Thor Halvorssen Fights for the Truth

Thor Halvorssen is, by many lights, crazy. He might be the kind of crazy the world needs. In a world where the bonds that tie nations together are torn by plebiscites, and a Trump candidacy for the Presidency of the United States, a man willing to stand tall against tyrants and dictators, who brings the light of journalism and public opinion on the affairs of dictators just might be the example the world needs.

Halvorssen comes by his advocacy of human rights honestly, with a grandfather who punched Nazis, and a father who, as Venezuela’s drug czar, was tortured for trying to root out corruption, and whose mother was shot in the streets of Caracas, protesting the dictatorship of Hugo Chavez. He has relatives in three prisons for acts of conscience, and yet Halvorssen is, if anything, more emphatic than world-weary.

Halvorssen’s organization, the Human Rights Foundation, doesn’t pull their punches. Rather, their members absorb them when confronted by the police, whether in Bogata or Moscow. It’s an equal opportunity organization; the leadership – whether Garry Kasparov or Thor Halvorssen himself, stand for rendition and bruises on their own merits. His ecumenical belief in the universality of taking a beating is met by his utter pragmatism in choosing allies – called a leftist by some, and a right winger by others, Halvorssen, and the HRF, will take assistance and resources from anyone who offers, and he brooks no favorites among those he opposes: He’ll face down against dictators of any creed. The HRF does limit its scope to actual dictatorships, and thus doesn’t push too hard on the United States. Yet.

When he’s not organizing protests, Halvorssen is organizing events. His Oslo Freedom Forum is a platform where dissidents who’ve escaped truncheons and prison cells

Halvorssen, who’s a dual citizen of Norway and Venezuela, is 39, and a solidly built man. His dual citizenship offers him legal advantages and some havens, though his life’s work, the HRF, is based out of New York. He’s taken a lifelong interest in cinema and stage productions and turned them into the skills he needs to direct attention at causes that would otherwise fester in the dark.

The truth can set people free, and shatter governments, and Thor Halvorssen is willing to get beaten up to share it. And Wen By Chaz Come Together For A Review

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How Adam Goldenberg Did It

At first glance, you may not recognize why JustFab and their CEO Adam Goldenberg have become an unparalleled champion in the e-commerce fashion industry, but look a little closer and it’s apparent why they lead.

For one, online e-commerce businesses can adapt quickly, which translates into a customer-centric operation. Adam Goldenberg’s JustFab team reviews and crunches numbers daily, sometimes hourly, and this allows for quick adjustments, thus leading to performance improvements. Second, Adam Goldenberg figured out early on what the online fashion industry was missing: online consultants for each and every JustFab customer. Imagine receiving celebrity tips on creating the perfect look. JustFab created story boards that are personalized according to individual taste. Whereas every ecommerce store today simply offers you the platform to pick and choose, then make a purchase, JustFab takes that experience further by helping customers pair outfits with shoes, handbags, and accessories.

Lastly, minus a crystal ball, Adam Goldenberg has assembled a rock star team that propelled the brand’s identity into the global stratosphere. Along with Goldenberg, and business partner and co-founder Don Ressler, Kimora Lee Simmons helped to celebritize the JustFab brand. Today, its a star-studded affair that includes ShoeDazzle Kardashians and Fabletics Kate Hudson.

The most challenging part of shopping is pairing what to wear with what never to wear, but according to JustFab CEO Adam Goldenberg, that obstacle can be eliminated. JustFab created something unique that simplifies shopping. The story boards help make shopping effortless and tailor a look that is coordinated. Bottom line, scanning the masses takes time. Many people hate the tasks of shopping because of the time it takes to pull together a stylish look that appeals to you and every one looking at you, yet JustFab has removed that agony.

Who Is Adam Goldenberg?

From early on, Adam Goldenberg was an innovative entrepreneur. At just 15, he started Gamer’s Alliance, a gaming network. He developed it, sold it to Intermix Media, became their COO, co-founded Intelligent Beauty, then went on to co-found JustFab. Just six years later, JustFab boasts over 35 million global customers, and members to the JustFab fashion subscription service. See:

Obviously, JustFab is fully committed to the customer.

