Geoffrey Cone Helps Expats Find What Works for Them

When expats are looking for a place to go, there are many things that they must take into consideration. Where they are going will depend on the lifestyle that they are looking for, the environment they want to live in and the way that they want to be able to live. Different countries will require them to do different things and will have different tax outlooks for all of the people who live there in a different place. This is something that is a major difference for people who want to live in different countries.

Geoffrey Cone works to help these people who are moving to different countries. As a global attorney, he works to make things easier for people who live in different countries and who want to move to somewhere else. His sole responsibility is to make people aware of what it is like. He will help weigh the pros and the cons of living in a different country and he can give a firsthand account of what it is like to move somewhere other than the place that he was born or was raised from the beginning of his life. He moved from New Zealand to Uruguay to get the tax breaks.

One thing that he wants people to recognize is that New Zealand does not have the taxes like they have heard of. He wants them to know that the country is not tax-free and that they will still have to pay some taxes. It is a country that has taxes and somewhere that people must still pay for their property, the things that they buy and their income. This is how the country runs and how it will, presumably, always run in the future according to the government that New Zealand currently has.

When it comes to tax-free countries, Cone knows a thing or two. He has helped to compile a list that has only low tax and no tax countries on it. This list has all of the countries that people can become citizens of and people can live without paying taxes. He wants everyone to have a chance to see the countries that these are a part of and to see how it can be to live without taxes. There are many countries like this and many ways in which people can make money without having to pay taxes on it.

Geoffrey Cone always makes sure that people know what they are getting into with tax-free zones. These countries often have diminished economic systems and they are not intended for people who want to pull money out of the country. They are only for people who want to make money without being taxed. The people who will have the best chance in these countries are those who make a lot of money, often over $100,000 per year, and people who work for themselves. This is the easiest way for them to make money without losing out to high tax brackets and percentages.

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The Genius of Doe Deere

Doe Deere has become a big name in the cosmetics industry. This rising entrepreneur has created the incredible cosmetics company, Lime Crime. Her bright, beautiful, and innovative makeup line has become quite a sensation. The following discusses exactly who Doe Deere is and why she is currently one of the hottest names in the cosmetics industry.

Doing What She Loves
Doe grew up fascinated by bright colors, intense creativity, and all things related to makeup. She initially spent time as a musician when first coming to New York from Russia. Doe is truly an ingenious and creative individual. Even though she’s a woman of many talents, makeup has become one of her true passions. She experimented with glittery makeup and rhinestones when creating many of her unique looks. Doe considers herself extremely fortunate to actually enjoy a successful career doing something so much fun as working in cosmetics.

The Beginning of Lime Crime
This amazing brand was launched in 2008. Doe actually came up with Lime Crime in 2004 when she needed a name for her Internet store. She went with this innovative name because it included her favorite color, bright green, and it also sounded great because it rhymed. At the time the company was launched at lot of the cosmetics industry was still into the natural look. There weren’t a lot of makeup lines featuring the type of makeup Doe was interested in. Doe stormed onto the scene with bold, vibrant colors, attracting a large, loyal audience that wanted the same type of look.

Business is Booming
Doe has been on the cover of Self-Made magazine and is one of the top female entrepreneurs in the cosmetics business. She has even been dubbed, “Queen of the Unicorns.” Doe loves her customers and calls them unicorns because it takes someone unique to embrace the vibrant colors and styles that are part of Lime Crime. There have been difficulties along the way, however. Doe talks about how easy it is for the “haters” to write things online that aren’t true and to create scandal. Doe states that she normally ignores the haters but also wants to distinguish between those simply causing trouble and others with legitimate business concerns. She says that a customer who has a real issue will be taken care of through their Customer Care Department.

Looking Toward the Future
Doe’s advice for young women hoping to make their mark in the world is to follow their dreams. She points out that everyone has unique abilities and something special about them that will enable them to succeed. Doe loves having an Internet based business because she gets immediate feedback about her products through social media. She enjoys expressing herself in unique and creative ways and is giving thousands of people who use her makeup an avenue of expression as well. Doe continues to thrive on Instagram and may even open a store in the future.

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InnovaCare’s Provision of Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans are medical policies provided by private insurance companies. The advantage plans were introduced to substitute original Medicare program that was offered by the Federal Government.

The original Medicare coverage policy;

• Provided both outpatient and inpatient coverage services

• Clients had to pay a deductible when receiving healthcare services

• Clients had to pay a monthly premium to cater for their outpatient health coverage. 

