. Unlike other modeling agencies, some of the most talented, respectful and professional individuals can be found here. Brown Modeling Agency is setting a new tone, and it’s setting new standards. The future of modeling is looking brighter and Brown Modeling Agency is personifying this notion to the fullest. You can visit their Instagram page.


George Soros Puts His Money Where His Mouth Is

George Soros is known to many as one of the world’s most wealthy people. To those who know him well he is one of the most generous men, donating billions of dollars of his fortune in order to further the social justice issues that he believes needs to be addressed. This was ever present in January of 2018 when Soros announced that he has donated $18 billion to the Open Society Foundations over the past few years. For Soros, this was over two-thirds of his $26 billion fortune he has amassed as an investor. This comes on the heels of the $11 billion he has donated over the past 40 years to progressive and liberal groups in the United States and abroad.

The announcement makes the Open Society Foundation second only to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as the largest foundation of its kind in the entire world. The foundation was founded by George in 1993 in New York City and currently has a presence in 37 countries around the world. The name “Open Society” stems from the popular book by Karl Popper, whom Soros studied under as a student.

Born in Nazi-occupied Hungary in 1930, George Soros escaped to the United Kingdom to attend college in 1947. From the late 1940s to 1954, Soros obtained Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Philosophy from London School of Economics. Early on in his adult life, George struggled to find work but finally got a job in banking in New York City for F.M. Mayer buying and selling European stocks.

After this big break, Soros became an expert of sorts in the European marketplace, using his theory of reflexivity to locate booms and busts in the market. This theory served him well and he eventually became vice president at Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, where he worked from 1963-1973. This job did not particularly suit him and in 1966 he used $100,000 of his company’s money to invest using his own theory. By 1973, he had amassed a sum of over $12 million in this fund.

Using his fund, over the next 20 years Soros would become one of the richest men in the world. In the early 90s he shorted the British pound at a time when shorting a major currency was unheard of. This move resulted in an over $1 billion profit, cementing Soros as one of the world’s most savvy investors. After starting the Open Society Foundation, Soros has made his life’s work to influence society through philanthropic work and politics. He is the largest single donor to Democratic Party in the United States, lobbying for liberal ideas such as open border, abortion, and drug policy reform.

George Soros has dedicated his life’s work to progressive ideas and helping the needy. His contributions to economic theory is perhaps understated because of his philanthropy but nevertheless, Soros is one of the great economists of the 20th century. His current net worth after this donation, is now estimated at $8 billion.

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Fabletics’ Innovative ECommerce Formula

Today, the world of activewear and retail sales has changed significantly, even from just a few years ago. Today, online sales are where a lot of the profits are being made, and all of this has been a real game-changer for the business world. E-commerce sales are a huge part of today’s fashion business, and the truth is that already has 20 percent of all of those online sales.



So, how can any new company succeed in this fierce sales environment? What it takes these days, is a quality product, last mile service, great brand awareness, and the promise of a great customer experience. Right now, the Fabletics activewear brand, which was started just three years ago by actress Kate Hudson and her partners, is showing how it’s done, as this startup brand is now a $250 million company.


Kate Hudson’s Entrepreneurial Spirit


Kate Hudson began her career with a major success in the film “Almost Famous.” She garnered an Academy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actress, and followed up with a string of roles in popular romantic comedies. Through it all, however, she still held onto a dream of making a mark as a fashion entrepreneur. By partnering in Fabletics, she has been able to realize that dream and take it on to a powerful place in the industry.


Membership Based


Fabletics is subscription based, and this innovation has been shown to be very appealing. Those who buy a membership fill out an online survey on the site about their taste in workout wear and their fitness routines. This allows the company to select clothing that suits their tastes, and to try on pieces at home.


Physical Stores


Today Fabletics is also making a mark by using a concept of “reverse showrooming” in its physical stores. The company is adding more stores nationwide, to add to the sixteen already existing. The stores bring in about 30-50 percent of customers who are already members, and more customers become members when they visit stores. Customers can try on clothes in the stores, but order them through their own subscription. This has proven a winning formula for customers and for the brand, and it goes against the trend of seeing actual stores as a losing proposition.


As the Fabletics brand looks ahead, more growth and more success is seen, as this affordable and innovative fashion brand moves along.

The Home Maintenance Services Of Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction offers many different home maintenance services to residents of northern Illinois and certain parts of Wisconsin. The company is Better Business Bureau accredited, and their employees have many years of experience. In addition, their services are offered at affordable prices. These are some examples of home maintenance jobs that they can do:


The company is extremely experienced with all types of roofing. If you want to replace your shingles, they can install cedar shakes, asphalt shingles, or any other type of shingle. Furthermore, they are highly experienced with the prevention of water damage and roof replacement.