Mike Baur And The Swiss Start Up Factory Venture

Who Is Mike Baur?

Mike Baur is a former Swiss banker who worked in the fields of banking and finance for over 20 years. He holds masters degrees from both the University of Rochester New York in the United States and the University of Bern in Switzerland. His MBA from the University of Bern was in executive leadership. Mike Baur is a native of the Fribourg region of Switzerland, where he continues to reside in. Mr. Baur was fascinated with banking, commerce and finances since he was a kid. He turned his passion of these subjects into a rewarding career in banking with Swiss banks like UBS.

The highlight of Mike Baur‘s career in banking was when he became an executive at a Swiss bank. Another highlight of his banking career was when he was appointed a board member of another Swiss bank. In 2014, Mr. Baur set his sights to business ventures and decided to exit the field of banking where he had been working for so long.

Mike Baur established The Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. He is currently the managing director there. Mr. Baur now enjoys helping young entrepreneurs and startups in Switzerland to kick start their business and thrive. Mike Baur now travels heavily throughout Switzerland where he lectures on entrepreneurship, starting a business and the challenges new startups face. He also enjoys coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs and seeing them grow and become successful.

What Is The Swiss Start Up Factory?

The Swiss Startup Factory is a venture that is designed to encourage and help entrepreneurs launch new startups as well as improve existing ones. It offers many services and consultation to help newly launched companies to succeed. Financial services and accounting services offered by the Swiss Startup Factory includes invoice management, payroll management and bookkeeping. Cash flow assessments and financial health reviews are also offered to startups to see if their current business model is sustainable in both the short term and long term. Tax statements and financial statements can also be compiled by the Swiss Startup Factory for new ventures.

Mike Baur is one of the leaders and managers of the startup accelerator program at the Swiss Startup Factory. This is a three month program that provides new startups with financial support, access to a network of entrepreneurs and investors and consulting. Space is limited in this program, so new ventures are encouraged to apply early before deadlines.

You Can’t Beat Beneful’s Selection of Dry Dog Food

Beneful brands by Purinastore of dog food all offer incredibly healthy ingredients, flavor, and nutrition no matter how big or small your canine friend may be. If your dog is a small breed of dogs, they will most likely enjoy one of the products in Beneful IncrediBites line of dry dog food. The Beneful IncrediBites with real beef utilizes 100% farm-raised real beef as the number one ingredient. This recipe blends this nutritious beef with whole grains and vegetables such as carrots and peas. As our canine friends begin to age it is important to make sure that they obtain the protein and nutrition that they need to keep their muscles and bones healthy. The Beneful Playful Life dry dog food is made with real beef and eggs. These two main ingredients are blended with vegetables such as spinach, fruit such as blueberries, and a mixture of whole grains. This product from Beneful offers all the nutrition that your aging dog needs to remain playful and active. If you happen to have a puppy, Beneful also offers a dog food perfect for them. The Beneful Healthy Puppy made with real chicken dog food is a great choice for your growing canine pal. This recipe is made from 100% real farm-raised chicken, whole grains, and vegetables such as carrots and peas. This recipe offers complete nutrition as well as DHA, which helps to promote healthy vision and brain development. If you happen to have a dog that is a little overweight or are looking to help them maintain a healthy weight, then I would suggest the Beneful Healthy Weight with real chicken dry dog food option. This recipe is made with farm-raised chicken, apples, green beans, and carrots. This recipe also offers fewer calories than other dog foods on Wal-mart supermarket today. As you can see Beneful offers, many different dry dog food options for you to choose from and they have something for dogs of every size, age and breed!

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Why Complaints Strengthen White Shark Media

Many companies may shrug off employee complaints. Some employees may feel as if their employer will not listen if they try to raise a complaint. Consumers may try their hardest, but are never heard. However, in an advertising company like White Shark Media, complaints can make all the difference between a company that goes bankrupt and a company that becomes better.

White Shark Media takes their customer complaints in stride. They’ve even created a blog post that deals with some complaints the company has gotten in the past, and how they deal with those complaints when they come up now.