• Clients could get services in any hospital that was accredited by Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans were introduced to enhance the services and reduce the cost of healthcare services. However, all advantage plans had to cover for all services that were provided in the original Medicare using different rules.

Medicare Advantage plans differ from the original Medicare plan by;

• Plans are provided by various private insurance companies

• Caters for all benefits in the original Medicare

• Some programs may provide more benefits such as eye care that were not provided by the original Medicare

• The different schemes offered by Medicare Advantage plans include Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred provider organization and private fee for service plans.

• Healthcare services are only provided by approved facilities.
• All schemes have limits on out of pocket spending.

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by different private insurance companies on For this reason, it is vital that a client chooses a reliable provider of quality services.

Innovacare Health is amongst the leading Medicare Advantage plans providers offering services in North America, Puerto Rico. Their service is defined by customer centered services utilizing affordable plans that use the latest technologies.

InnovaCare works with two medical Subsidiaries, MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare to provide standard medical care, robust client- provider relationships aimed at providing innovative medical practices.

InnovaCare Health brags of an experienced pool of experts led by leading physicians. Dr. Richard Shinto, InnovaCare’s Chief Executive Officer, has close to 20 years’ experience working in health care facilities. With this extensive experience in the health industry, he has developed a broad scope towards health care and has even published several journals in clinical medicine.

Rick Shinto cooperates closely with Penelope Kokkinides, the Chief Administrative Officer of InnovaCare. Ms. Kokkinides also has an extensive knowledge in different issues that concern the healthcare industry. Besides her extensive experience, Penelope Kokkinides also holds a bachelor’s degree in biological sciences. She previously served the organization as its Chief Operating Officer. She is known for her prowess in designing government health care programs and in the management of health care organizations.

Bury Bad Articles And The Importance Of Online Reputation Management

Companies and individuals spend years building their brand. They pay close attention to what anyone associated with their company does and try their best to provide only the best products and services to their customers. But the rise of the internet and the proliferation of social media websites have now made it more challenging to monitor and maintain the online reputation of a brand. Almost overnight anyone with access to social media can make a negative comment, besmirch your brand and do serious damage to the brand reputation you have worked so diligently to craft and maintain. The need to control the image of brands on the internet has led to the establishment of the online reputation management industry.


Companies managing a brand’s online reputation scour the internet constantly to monitor what’s being said about the companies for which they work. Should they find anything negative, they counteract it with an abundance of positive information. This helps drive the negative statement from the top of search engine results pages. Companies good at the management of online reputations are also proactive. They continually post positive stories about the companies that hire them. This helps ensure the company maintains a positive online reputation.


Research shows that one negative article can cause a brand or company to lose up to 22% of the customers that were considering buying their product. Should three negative articles turn up on the search query of potential customers, a company stands to lose almost 60% of its potential customers. Should four or more unflattering articles about a company or brand appear near the top of Google or any other search engine results page and it could cost a brand 70% of its potential customers. Most companies cannot survive that type of online onslaught of damaging negative news.


One effective solution many companies use to counteract negative articles is to hire Bury Bad Articles to manage their online reputation. The company knows exactly what to do to bury negative press, negative reviews and any other type of damaging information about your company that appears on the internet. It is essential to bury bad search results immediately otherwise it can cause a lasting negative impact the sales of your company’s products or services. If your brand has taken a hit on the internet, don’t wait. Call them today. They offer free quotes and a 100% guarantee on their services.

The Benefits Of Using Lip Balms

Lip Balm is a smooth, wax-like substance, which when applied brings relief to chapped lips. The purpose is to seal in moisture, which will safeguard them from the extreme elements of the weather, such as dry air, the wind, and cold temperatures. The skin on the lips is very thin so, finding a great one may take some work. Remember, not all lip balms are manufactured the same and because they are expensive, doesn’t mean it works.
For instance, Beesential Lemon Lavender, Lip Balm with natural vitamin E, cost only $2.99 on Ulta. It helps keep lips soft all day. Some individuals are also using it to keep cuticles soft. Others love the essence of lavender which is added for fragrance. Many others love the way it holds up to the winter.