If you aren’t sure what’s wrong with your roof, the company will be able to find the answer. They have many years of experience with performing roof assessments.

Siding Repair:

If you lose siding, Aloha Construction will be able to quickly repair the problem. Their customers have given them excellent reviews on siding repair services.

Repair Of Gutter Systems:

Aloha Construction can perform regular gutter cleanings. If your gutters malfunction, the company can figure out what is wrong with the system and fix the problem. In addition, their repairs will ensure that water doesn’t accumulate on the roof or your yard.

Door Repairs:

If you need to have your door repaired, Aloha Construction will be able to do the job quickly and effectively. They have a lot of experience with all types of doors. The company will ensure that doors are installed in a way that keeps water out of your home.

Getting In Touch With Aloha Construction:

Getting in touch with the company is exceptionally easy. You can call them at (847) 540-7711, and their representatives are very personable. If you aren’t able to reach the company, you can leave a message.

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How Mark Mofid Became A Top Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid is a doctor in San Diego, California. His specialty is plastic surgery. He offers several cosmetic surgeries at his clinic including those for the face, breast, body, posterior, and skin. One of the types of surgeries he is most known for performing is gluteal augmentation. He says that this area of plastic surgery is rarely in the news in a positive light. He wants to alter the perceptions of his fellow plastic surgeons and the general public which he does through publishing thorough research papers.

In 1993 Dr. Mark Mofid graduated from Harvard Medical School. He then attended John Hopkins University and graduated in 1997 with his MD. He completed his internship, residency, and fellowship at John Hopkins University.

Over the course of his medical career Dr. Mark Mofid has won a number of awards. He was named a Top Plastic Surgeon in 2011 and in that same year was honored as a San Diego Super Doctor. In 2010 he was presented with the Patients’ Choice Award and he is listed on the Healthgrades Honor Role which grades him for his patient’s online reviews.

Some people believe that people who have plastic surgery are just being vain. Dr. Mark Mofid said that happens sometimes but for other people they need this type of surgery due to disease or accidents, for example. He says that many women who have extensive scarring from breast cancer want to look and feel better, for example. He also brings up facial skin cancer as a great reason to have plastic surgery or because they have skin lesions that need to be removed. While many people think of just breast augmentation he also points out he has women who want breast reduction or breast reconstruction.

Dr. Mark Mofid is also very innovative. When he started his career he has said that the available gluteal implants left a lot to be desired and he always had to carve pieces off them before placing them in the patient. He invented what’s called the Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant that is now being used by him and other plastic surgeons around the world which solved these problems.

Details Dr. Mark Mofid:

Rocketship Education Focuses On The Future Of Our Children

To Fill A Need

Rocketship Education owes its existence to Father Mateo Sheedy, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish. It was in 1999 that he created the Juan Diego Scholarship to Santa Clara University. He was shocked to discover that of the hundreds of children in his parish, not a single one met the basic requirements that would allow them to attend classes in their own hometown University.

Father Mateo motivated his community with these concerns and plans were made to remedy the situation by improving the educational options for young people in the Washington Guadalupe area. He didn’t live to see it all happen but once began, the momentum of Rocketship Education kept it moving forward.

Moving Onward

In 2006 Father Mateo’s parishioners contacted John Danner and Preston Smith, two educational entrepreneurs already in the development stages of plans to revamp schools in low-income areas. Danner, a software engineer had an interest in all the ways technology could be used to “personalize” education. Smith, a San Jose middle school principle, was convinced empowering teachers and getting parents more involved with the learning process would guarantee students that would be ready for higher education when the time came.

Learning Isn’t A “Cut and Dried” Process

Classrooms at Rocketship focus on maximizing personalized time for learning. The goal is to reach each student with what they need, when they need it. With the help of tutors and the use of online learning tools this school gives students a chance to succeed at their own pace. Children thrive when they have instructors that truly care whether they do well or not. These teachers care, and the students know it.

Closing The Achievement Gap

Now, all these years later Rocketship Education has proven their methods work by a strong showing of improvement in all academic areas. They believe empowering teachers, engaging parents, and inspiring communities is the key to graduating a child with the skills to get into the college or University of their choice.

Rocketship believes that children are individuals, and that all come with different needs. Unlike most public schools they combine traditional teaching with technology and tutoring so every child receives a “custom made” education.