One such complaint was that White Shark Media doesn’t offer search engine optimization, or SEO, services. While the company has yet to introduce their own SEO services, they have team players who will look over any proposals and prices given by other SEO services. The SEM Strategist assigned to a customer’s ad campaign will do this. This technique helps their customers save money on SEO services.

Another complaint that White Shark Media has received often is that the contact person, or the person at White Shark Media that the campaign is run through, wasn’t as in tune with their needs as the person who helped them sign up. Since they have seen this in many other companies as well, they decided to try a different approach.

Instead of simply signing a customer up and saying “that’s my part; I’m done”, the initial contact person stays part of the customer’s contact loop. While they are no longer a primary contact, they’re there to help customers and their new contact person stay in tune. Read more:

A third complaint that the company receives is that the majority of new customers drawn in by the campaign are making contact via the phone. With the hassle that comes with so many new callers, it took White Shark Media a little longer to fix this complaint. However, Marchex partnered up with the company. Now, all customers are able to receive free call tracking services.

These are only the tip of the iceberg for White Shark Media. Other complaints they’ve fixed include customers being dissatisfied with having to start a new ad campaign if their other campaign was doing okay and that communication felt lacking.

Both of these complaints were fixed in their own way, and the company embraces that they were complaints at one point in time.

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Wikipedia Needs a Good Kick in The You-Know-What


Most web writers agree; to make a Wikipedia article is a BIG HASSLE. As a matter of fact, most ghost writers, content writers, and even student writers avoid Wikipedia as much as possible. The requirements are just too stringent. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s just grammar that is the problem. You could be an Ace at grammar and still fail at getting your article placed on Wikipedia.
The problem, according to Tech.Mic and Latina Lista has more to do with the citation requirements than the writing rules. Wikipedia prides itself on having external citations from books, magazines and outside resources; it’s not easy to make new Wikipedia page. And while that may be wonderful for scientific or historical articles, it can be a real pain for authors writing about an obscure Jazz player from a certain state.
But there are other issues at hand with Wikipedia, aside from grammar and citation problems. It appears that the company has unwittingly excluded segments of the American population such as Latinos and the less educated. The reasons vary. Certainly, less education and less access to Internet, fewer computer skills have a presence in the prevention of more wikipedians, suggests the magazine Latina Lista. However, writers will usually state that the citation issues are the primary difficulty.
So why are so many business owners attracted to Wikipedia, no matter what the difficulties are? The problem is that business owners are unfamiliar with Wiki platforms and believe that Wikipedia is the only option. Sure, Wikipedia offers benefits such as:
– Credibility
– Branding
– Authority
– Increased visibility
– More Sales
However, there are also other wiki platforms that are just as well known in the digital world. A wiki site like Get Your Wiki can offer the same benefits to make a Wikipedia page without so much fuss. The point to get published on Wikipedia is increased visibility, but you don’t have to spend hours, weeks and even months of dealing with Wikipedia, just to make business Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki doesn’t have all the citation requirements, yet it offers all of the same benefits of Wikipedia.

Why Wikipedia? Well many business owners assume it is a resource of import, yet higher education institutions scorn much of the information offered on the site. So in truth, you get just as much benefit when you hire a service to create Wikipedia page without even half the headaches. It’s time to join forces and turn our backs to the sites that require so much and offer so little return.

Investment Banker Martin Lustgarten: Making Progress

When you consider the current situation that is the global economy, there are more than enough questions to be asked about what is going on. And, while individual investors and small time brokers are more than welcome to participate in the markets and invest as they see fit, the key that you need to be aware of is whether or not the small time players have enough information on their side to get the job done. When it comes to major investments as well as major opportunities, there is a reason that people continue to turn to investment banks. And when you are thinking about the major investment bankers that people are working with as of recently, one name that continues to come up is Martin Lustgarten.