Then, we have the every reliable Blistex. For just $2.49, this product brings almost instant relief. When applied most people don’t feel it on their lips, it’s so light and not sticky. The glossy finish does wonders for the lips. The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care Stick cost $9 on LuckyVitamin, which maybe a little price for some but, it heals chapped lips and retain moisture. Many wearers like the idea that it block out the sun’s rays and has no fragrance.

A smoother, softer lips, is the science behind Evolution of Smooth(EOS) products. They are designed with only natural ingredients, such as Shea Butter, which seems to be a dominant staple also, Vitamins E, and C, Avacado and, Jojoba Oil. The products are dermatologist tested and is found to have fewer allergic reactions than most other lip balms. See,

Paraben which is used to preserve most cosmetics will never find it’s way in EOS products. Some of the flavors are coconut and vanilla mint, blackberry nectar,passion fruit, strawberry, pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean and, this is just to name a few. They are not manufactured only to keep your lips soft but also, keep them smooths, nourished, silky and is priced right. Learn more about EOS, visit their Linked In page.

FreedomPop Makes Phone Cheaper

There are a lot of people who are trying to save money on their cell phones, and they have found what they need when they are using the FreedomPop system to get the help that they need to actually save. Actually saving money is very simple because their phones range from free to very inexpensive, and everyone who needs a plan can rely on a FreedomPop review to get them good results.

FreedomPop saves people money a lot of the time just because the company keeps their costs low. They have raised a lot of money to make sure that they can expand their networks, and they want to keep their costs low. They have free 4G that is offered to their customers on all their phones, and the company has a wifi system that is a lot more functional than others. People will be able to get the results that they really need using the FreedomPop system, and they will be able to talk as much as they want.

Someone who buys FreedomPop phones or services will get a very strong service that is very easy to manage. The service could be free for someone who wants their service to be cheaper, or they can spend some extra money to get more data and talking time. It makes the most sense for something who is trying to get a cheaper phone, and it also makes sense for the person who need a much better network.

The networks at FreedomPop are very strong because the company has made sure that they have chosen features that people love. They have offered free WhatsApp data, and they offer free phone service where it is needed. Everyone can switch over to FreedomPop to get a better phone service, or they can go with the wifi hotspot that is priced so well.

US Money Reserve President Has Been Named to Prestigious Trade Counsel

In a move that came as no surprise to those watching the industry, US Money Reserve president Philip N. Diehl was picked to be the chairman of the highly prestigious trade board known as ICTA or the Industry Council For Tangible Asset. His election to this prestigious board took place at a recent board meeting, allowing him to quickly assume leadership of this important group. Those at the board are confident that he can bring a great deal of insight to the organization as members here look to the future of the industry they help regulate and supervise.
A Watchdog Organization

The industry counsel acts as a supervisory board for the entire industry. They operate in all fifty states, carefully making sure that all materials such as paper money, rare coins and precious metals are carefully regulated.

The organization allows all those connected with this industry to have a specific regulatory forum where they can work closely with all necessary state agencies to investigate and solve any particular problems that may arise here from time to time.

The Right Man For The Job

As reported in PR Newswire, Diehl is someone with an extensive background in the field. He is the current president of a highly respected company, US Money Reserve that helps provide their customers with important insights into the world of many varied gold, silver and other kind of precious metal products.

In this capacity, he has spent many years helping consumers learn how they can use the items his company offers in order to increase their wealth and build a solid financial future. He knows that such wise investments can be made with the help of the experts at his company.

Solid Achievements

Diehl is highly respected by his peers for his ability to help move the industry in new directions. His efforts over the years have helped provide buyers and sellers in the industry with the ability to connect more easily in an environment that is free from regulations that have been shown to stifle such encounters.

As the head of one of the nation’s leading dealers in precious metals and coins, he knows the importance of putting the needs of customers first at all times. He hopes to continue doing so at his new position.

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Mike Baur Is Providing An Incubator To Young Entrepreneurs At The Swiss Startup Factory

If you’ve ever felt that starting up a business could be done, and done quickly but is just lacking the funding to do so, Mike Baur may be your new best friend. Mike Baur is a longtime investment banker that who worked for several prominent European banks including UBS and a large private Swiss bank. Baur loved his job, advising clients on investments and different account options, but he became interested in investing in startup businesses that needed some capital to get going. So that’s when he began his new organization, the Swiss Startup Factory.