Martin Lustgarten has been known to make customers and clients happy for a lot of reasons but one of the top reasons why people continue to recommend him and go back to him for trades is that he is simple and forthright about his position. He loves investments and he loves to be involved. When you have someone as passionate as he is then you don’t need to be concerned with potentially problems nor do you need to worry about his understanding of the markets. His competitive nature about finances in general is what is making him such a top resource. And, when you think about how important it is to have someone engaged with their job on a high level, it is amazing that Martin Lustgarten hasn’t accomplished more as of yet.
Martin Lustgarten will continue to have success in the markets not just because of how intelligent he is about the world of finance, but rather because of how much he cares about finance. Anyone can be knowledgeable and anyone can simply be intelligent and they can still fail. However, when you have someone like Martin Lustgarten who continues to put forth effort, go the extra mile, and even be able to learn new things each and every day, then it only makes sense why he is starting to become a big name to watch out for in the financial field.

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All Flights to Venezuela Suspended by Lufthansa

As if Venezuela has not already hit rock bottom, now a new announcement reports that all flights to the nation from Lufthansa will be suspended.
As the economy deteriorates further says Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa, the number of flights out of Lufthansa to Venezuela has dropped significantly since last year. The BBC also states that the suspension of flights to Venezuela are also a negative result of an inability for the country to enable control over certain currencies.

This comes as Venezuela’s economic crisis grows devastatingly worse with each passing day. From food shortages to political conflict added Velasquez Figueroa, Venezuela is in deep trouble with no light in sight. Venezuela is so desperate for cash and to help their dying economy that last week they sold 1.7 billion dollars of their gold reserves.

The suspensions of flights between Frankfurt and Caracus out of Lufthansa will begin on June 18th. Hopefully, the suspension will only be temporary as the Venezuelan government finds solutions to their economic peril. If by chance the economy improves anytime and the flight stats begin to pick up again, Lufthansa stated that they will then unsuspend flights once again.


George Soros Open Society Foundation Achieves Milestones and Equally Attracts Foes

It seems like not everyone is happy with George Soros charity work especially that led by his Open Society Foundation. There are even people trying to do undercover investigations to seek to expose anything negative they could lay their hands on regarding Foundation. On 20th May, 2016 RawStory reported on the incidence where James O’Keefe a conservative activist was busted trying to infiltrate the group.

O’Keefe made a call to Open Society Foundations offices and identified himself as Victor Kesh. In a voicemail he left for Dana Geraghty, O’Keefe said that he is a Hungarian- American and would like to assist in fighting for the European Values. But he forgot to disconnect his line and continued to speak to an unknown person exposing his real reason for calling OSF.

O’Keefe’s intentions are conducting an undercover operation to scam the foundation and wanted to use Geraghty to achieve his mission. The Open Society Foundation’s president, Chris Stone rebuked this action and said that even the Watergate burglars are better than O’Keefe and his counterpart in the voicemail.
Read more on BUSTED: Conservative prankster James O’Keefe exposes his own ‘sting’ on George Soros group

The Open Society formerly known as the Open Society Institute is a network of partners, foundations, and projects in over 100 countries. The foundation on commits to the idea of an open society that insists on rights being respected, governments being accountable and the truth for everyone. The society aims at advancing justice, public health, education and independent media.

Due to these efforts, the Society has had enemies, especially with authoritarian governments. An example is Russia, who has said that the activities of two branches of this George Soros charity network –the Open Society Institute and the Open Society Foundations will be burned in the country since they are starting soft aggression in the country.

In its activities, the foundation encompasses a group of regional associations like the Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa and the Open Society Initiative for West Africa. Its headquarters are in New York. Since 1993 when it was founded the Society has reported $11 billion in expenditures. Its name is inspired by a book by Karl Popper called The Open Society and Its Enemies.

George Soros is well known for his Soros Fund Management firm. The Hungarian-born investor fled the Nazi Occupation in the World War II and fled to England in 1942. After graduating from the London School of Economics, he settled in the United States. In the U.S, he accumulated a lot of wealth through his international investment fund that he founded and managed.

His philanthropic activities started in 1979 when he decided that he already had enough money. He decided to pursue his ambition of establishing open societies to replace authoritarian governments. George Soros began his philanthropic activities by funding scholarships for black students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Eastern European rebels so that they could study abroad.

Apart from being a philanthropist and an investor George Soros is also a best-selling author. He has a dozen books to his name including the Tragedy of the European Union (2014). Soros regular articles on investment, society, politics, and economics appear in major newspapers and magazines all over the world.