Based in Switzerland, Baur has worked closely with other major businessmen and investors to get this new incubator off the ground. Recently, Michael Hartweg joined this venture, a long-time derivatives advisor who also saw the potential in new business startups, and joined Baur as a venture capital provider to the new businesses. Also joining Baur and Hartweg is Michi Frank, CEO of the Goldbach Group who is also partnering with the SSUF in an effort to give the company continuous funding and bring more investor interest into the fold.


So how exactly does the Swiss Startup Factory work? A selected group of candidates who have a knack for business and are accepted on the SSUF’s application list, are then invited for a 3-month session in Switzerland where they are introduced to the investors. They are given coaching and mentoring for their business ideas. The candidates are not given an easy ride either, they are taken through multiple exercises involving both physical workouts and mental activities that test their patience and ability to work under stress.


Once Baur and his team of business coaches feel the candidates are ready, they have demo day to present the business in its completed form and are then given some tools to help get their business started. Candidates are given support and office space and equipment with which to test their business idea with, and once it’s ready to go, they can start making a profit from sales and services. While not every startup fostered at the SSUF goes on to be an immediate success, Baur still believes it’s worth the risk to give it a chance.


The Laws that Protect Whistleblower of the Securities and Exchange Commission

Whistleblowers who give intelligence to the Securities and Exchange Commission on fraudulent undertakings of various companies are currently protected by the laws that were enacted by the United States Congress in 2010. These noteworthy acts are the Wall Street Reform of Dodd-Frank and the Consumer Protection Law, and they are the only two necessary changes that have been made since the Great Depression. The protection laws of the whistleblowers were drafted under the Dodd-Frank Act, and they have significantly helped in the protection of the informants. The job security of these individuals is guaranteed by these regulations, and they are also entitled to a monetary reward.

The enacting of the crucial Dodd-Frank Act has led to the establishment of many law companies that have specialized in the provision of whistleblower representation. An example of these organizations is the Labaton Sucharow law company that was the first to be formed and has been providing the best whistleblower representation services in the industry. The company has currently created stable structures that they use in offering their services. The Labaton Sucharow law firm has a competent program for creating litigations, a Whistleblower Representation practice that is used in managing an inside panel of investigators, financial analysts, and scientific auditors who have sufficient knowledge in the enactment of the law. The administration of the company is led by Jordan A. Thomas who is a former Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel of the organization’s Division of Enforcement, and also it’s Assistant Director. He currently serves as a SEC whistleblower lawyer, and when he was still in office, Jordan helped in the creating the whistleblower program and also implementing it.

The reward that is recommended to the whistleblower by the protection program is 10-30 percent of the fines that are collected. The law sets the threshold of the sanctions to be one million dollars. However, if other agencies that enforce the law lead to the collection of more penalties, the informant can be given more money. The Dodd-Frank Act also protects sources from being harassed by their employees.

Whistleblowers who would like to provide information without disclosing their identity can seek the services a whistleblower representation attorney. No fee is charged by the commission during the first consultations. The SEC gives free translators for informants who cannot speak English and the intelligence that they offer is protected by the attorney-client privilege. More information on the program can be accessed by reaching the Whistleblower Representation Group through phone calls, emails, and messages on the organization’s website.

Wen by Chaz Is The Talk of the Town

WEN by Chaz is a hair care product that is taking the world by storm and has everyone talking. When a hair care product is able to do that, they are definitely on the right path to success. What separates Wen by Chaz from every other company is the fact that it is able to do everything all at once. It is a styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner all-in-one. At an affordable price, it really can’t be beat by any other product that exists. That is why everyone is talking about and picking this product up as much as they can as the benefits are endless.
Whenever a consumer purchases a product on Amazon, they like to research it, look it over, and find out what to expect before they put down their hard-earned money. Emily McClure of wrote an article,, where she described in great detail what the product did for her fine hair. The thing to remember is that this product doesn’t just work on fine hair. It works on all types of hair, which is another reason why it has gained such popularity with the general public. It is not a one-size fits all type of product.

In her article, she described each of the seven days and included photos to show the results of Wen by Chaz. When she had finally reached day seven, a lot of people were very complimentary of her hair and how this Sephora endorsed product has transformed her hair. Many times, people try out a new product and no one notices it or bats an eyelashes. With this product, it is simply hard to ignore and stands out to those that pay attention and those that don’t pay attention as well. It has a significant impact in a short amount of time on the hair. Chaz created this product with the consumers in mind and is very pleased to know that he has many happy customers that keep coming back for more.

Learn more about Wen, visit